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Atrix Token ICO

Introducing Atrix: ICO Guarantee System

Initial crowdsale or ICO is redefining the way people make contributions into projects. It has an enormous amount of potential since everyone can participate. ICOs have boomed in popularity in 2017, with over $2 billion raised since the start of...

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Spectre Eliminates Fraud With First Broker-less Platform

Cookeville, TN- Speculative Tokenized Trading Exchange, shortened to SPECTRE, is different from the other ICO’s that claim to be disrupting the financial market. The platform was created by Neuchatel Ltd whose founders, SPECTRE CEO Karan “Kay” Khemani and COO Zisis...

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MindSports IO Grand Masters Tournament Kickstarts Presale

San Francisco, Nov, 17th 2017 Please Note: This is a Press Release Today MindSports IO will invite prominent professionals from the Chinese Chess community to test and play on their network from 11:00 AM — 3:00 PM (UTC) to kickstart their presale at 2:00...

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Neuromation ICO

Neuromation ICO: Decentralized Network Built on Smart Contracts & Blockchain

Neuromation is a decentralized network built on smart contracts and a blockchain. It is created to organize the trade of the components of AI models. Please Note: This is a Press Release The Platform uses distributed computing along with blockchain...

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RoboAdvisorCoin ICO: First Robo-Advisor Dedicated to Cryptocurrencies & Digital Assets

RoboAdvisorCoin (RAC) opens its ICO: the first Robo-Advisor exclusively dedicated to cryptocurrencies and digital assets. The project will use Blockchain technologies to provide real-time forecasts and risk analytics. It is also the first ever ICO launched from Malta, a Eurozone...

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Styras ICO

STYRAS ICO: Enjoy Affordable Internet Access By Using Your Phone

STYRAS ICO. A new token that will allow you to enjoy affordable Internet access anywhere on the planet, just by using your phone. Please Note: This is a Press Release How the Dream Began Our product arises from the necessity...

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Trade IO ICO ICO: Next Generation Financial Institution Based on Blockchain Technology

Next generation financial institution based on blockchain technology and peer to peer trading exchange that will disrupt the existing financial status quo. Please Note: This is a Press Release 18 October 2017, Zug Switzerland A whole ecosystem of banks,...

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BoonTech: Most Secure Freelance Platform on Blockchain

Introducing the Revolutionary Freelance Platform on blockchain for Small Businesses to Build a Remarkable Team. Please Note: This is a Press Release Freelancing offers a lot of freedom and flexibility that a regular desk job can’t. Since you mostly get...

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CRYPTO20 Set For ICO After Successful $5M Pre-Sale

CRYPTO20 Set For ICO After Successful $5M Pre-Sale

The minimum fund cap was reached within hours of the pre-sale launch on 7 October 2017. CRYPTO20’s goal is to bring peace-of-mind cryptocurrency investment to mainstream investors. It is an index fund that holds and autonomously rebalances a data science...

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Freedom Streaming ICO

Freedom Streaming Announces an ICO for the First Uncensored and Anonymous Live Streaming Platform

Freedom Streaming has announced its token sale of FDM Tokens to fund the development of a censorship-resistant and anonymous live streaming platform. Please Note: This is a Press Release Live streaming has become a multi-billion dollar industry and is becoming...

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