Blue Trading is a managed account broker that began by serving private, institutional investors before adding full-service retail accounts. Now, Blue Trading is a full-service firm for managed account trading with retail accounts available around the world. Blue Trading delivers a straightforward experience for clients via its Managed Account Platform. Users can log in 24/7 to watch their accounts. Although clients can view their accounts at any time, they do not have to worry about executing trades or making decisions about those trades.

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History of Blue Trading

Blue Trading began in 2012 under the leadership of Richard Anderson. By early 2016, the company had added the support for full-service retail accounts. Anderson founded Blue Trading due to the lack of funds that used a diversified and modern approach that took advantage of a range of trading instruments. He aimed to fill that gap and did so with Blue Trading.

Although Blue Trading is relatively young as a company, the traders behind it have a combined experience of 40 years, particularly in the finance sector. This allows for the impressive returns that clients have come to expect.

The original algorithms and manual systems that Blue Trading used were designed to be used with professional institutional investors of a large scale. In 2016, following the cryptocurrency and forex boom, Blue Trading decided that retail trading clients would also appreciate the services. Now, the company has clients in 31 different countries. The total amount under management by all traders, including third-party operators, is €36 million.

How Does Blue Trading Work?

The team at Blue Trading continuously does market research along with development to ensure that their knowledge stays relevant and up-to-date. This allows Blue Trading to deliver profits even as the global financial markets change since the team making the trades will be aware of all those changes and other factors affecting the markets.

The team constantly evaluates the traded instrument algorithms and those of new exotic instruments to provide the best trading opportunities. Blue Trading also has its own proprietary algorithms and uses them during isolated trading periods to carefully identify the customary price action that works best with their trading strategies.

The trading team at Blue Trading only executes trades of the highest probability. Those trades are completed using sophisticated analytical models that can identify the ideal opportunities on the particular trading instruments they plan to use.

Trading Screen

Additionally, Blue Trading applies risk management principles to all trading accounts to ensure consistency via a driven and quantitative trade model. For added client fund safety, trades are monitored 24/7. Every trader has their own trading strategies. These strategies are linked to a risk-management scale that sits along the pre-determined exposure within the client’s overall trading strategy.

Blue Trading uses extremely liquid global markets thanks to their cost-effectiveness and the fact that they are a well-developed asset class that follows price actions that are conducive to the profit goals. The company relies on advanced research on the largest financial markets in the world, so the trade managers can use insight-driven and specialized trading systems to deliver consistent returns.

What Are Some Advantages of Opening an Account with Blue Trading?

Blue Trading offers multiple reasons to appeal to potential clients. The trading team has 40 years of combined trading experience, as mentioned earlier. Additionally, the team follows a very diversified trading strategy that relies on more than five traders, each with over ten trading strategies up their sleeves.

For fund safety, all funds are deposited to the Bank Brokerage Liquidity Provider. In terms of confidence in the company, its track record is 100-percent verified by a CPA firm and third-party trading verification sites.

Of course, clients also get the general benefits associated with a managed account from any firm, meaning no need to do any hands-on trading. Even so, Blue Trading stands out by letting clients access the trading platform to view their trades and account any time of the day or night, via the computer or a mobile device. Additionally, there is no upfront cost, so you only pay a fee based on profits.

What Platform Does Blue Trading Use?

Blue Trading uses a professional proprietary platform that connects to trading accounts with Mirror Trader. This solution allows the trading team to manage multiple accounts at once via the platform and lets the clients view the trades. Blue Trading is not compatible with MetaTrader accounts since some of the advanced trading instruments are incompatible with the platform the company uses.

What Is the Track Record of Blue Trading?

Since Blue Trading has fully managed portfolios, potential clients will want to take a close look at its track record to confirm that the company does indeed deliver results. Blue Trading understands this and delivers complete transparency via performance details that have been audited by a CPA firm. The company website has an extensive chart displaying the full compounded performance of Blue Trading since November 2015. There is also a list of the individual trading strategies that the team members use primarily. The use of multiple strategies helps diversify the risk for clients.

