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Mobile Wallet Bloomzed Holds The First Round Selling BZT Tokens

Smartphone today has become an indispensable assistant for people, because it provides the opportunity to use various services that simplify many actions of our daily life. So, for example, for many people it has long ago replaced a wallet, in...

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Segwit2X Revival Will Happen Soon

According to recent information, Bitcoin Segwit2X is going to relive. It was expected that Segwit2X hard fork would happen in the middle of November. Futures are available for purchasing on crypto-exchanges at a price near 0.01 BTC (HitBTC). Please Note:...

/ December 22, 2017 / 0 Comments

CoinLion Launches Token Sale

Purchasers can experience the world’s first cryptocurrency exchange with built-in portfolio management, atomic swaps, dual blockchain order book system, research, analytics, social integration and token generation capabilities Sioux Falls, SD (December 18, 2017) – CoinLion (Token Name/Symbol: LION), a simple,...

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Bountysource & CanYa Create a New Open Field for Peer-to-Peer Software Bounties

December​ ​20,​ ​2017​ (SAN​ ​FRANCISCO​) ​ CanYa Purchase Open Source Bounty Software Platform Prior To Ending Its ICO The coalition of Bountysource and CanYa creates a new open field for peer-to-peer software bounties CanYa has recently announced the purchase of...

/ December 21, 2017 / 0 Comments
Onus Coin ICO

ONUS COIN: Revolutionizing Debt Management on Blockchain

Global debt is one of the main contributors of monetarily based emergencies such as the global depression in 2008. Projections show that excessive debt is one of the main challenges facing economies and markets the world over. Slower growth is...

/ December 17, 2017 / 0 Comments
Car Sharing

Announcement of Car Sharing Community Project

Car Sharing Community (CSC) announces its launching as the disruption in traditional logistics and transport industry. CSC is a decentralized logistics and transport system that perfects the limits of traditional model by applying blockchain and AI technology. By combination of...

/ December 11, 2017 / 0 Comments
Spectre Eliminates Fraud

Spectre: Eliminating Fraud With Decentralized Liquidity Pool

Cookeville, TN- Speculative Tokenised Trading Exchange, otherwise known as SPECTRE, is a new and innovative platform designed to rid the financial market of the ethical issues it faces. SPECTRE was first developed in the fourth quarter of 2016 by Karan...

/ December 7, 2017 / 0 Comments

Matbea: Allows You to Trace Who Owns a Bitcoin Address

Just imagine… This is an incredible immersion in the world of bitcoin. This is every minute vertigo with looking at Bitcoin's growth graph. Of course I also joined the community of Bitcoin users. In a stream of new information I...

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On the Verge of Revolution in the World of Intellectual Games

According to statistics, 97% of players are not able to monetize their winnings and achievements, so to say, convert them into fiat money. Those who make attempts often face fraud, loss of earnings and virtual achievements (for example, as a...

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Taklimakan Network – Effective Cryptocurrency Investment Platform is the unique blockchain platform, designed to gather crypto-investors, professional traders and analysts from all over the world in one place where they can pursue common goals and ideas. Please Note: This is a Press Release The Taklimakan Network...

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