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Hack the DAO: Blockchain Startup Daox to Announce a $100K Hacking Contest

Daox, a blockchain startup that is developing a platform and ecosystem for ICOs based on the concept of a decentralized autonomous organization, has announced the $100k hacking contest to prove that their DAOs are safe. Please Note: This is a...

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CryptoFriends will celebrate its 1st Birthday on the “Blockchain Island”

CryptoFriends, the eclectic Blockchain and Crypto events company will be turning 1 year old in a week, and they are throwing an exclusive Crypto iGathering Party on the ‘Blockchain Island’ of Malta on June 16th to celebrate. Read more to...

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Altcoin Fantasy + Utrum bring a Free Crypto Simulation Contest – $2000 USD Prize Pool

Vancouver, BC: Altcoin Fantasy -- the best free cryptocurrency trading simulation -- announces a contest with Utrum, an ecosystem for crowdsourced knowledge for crypto related projects. Altcoin Fantasy is partnering with Utrum to give away $2,000 USD in prizes of...

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Next in Blockchain Conference

Next in Blockchain – World Blockchain Conference, Singapore

Hosted by the World Blockchain Council and GMGC, The World Blockchain Conference, Singapore will be held at Pan Pacific Hotel on July 17-18, 2018. With the theme of “Next in Blockchain”, the Conference is expected to witness over 1500 professionals...

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Hussy Blockchain for the Sex Work Industry

Decentralized systems such as Blockchain are already disrupting many industries and the sex work industry won’t be an exception. The sex work industry is notoriously dominated by shady ventures and often overlooked by digital innovators. The Blockchain has a great...

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CoinCorner Reports Expansion With Launch of Altcoins

CoinCorner has announced the introduction of three popular Altcoins to its platform. The cryptocurrency exchange now offers four digital currency choices to its UK and European customers: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) and Ripple (XRP). Please Note: This is...

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Hanacoin – Launching June 12

Hanacoin is a new cryptocurrency start-up from South Korea. The coin is GPU minable using the Lyra2Rev2 algorithm. The coin is designed to be ASIC resistant and will adjust quickly to hashpower increases thanks to its Dark Gravity Wave V3...

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Fair Hadax

Fair.Game Token FAIR has Listed on HADAX Exchange Today!

Fair.Game is the first decentralised gaming platform based on the Ethereum blockchain. Fair.Game's vision is to create a blockchain based platform to connect gamers and developers. The platform uses smart contracts to ensure fairness of games. Before this moment, there's...

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Swytch: A Blockchain-Based Platform Reinventing the Global Renewable Energy Market

Swytch aims to nudge markets in favor of renewables by tracking, verifying and rewarding consumers, companies and non-government organizations that reduce CO2 emissions. The project has recently announced that its public token sale will begin June 12th and will last...

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Rivetz Acquires Mobile Payments Platform DISC to Build Blockchain-Based Secure E-Commerce

A pioneer in decentralized mobile security solutions, Rivetz, announced its acquisition of DISC Holdings Ltd., a developer of blockchain-based, secure mobile payment applications. Through this acquisition, Rivetz aims to couple the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) already built into the hardware...

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