Looking at the chart of full compounded performance, there are only two months with losses from November 2015 to July 2018. Most months display gains of 15 to 25 or 30 percent. The average monthly figure is 19.08 percent with the best month sitting at 33.27 percent. The maximum DD is 14.21 percent and Blue Trading has a winning trade percentage of 71 percent. There are additional figures of year-to-date performance, which was 34.78 percent for 2015, 590.9 percent for 2016, and 870.05 percent for 2017. Those who want even more details can view the Certified Performance Audit to see the total compound returns on the investor accounts using all trading strategies. All the figures regarding profit returns are calculated before fees to allow for complete transparency.

Types of Account

Blue Trading offers either a Standard or a VIP Account. Standard Accounts have a minimum investment of €3,000. Standard Accounts feature no spread mark-ups, account closures and withdrawals that are processed immediately, access to a 24/5 support desk, the option of a Swap Free or Islamic Account, and 24-hour access to the Trading Dashboard. Those with Standard Accounts can also upgrade to a VIP Account at any time as long as they have a total investment of €12,500 in Deposit Capital. VIP Accounts have a €12,500 minimum investment. They come with similar benefits to Standard Accounts but lower fees.


Clients can have more than one account if they prefer to do so. The only requirement is that the primary account holder gives the necessary KYC data, including a passport and utility bill.

Blue Trading Deposits

Both deposits and withdrawals are simple to do via the Blue Trading platform. Most customers choose to make deposits and withdrawals using bank wire transfers or Bitcoin. You can use a credit card, but Blue Trading does not recommend this since your credit card provider may charge fees of up to 7 to 10 percent.


Blue Trading Fees

The fees charged by Blue Trading depend on the account type. There are no management fees associated with an account. There are also no fees for loading, account opening, or inception. The performance fee for Standard Accounts is 18 percent of the net profits with high watermark so clients can keep 82 percent of their trading profits. Those with a VIP account have a 12 percent performance fee on the net profits with high watermark instead, letting them keep 88 percent of the trading profits. As a bonus, VIP Accounts also get a new account trial period of 45 days during which there is no performance fee.

Client Profits

The profits within a client’s trading account are compounded to enhance the earnings. Additionally, as the account grows, Blue Trading adjusts the leverage based on account size to maximize the profit.

Those concerns about taxes should keep in mind that Blue Trading is not legally allowed to give any legal or tax advice. The company also do not send client statements to tax authorities since there are clients in many countries. It is, however, quite easy to download a statement from the Blue Trading platform at any moment to complete the necessary taxes within your jurisdiction.


Is Blue Trading Safe?

Blue Trading takes special care to ensure that clients funds stay safe, particularly given the decentralized nature of the crypto and forex markets. Because of this, all client funds get deposited directly into the company’s Liquidity Brokerage system. The trading team never has access to any of the client traded funds. Instead, the team can just access the Master Trading Console system or PAMM Account. This system lets the team trade hundreds or thousands of accounts via one platform at the same time while ensuring all those accounts stay separate from each other.

Thanks to the use of the Mirror Trader master platform, Blue Trading’s trading team can execute trades in seconds by accessing direct liquidity prime brokers. Each liquidity provider is a globally recognized leader in the industry of online financial trading. Blue Trading also transparently shows its relationship with each of these liquidity providers on the “Fund Safety” page of their website via letters.

The systems use an API network that allows for instant execution while maintaining full transparency. That transparency is viewable by logging into the Blue Trading secure network and another way for clients to know that their funds are safe thanks to the knowledge of how they are being traded.

To minimize risk, Blue Trading does not trade Binary Options in any way. The company feels that they are essentially gambling like you would do in a casino, making them impossible to trade with careful market examination. As such, they are simply too risky and there is no real strategy for success with them.

What Organizations Is Blue Trading a Member of?

To provide additional peace of mind for clients, Blue Trading is a Financial Commission full member, Crypto Valley Switzerland ethics organization full member, and a signatory on the Foreign Exchange Global Committee. Additionally, the team at Blue Trading actively seeks out additional jurisdictions that have increased regulations related to crypto-related funds to stay up-to-date with the still-changing legislation on cryptocurrency. Blue Trading notes that major regulators, including BaFin in Germany and FCA in Britain, do not currently regulate crypto trading, which means there are no opportunities for registration in most countries. Blue Trading plans to pursue those types of registrations once they do become available.

