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Imogen Heap to attend The Malta Blockchain Summit

Award-winning performer, Imogen Heap, is set to dazzle at the Malta Blockchain Summit, where she will treat guests to a thirty-minute acoustic set. The much-lauded musician and founder of Mycelia will also take to the stage as a speaker for...

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1xBit.Com Takes Bitcoin SegWit Adoption into the Gambling Industry

Would you like to double your cryptocurrency assets without having to wait for their market price to increase? The old-fashioned traditional gambling and investments are coming to their end as a result of the blockchain technology rise. The innovative platform...

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CrowdIF Launches ICO Backed By First Of Its Kind Crypto Trading Platform That Quantifies Market Sentiment & Turns It Into Pure Profit

As more and more people realize the immense potential held by blockchain and cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency trading has also risen in popularity. In a matter of a few months, cryptocurrencies have risen from being a fringe investment to a global sensation...

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Cypher Releases Mobile Geo-Location Discovery Blockchain Platform Cypher Mobile

Sheffield, United Kingdom - Cypher, a small UK Based project which originally launched it’s coin CYR back in November 2017, has now launched the initial version of its geo-location discovery app Cypher Mobile v1.0 on Apple’s iOS App Store. Please...

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Kleros Introduces a Gamedrop to Test its ‘Schelling Point’ Economic Model

Crowdsourced justice protocol Kleros has devised a “gamedrop” as an alternative to a conventional token airdrop. The gamified system, based on game theory’s Schelling Point principle, is a first attempt at testing a radically new approach to arbitration... Please Note:...

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Ceybit, Sri Lanka’s First Exchange Announces Private Sale

Ceybit is excited to announce Sri Lanka’s first ever digital asset exchange, which will be opening registration and private sales on 12th June 2018. Please Note: This is a Press Release Ceybit will be predominantly a cryptocurrency/ fiat exchange catering...

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A Modern Secure Wallet for Ether & an API Solution for Business & Websites

The simple, convenient and reliable CoinKeeper wallet keeps ETHER coins with API integration for websites. Please Note: This is a Press Release Cryptocurrency users often ask themselves where they can safely store their coins, how to not fall into the...

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Trade IO ICO World’s 1st Cryptocurrency To Go Mainstream By Officially Partnering With Regulated Brokers has announced that its early adopter - the PRIMUS Group of companies - known by its clientele as ‘FXPRIMUS, The Safest Place To Trade’ - will offer its clients the ability to deposit to their trading account using their...

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WONO Unites Freelancing And Asset Sharing Services On A Global P2P Platform

Many blockchain projects for freelancers are about to launch within this year. All of them offer transparency, low commissions and other well-known benefits of the blockchain. However, all of them miss one critical moment: opportunities to spend what's been earned....

/ June 5, 2018 / 0 Comments

CryptoStrip Intends to Dominate Crypto Markets With World’s First Universal Crypto Tokens Created For Exotic Dance Clubs

Launching one of the very first Security Token Offerings (STO) - with a twist. Please Note: This is a Press Release Casper, Wyoming, June 4th, 2018, Cryptocurrencies have made their way into almost every niche of the business world. It...

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