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Cryptocurrency and Gold

“Drop Gold, Buy Bitcoin” Campaign Elicits Fiery, Impassioned Response From Gold Bugs

Since Bitcoin (BTC) was birthed, an array of narratives have swirled around its mythology. While many say it is a replacement for...

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Ethereum Proof-of-Stake Code to Be Finalized in June 2019

The march toward proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus is continuing according to plan for the Ethereum network. On May 2nd, Ethereum Foundation researcher Justin...

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Bitcoin Scam

Bitcoin Phone Scammers Defraud Victims of $2 Million in New York

The New York Police Department (NYPD) has issued warnings on an increase in Bitcoin-related fraudulent activity where con artists impersonate key government...

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Bullish Green Cryptocurrency

Ethereum & Bitcoin Lead Green Day for Top Coins Amid Acute Crypto Rally

On May 6th, most of the cryptoeconomy's top coins saw acute spikes on the day as recent institutional advancements from major firms...

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Microsoft & JPMorgan Team Up: Quorum Blockchain Available on Azure

This week, tech giant Microsoft and banking heavyweight JP Morgan announced a strategic partnership that will revolve around the duo boosting enterprise...

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Bitcoin Bull Run

Bitcoin Price Smashes High for 2019: Things are Looking Bright

On May 3rd, the bitcoin price hit its all-time high valuation so far this year just shy of the $5,800 USD mark...

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Facebook Blockchain

Report: Facebook is Pitching its Crypto Stablecoin to Potential Investors

The rumors concerning Facebook’s reported development of its cryptocurrency are back, along with financial details. Per a Wall Street Journal report, the...

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Thailand Cryptocurrency

Thailand SEC: Readies Updated Regulations for Cryptocurrency Inclusion

The Thailand Securities and Exchange Commission says it will amend the countries Securities and Exchange Act of 2019 to provide more inclusion...

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London Stock Exchange’s CEO Sees a Future with Blockchain Technology

Nikhil Rathil, Chief Executive Officer of the London Stock Exchange (LSE), has come out to voice his opinion on blockchain technology, which...

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Fidelity Investments

Fidelity Investments: Institutions Increasingly Looking to Expand Into Crypto

A new research study sponsored by Fidelity Investments, administrators of nearly $7.5 trillion USD worth of assets and backers of a fledgling...

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