Fund Safety

Instead of just mentioning that the company is a member of these organizations, Blue Trading displays proof on the website’s “Fund Safety” page. You can view the Certificate of Membership from the Financial Commission as well as the Statement of Commitment for the Global Foreign Exchange Committee. Membership in the Financial Commission allows for seamless resolution of any issues arising while trading forex as it acts as a neutral third party in disputes.

Blue Trading Customer Support

Blue Trading has an award-winning support team that is available 24 hours a day from Monday through Friday. There are specific email addresses for various types of support, including finance, legal, trading team, and IB program, plus a general info/support desk email. Or account holders can contact Blue Trading support by calling one of the specific regional numbers. There are numbers for both Asia and Europe Direct Access along with specific numbers for Australia, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Malaysia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Switzerland, and the United Arab Emirates.

Additionally, Blue Trading has support, trading, and meeting centers in Monaco, Switzerland, Ireland, and Japan plus a fax number and a mailing address. There are also annual meetings that give clients the opportunity to learn some of the trading strategies that the Blue Trading team uses on a daily basis.


By offering managed accounts, Blue Trading appeals to those who want to invest in forex or cryptocurrency but are unsure about strategies or simply do not have the time to do so themselves. Blue Trading has a strong reputation and a proven track record that is fully transparent.

As seen from their past performance listed on the site, they have a great track record in generating profits for their customers, of which you will pay them a percentage for their work.

With two types of accounts available depending on the investment amount and 24/7 access to the trading platform and no management or opening fees, there are many reasons to consider Blue Trading.

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Blue Trading

Blue Trading

Ease of Use

8.0 /10


9.0 /10


8.0 /10

Customer Support

8.0 /10

Payment Methods

9.0 /10


  • Reputable Firm
  • Managed Account
  • Good Customer Support
  • Clear and low fee structure


  • KYC Required
  • €3,000 Minimum Investment

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  1. Hi there is there any screenshots to prove that this service is real and legitimate? Are we able to withdraw money via wire transfer instead of opening cryptocurrency like bitcoin or Ethereum?

    Have u visited the company in Japan Tokyo roggpongi hills? To certify that the company has a headquarters over there and that it’s not fake. Thanks


    1. Hey Indiana!
      Skype me at championshipscrabble at gmail dot com and I’ll give you all the info you need!


  2. Dear All,
    I did some research on Blue Trading. Based on information on their website Blue Trading is a brand of BluVenture Group Ltd.

    After sending an email to Blue Trading informed me that the seat of Blue Trading is located in Mauritius.

    I looked at the Chamber of Commerce data base of Mauritius.

    Unfortuanately BluVenture Group Ltd. is not registrated.


    Only Blue Liquors and BlueLife, starting with ‘Blu’ can be seen.

    Not a good sign…

    Another sign:

    See link below (youtube video) about several possibilities to manupulate myfxbook accounts (with e.g.adobe illustrator):

    Very instructive…

    Another sign: go to and then click on the button ‘Track record’ after then click one of the links with very large profits…

    Just click on ‘Gold’, 3rd from below.

    A profit rate of 23.491%? = 234 times. So from €1000 to €234.000?
    A litle surfing on internet leans that with forex 25% is a good result… But 23.491%?

    And why trades may not be seen.., that would be ‘private’? Why? Do currencies have privacy? I can imagen when you a broker in stocks, you do not want that prospective customers see e.g. trades in Apple etc. But trades between Euro and US$?

    Why are all the customers satisfied? That is because you those customers see their money is growing. Based on manuputaled statements…. So you see your initial investment of €3000 grows to e.d. 6.000. So the customer is happy, and when the customer (as a test) would like to withdraw money, thes customer you just gets the money, no problem… There is enough money. But…. after a lot of people withdraw money. Eventually they say oh a problem occured, you lost all your money… but we warned before… just look at our conditions…


    1. Well, BluVenture Group Ltd seems to be actually registered even if at the address 3RD FLOOR, STANDARD CHARTERED TOWER, CYBER CITY, EBENE there is not a real office but just a legal address. It is impossible to know where they are physically.

      Moreover deposits to Bluetrading are made through a trust company in Germany so it is impossible to know where the money actually goes.

      In general WHERE they are and WHO they are is impossible to know, there are not any verifiable addresses (they say that exist meeting centers in Germany and Switzerland but they don’t say where. I could go to Switzerland to check but not in Japan…). There no license number or any verifiable registration for Bluetrading.

