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Blockchain Game Featuring In-Game Sidechain and Delegated Proof of Stake Adopts ERC-1155

Game studio Thoughts in Motion, Corp. has announced its end-to-end blockchain role-playing fighting game CryptoFights will adopt Enjin Coin’s platform to create in-game items using the next-generation ERC-1155 token standard. CryptoFights has broken new blockchain gaming barriers with the use...

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Cryzen Launches $2.5 Million Bounty Campaign in Anticipation of September Presale

Cryzen, one of the first algorithmic trading platforms for cryptocurrencies, has recently (on August 1st) announced their $2.5 Million bounty campaign for XEN dividend token. This is in anticipation of their presale on September 1, 2018. Please Note: This is...

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MonetaryCoin – an ERC20 Token Based on a Novel Prize-Winning Theory

MonetaryCoin, a new startup, which is an interesting symbiosis of the blockchain technology and an economic science. The token sale was launched on July 10, 2018, and can be accessed via Please Note: This is a Press Release The...

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Ganapati Group Has Announced The Appointment of Eman Pulis – The CEO of SiGMA as Senior Advisor of GanaEight Coin Limited

Ganapati Group was pleased to announce the appointment of Eman Pulis, the CEO of SiGMA (Summit of iGaming Malta and Malta Blockchain Summit) as one of the Senior Advisors of GanaEight Coin Limited, the Issuer of G8C tokens. As published...

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Organic Aromas

Luxury Nebulizing Diffuser Maker Organic Aromas Announces Will Begin Accepting Bitcoin for Payment; Offers Big Discount

Organic Aromas®, a leading maker of premium nebulizing diffusers® for aromatherapy, announced today that the Company will officially begin accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment on its website. Please Note: This is a Press Release The decision to accept...

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Emercoin Blockchain Solution Combats Global Manipulation Epidemic in Education Sector

Emercoin “Trusted Diploma” Secures and Verifies Education Certificates TBILISI, Georgia – August 02, 2018 – Emercoin announced today the successful implementation of its open-source “Trusted Diploma” blockchain platform by the Business & Technology University (BTU). Please Note: This is a...

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How CINDX is Democratizing the Modern Financial System

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology have been slated as powerful tools capable of fueling a global financial revolution. There are myriad opportunities to invest in the crypto space, and yet, very few individuals have undertaken the steps necessary to invest. After...

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Electrominer: Turn on the Miners

Electrominer is an Ecosystem designed to generate cryptocurrency using solar energy as its power source. Electrominer offers its users an effective and easy-to-use cloud-mining platform where users rent hashing power to generate various altcoins on different algorithms. The platform is...

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CINDX Announces Plans For ICO Pre-Sale Amidst Release Of Revolutionary Crypto Trading Hub That Allows Users To Follow Expert Traders

The cryptocurrency market is growing swiftly enough to attract not only investors and traders, but also scammers and fraudsters. These conmen often pose as creators of “promising” platforms that seek to raise capital through ICOs. CINDX takes its business seriously...

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Carnaby Capital

Carnaby Capital invests in FarmaTrust to help Remove Fake Pharmaceuticals from the Supply Chain

FarmaTrust is delighted to announce that Carnaby Capital, a highly regarded, London based, private investment and digital asset management organisation has joined as a contributor to its project. Please Note: This is a Press Release Both Carnaby Capital and FarmaTrust...

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