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Cryptocurrency Investing Tips

Are you Investing in Bad Crypto Projects? Here’s 5 Tips for Picking Winners

There are more choices than ever when it comes to cryptocurrencies to invest your hard earned money in. There are coins, tokens, and blockchain projects as far as the eye can see. So choosing which projects to invest in can...

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The Growth and Development of Malta the “Blockchain Island”

Governments around the world have had policies as regards the acceptability or lack thereof of cryptocurrencies. While some countries have outright banned them, few countries have embraced cryptocurrencies and are creating an enabling environment for them to flourish. China’s ban...

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Blockchain Supply Chain Management

Blockchain & Supply Chain Management: Issues & Companies Tackling it

Blockchain technology is all about the science of keeping track of things. Originally conceptualized as a way to provide value and security for cryptocurrencies without a meddlesome middleman, like a bank or government, blockchain technology is now making inroads in...

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What is the Howey Test

What is the Howey Test & How Does it Relate to ICOs & Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies occupy a bizarre and gray portion of the legal landscape. This is partly due to their novelty. Quite simply, blockchain technology and its accompanying cryptocurrencies haven’t been a part of the landscape long enough for banks and regulatory agencies...

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Blockchain Voting

Blockchain for Voting: How it can Improve the Election Process

At the heart of any democratic voting system lies two principles – anonymity and security. Anonymity is necessary to ensure that outside forces cannot influence the cast votes. This can take the form of old-timey brickbat thugs at the polling...

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How to Market Cryptocurrency Projects

How to Market an ICO Without Facebook, Twitter & Google

Marketers in the blockchain space (all 12 of us) have been getting hammered with more and more bad news over the first quarter of this year as more and more of the traditional marketing channels become unavailable in the blockchain...

/ April 25, 2018 / 2 Comments
Pump and Dumps

Pump and Dump Schemes: How They Work in Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain tokens might be relatively new to the financial world, but they’re vulnerable to the same kinds of classic scams and schemes that have plagued paper markets for centuries – plus some new ones. The most common variety...

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Blockchain and Art

Blockchain & Art: Technology Providing Digital Ownership & Provenance

Fine art collecting is one of those hobbies that immediately conjures a mental image of fancy cocktail parties, swirling brandy glasses, and auctioneers throwing around millions of dollars like so much Halloween candy. It’s an image of tweed jackets, fox...

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Blockchain Real Estate

How Blockchain is Beginning to Disrupt & Transform the Real Estate Market

One of the world’s oldest businesses is about to experience disruption from one of the world’s newest. Buyers, sellers, and renters of real estate are experimenting with blockchain technology to trim burdensome middlemen from the industry. Precious few real estate...

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Bitcoin OTC

Bitcoin Over the Counter Trades (OTC): How the Whales Purchase Cryptocurrency

Physics gets weird when things are very large or very small. The observer effect says, in so many words, that you can’t tell exactly where a very tiny particle is or how fast it is moving because the very act...

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