      If they want to act like scam they succeded in that very well.

      Anyway, there are positive things also: I’ve doubled my account in few months and withdrawn nearly all my initial deposit and the performances are really really good. The customer support is really fast and friendly in replies. When you open an account they send you a kind gift (from Germany or Switzerland, can’t remember, obviously without the sender address….).

      Maybe they’ll disappear tomorrow, maybe they’ll last many years, who knows?
      Just invest the money you can lose, withdraw every months and enjoy the earnings until it last!


      1. You only have a small window of opportunity. It is like a ponzi scheme… They actually do not trade, they only collect money… And have a system of giving the impression the growth of your account… So you think it is a great investment… You are happy and maybe you will invest even more… You can withdraw, in the early stage… When it collapses you lost your money… Let’s frame it as learning money…


  3. Let me help you guys a bit, since you are interested in doing something and finding something to make money with, just lile I was. But JAN you are swerving all over the road so to speak, in trying to describe BlueTrading, and your research missed the mark.

    I am glad I found this company, was skeptical at firt, or more to the point afraid to loose money in a scam. But after doing some real due diligence for a month found it to be real.

    So let me answer the questions or comments from your posts above, from my personal experience with the company and what I now know after several months:

    Question/Comment >>Hi there is there any screenshots to prove that this service is real and legitimate? Are we able to withdraw money via wire transfer instead of opening cryptocurrency like bitcoin or Ethereum?

    Screen shots are available from any investor, as they are able to copy one and save it. But more to the point, since every trade is recorded, even the deposit or withdrawal, even the bank wire fee for a deposited is recorded in your account in PDF format. You can every detail so that PDF is a way much better thing to show somebody for how they executed the profit/loss amounts, than just a screenshot. Very impressed with the detail of information you have for your account. Tax time will be a breeze etc. All trades from the date your deposit is received is stored in your account PDF for every trade, fee, deposit, withdrawal etc all with the dates.

    Invested in July 2nd, and have had about 20% returns for July, Aug, and we will see what Sept will finish at (since I am writing this on Sept 25/2018).

    Question/Comment: Are we able to withdraw money via wire transfer instead of opening cryptocurrency like bitcoin or Ethereum?

    Yes, you do a withdrawal with wire transfer. Plus, they now have added a debit card for account holders called “Global”. It is “Available to all client account types as a standard withdrawal processed immediately”, and “Access your Account Funds 24×7 with WIREX GLOBAL at Millions of Locations Worldwide.”

    Question/Comment >>Have u visited the company in Japan Tokyo?

    No, but I know they have headquarters there, but also other affiliate/satellite offices in other countries, ie. Switzerland, Germany, and the Netherlands. I have also spoken with a law firm in BC Canada that represents them for Canada business.

    Question/Comment: And why trades may not be seen.., that would be ‘private’? Why? Do currencies have privacy?

    Okay, so for your question there JAN that was answered already above for the screenshot and PDF for every trade recorded on your account. So you can see exactly every trade after its closed. Plus, you see the actual live trades in the account, then after they are closed its stored in the PDF portion of your account.

    So I am glad I found this. The company and their equipment was only available to large institutional investors and clients, but about 3 years ago they made it available to retail investor. Good for them I say, this is way better then trying to trade forex myself or with a robot (which don’t work).

    Hope some of that helps you in answering your question/comments above Indiana and Jan.


    1. I think the following will give a clear answer:
      2018-09-26: The Financial Commission has permanently expelled BluVenture Group and its brands BlueBroker and BlueTrading from membership. The reason given is repeated violations and failures to adhere to membership Rules and Guidelines. CLICK HERE to verify.
      2018-09-05: The UK FCA has issued an unauthorised firm warning against / Blue Group. CLICK HERE to verify.


    2. 2018-09-26: The Financial Commission has permanently expelled BluVenture Group and its brands BlueBroker and BlueTrading from membership. The reason given is repeated violations and failures to adhere to membership Rules and Guidelines. CLICK HERE to verify.
      2018-09-05: The UK FCA has issued an unauthorised firm warning against / Blue Group. CLICK HERE to verify.


  4. Just a quick one. I am interested in investing in this company but the FCA in the UK have now issued a warning against them. If you check on there website you can see why. Has anyone any thoughts on this ?


