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Game Stars Is PokerStars Of eSports Market

Investing in a cryptocurrency is quite similar to making bets. Both have risks and chances to earn good money. Game Stars gaming platform bets on its tokens. GST has all...

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How to Get in a Private ICO? Whalesburg Gives the Answer

New ICOs are launched daily in different areas of the market. They are covered by the media, discussed on Reddit and advertised in various channels in order to create hype...

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How To Earn Money – While You Play Casino & Betting games?

Zerocoin is an exciting new offshoot of the world famous cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. The new alternative to Bitcoin promises even more security through truly anonymous transacting, as well as stronger blockchain...

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Access, Success, and Transparency: Introducing Acorn

Acorn Collective allows business minded people to find smart investors, creating vital cashflow which is crucial in the start-up stages. Crowdfunding has never been more streamlined than with blockchain technology...

/ May 4, 2018 / 0 Comments Announces Details of Roadmap for 2018-2019, a decentralized platform, is recreating the internet by putting the privacy and concern of users as the highest priority. The platform development is in full swing and Online hopes...

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A Growth Spurt, Not Only for The Number of Fans in BIT.GAME Telegram

In recent years, the development of blockchain has continuously grown vigorously around the world. Blockchain technology catalyzed a tremendous growth in related industries in 2017. The popularity of this kind...

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What Kind of Digital Assets are Worth Holding?

With the advent of the digital economy, more and more digital assets are brought into the market and in a variety of ways. With this year’s ICO boom, various types...

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Gladage ICO

Blockchain Helps Create Next Generation Senior Care Homes

Blockchain has taken most of the industries by storm. Be it banking, healthcare, or Real estate industry, Blockchain technology is trying to streamline and organize various sectors. Will Blockchain be...

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How Kvantor sets out to take on Swift

It is estimated that more than $150 trillion in cross-border transactions occurs each and every year, with the vast majority of this amount facilitated through the SWIFT network. The entire...

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Verasity Presents Its VeraPlayer On ICO Rating Sites

Verasity, a video-sharing platform enhanced with blockchain technology, is the first ICO to embed their video player, VeraPlayer into an ICO ratings site, now live on on ICOBench. Please Note:...

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