  5. Has anyone had any experiences with this company?? I am getting mixed responses on whether or not this is legitimate, if anyone has used them please comment below.

    Kind regards



    1. I’m an investor with blue trading. I have been for 5 months now. Skype me at championshipscrabble at gmail dot com and I will give you all the info you need.


      1. I can imagen that you are satisfied. You have to realize you look at fake results… With Photoshop you can do a lot.

        They are not registered, there is no Financial Conduct Authority… They do not have a legal status… the accountant does not have an address… Ask for their Q1, Q2? Financial statements over 2017? Who is the director/CEO, board of directors? A balance sheet? A Profit and Loss statement… Who are the share holders? Do they pay VAT? What is their VAT number? Etc… etc…

        But I can image looking at statements with monthly profits of 20%, you are eager to believe them… But wake up!



    What else you need to know?


    1. Scott,

      FCA article only says they aren’t registered with them (of course the UK governng body wouldn’t like that) but they state no issues or concerns with them other than that?

      Financial commission gives zero details as to why it has expelled them.

      Neither of those articles indicates BlueTrading is not legitimately earning money for people… IMO.

      Still searching for some evidence of someone being scammed etc. but unable to find it yet, a good sign but will keep digging!


      1. The Financial Conduct Authority of the UK warns against doing business with Blue Trading.

        We believe this firm has been providing financial services or products in the UK without our authorisation. Find out why to be especially wary of dealing with this unauthorised firm and how to protect yourself from scammers.

        Almost all firms and individuals offering, promoting or selling financial services or products in the UK have to be authorised by us.

        However, some firms act without our authorisation and some knowingly run investment scams.

        This firm is not authorised by us and is targeting people in the UK. Based upon information we hold, we believe it is carrying on regulated activities which require authorisation.

        Blue Trading / / Blue Group
        Address: 6-2-30 Roppongi, Roppongi Hills Tower, Minato-Ku, Tokyo, 100-0032, Japan

        Telephone: 02033186049



        How to protect yourself
        We strongly advise you to only deal with financial firms that are authorised by us, and check the Financial Services Register to ensure they are. It has information on firms and individuals that are, or have been, regulated by us.

        If you want to check a consumer credit firm that may not yet have been authorised by us, please also check the Interim Permission Register (link is external).

        If a firm does not appear on the Register but claims it does, contact our Consumer Helpline on 0800 111 6768.

        There are more steps you should take to avoid scams and unauthorised firms.

        You should also be aware that if you give money to an unauthorised firm, you will not be covered by the Financial Ombudsman Service (link is external) or Financial Services Compensation Scheme (link is external) (FSCS) if things go wrong.

        Report an unauthorised firm
        If you think you have been approached by an unauthorised firm or contacted about a scam, you should contact our Consumer Helpline on 0800 111 6768. If you were offered, bought or sold shares, you can use our reporting form.

        Why should you do business with this company; there are lots of companies which are legit… Or are you bedazzeld by their unrealistic fake results… 500-800% a year; do you really believe that??


  7. First attempt to withdraw via wire failed . .

    Actual sucker?

    Second attempt in progress



    1. why did it fail??


    2. Did you get your money? It has bin now 12 days… Please give an update.


  8. I am considering investing. Looking forward to you feedbacks


    1. I would love to give you a frank and honest opinion of blue trading. I have been investing in them for 5 months. Skype me at championshipscrabble at gmail dot com and I will tell you all about it.


  9. They would not send a copy of wire request so I do not know the error. Trying again. Feeling sick



  10. i’m just in the process of a withdrawal now, will let you know how it goes. so far all communication has been really good!


    1. Have you got your money?


      1. not yet i was told up to 7 working days!!


        1. Keep posting. Have you attended their meeting or conferences?


          1. the bank wire failed, withdrawal to my bitcoin wallet was within an hour!

  11. Any one did multiple withdrawal… Please inform us


  12. Requested a withdrawal on 10th September but to date (8th October) it hasn’t arrived in my bank. Have received various excuses from BT including “your bank doesn’t accept wire transfers’ and then ‘our wire transfers have been delayed a few days’.

    Brian the Account Manager is astonishingly rude, this is not what you would expect from the head of their customer service team. Apparently they can’t be bothered to spend time dealing with people who complain and if I don’t like it then I should closed my account.

    Terrible when all I wanted was to make a small withdrawal of MY MONEY!


  13. It is incredible how negative some of the people can be who have made so much profit from this company and still find things to complain about! I have had my account open over a year and have nothing but praise for them.

    – The Commission / FCA thing means nothing. There are thousands of companies on these “lists” for no reason other than they aren’t registered IN that country. The Financial Commission has kicked out half their members… so I really don’t care too much.

    – My account has done around 15%+ every single month (that’s net).

    – Withdrawals by Bitcoin are instant, same day. The bank wires are slow but I really don’t think that’s by Blue Trading’s fault. Bank regulations are VERY annoying these days and that’s why many of us use BTC.

    There’s nothing significant to complain about this company.


    1. Keep posting. Have you attended their meeting or conferences?


  14. @Jay F
    I’ve also asked for a wired transfer and that failed. Then I’ve asked a Crypto transfer and finally I got the money in a matter of minutes.

    I think they don’t make wired transfers simply because that transactions are traceable.


    1. @Pedro
      Did you lose much by exchanging euros to bitcoin and then having to exchange back to euros. Surely there is a loss on the buy and sell of the bitcoins


      1. @Jay F
        Not so much only few euros, I sold BTC suddenly


  15. @Umair
    How can you be a Bluetrading client for more than a year if the have a website only from December 2017?

    From that date they began with a massive marketing campaign, they created linkedin and facebook profiles and spreaded paid reviews everywhere.

    I not really convinced they are a genuine company, so I hope that they will make something to clear their position beyond any doubt.


    1. Hi Pedro:

      How do you know the website is from December 2017?


      1. @Bill
        I’ve searched WHOIS history, before that date the domain name was on sale.


      2. @Bill
        moreover BluVenture Group Ltd has been registered in Mauritius on 29 November 2017. Funny isn’t it?

        I wonder if anyone has ever seen their face live.
        I wish to have a friend in Tokio…..


        1. @Pedro

          Did you read this article very well? The author is called Oliver Dale and he said in the article that Blue Trading started in 2012:

          Blue Trading began in 2012 under the leadership of Richard Anderson. By early 2016, the company had added the support for full-service retail accounts.

          If you doubt the above assertion please challenge Oliver directly for the source of his information and why you disagree with him that Blue Trading cannot be in existence before the creation of their website in 2017.

          Oliver can you help clarify this?


          1. @Quami

            Oliver has just reported the information you can find on Bluetrading website, he hasn’t done any personal search.

            Anyway I’ve only said that the Bluetrading website do exists from December and that their controlling company do exist from December either.

            Before that date I couldn’t find any track of them. Maybe they used another company name…
            I’ve found a guy called Richard Anderson that worked for OptionsXO, a scam trading company that doesn’t exists anymore, but it can be just an homonym.

            If someone has ANY proven information regarding who is Richard Anderson and/or some real document that proofs that Bluetrading exists since 2012 or else if anybody has ever been in their offices or met them to any conference, well, it is welcome.

            I’ll be happy if Bluetrading will answer to our doubts but I’m afraid it’ll not happen because their standard answer is: “you can withdraw your money if you don’t trust us!” just like a scam would say.

            Just in case I’d like to know:
            – Country and registration number (I think they don’t have any legal registration)
            – German and Switzerland offices/meeting center addresses
            – Bluetrading have a Facebook account, well why don’t they post some photo of their conferences or when they got their nominations?

            This would be a good start ….

  16. i did a successful withdrawing a week ago , anyone needs more details just contact me


    1. Did you get bank wire transfer or via BTC?


      1. BTC
        BTC is more faster , safer , and lower transferring fees and commissions


  17. As you bank transfer been successful and how long did it take to get your money


  18. 3 weeks waiting on second attempt to withdraw by wire transfer. Still nothing


    1. Hi Kyra What is there excuse for not sending your money . After all it is your money They have took their 18% So why is it so hard to get you own money back. Best of look please keep us informed..


  19. I have done 4 withdrawals so far. First one bank wire took forever. Since then BTC and been within an hour then transferred to my account. The staff have been very helpful in answering questions.


  20. Thank you Kevin. Very reassuring. I finally found a Canadian bitcoin exchange and will request transfer today. Let you know. The rejected wire has not been resubmitted to my account yet – 3 weeks later. Last 2 (one from a different company) were returned within on week


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