Innova Mine is a cloud mining service which specializes in offering services for mining Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin. Although the company has just launched their business, they aim to become a leading force in the industry by 2020.

The unique business model of this cutting-edge cloud mining service will attract more users as the popularity of crypto mining will continue to gain more acceptance. You do not have to worry if the company is legitimate, as it is regulated by Australians Securities and Investments Commissions.

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The team behind Innova Mine consists of experts and professionals that have a vast degree of knowledge in tech backgrounds and which believe in the potential of cryptocurrencies.

How Innova Mine Works

Innova Mine featured four mining packages for the following algorithms: SHA 256, Script and Ethash. There are SHA 256 contracts, one which allows you to mine Bitcoin, and the other Bitcoin Cash.

The Bitcoin Mining contract of Innova Mine has a minimum hashrate of 1.3 TH/s, the Antminer s15 hardware, and makes up to $153.84 worth of coins per 10TH/s.

The Ethereum Mining contract featured a minimum hashrate of 5MH/s, the Innova Mine GPU Rigs hardware, and can generate up to $40.00 worth of ETH per MH/s. The Litecoin Mining option uses 30MH/s minimum hashrate, the Antminer 1.3 hardware, and can mine coins of $6.66 per 10 MH/s.

The most recent mining pack added is Bitcoin Cash. The Bitcoin Cash mining option offers a 5 TH/s minimum hashrate, with the Antminer s9 and s15 hardware, and can produce coins of up to $153.84 per 10 TH/s.

All the mining contracts are for a two year period, and the maintenance fees for the mining requirements are included in the price of the contract. The payout is made automatically in the coin – which is mined in the contract.

Innova Mine has implemented algorithms that allocate the miners to the fastest and most efficient pools in order to make up for any losses that might occur because of hashing power fluctuations. This system ensures that no mining capability will be lost during the process of generating new blocks.

Video Introduction

Innova Mine has made a video to simplify things for miners that are interested in using their services. The video is a quick and simple guide designed to help users understand how they can make a profit with cryptocurrency mining and trading on Innova Mine.

Watch the video until the end to find out how you can use the platform to generate money out of mining.

Trading system does not only offer mining services, as it also incorporates a trading page to allow users to trade four major cryptocurrencies available on the website, namely Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Litecoin (LTC).

The cryptocurrency trading page is embedded within the dashboard of the users’ personal account as it will enable users to quickly access this service.

More Cryptos to Be Added

Innova Mine has plans of adding more cryptocurrencies to their trading page so that users can have more access to the coins they are interested in and create a diversified portfolio.

How to Trade on Innova Mine

After you have made a deposit in your account with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash or Litecoin, you will have to complete a few simple steps:

  • Go to your account’s dashboard area and click on the trading button;
  • Select which crypto you want to trade in;
  • Select if you want to buy or sell;
  • Scroll down and type in your trading volume;
  • Select if you want to trade from the processing or from your balance.

Also, allocated all the profits resulted from trading system commissions to the mining profits of its users. This selfless move is to ensure that all of the platform’s users make a profit by using Innova Mine.

Innova Mine’s system takes the usual commission from trading activities that should normally go to management and is given as earnings for each miner.

Referral Program

Users that are looking to make an extra profit can sign up in the platform’s referral program. Affiliate members can receive commissions of 5% if they refer their family, friends, or readers to the Innova Mine services.

Furthermore, the referral program has a 3-level system, which works like this:

If you bring your friend Sam on the platform, you will earn a 5% commission of what Sam earns. If Sam then brings his friend Mary over, you will earn an additional 2% of Mary’s earnings. Finally, if Mary brings her friend Anna, you will also receive an 1% commission of Anna’s earnings.

Everything Is Given to the Users

Innova Mine comes with a dual-earning business model, which allows users to both mine and trade from the same platform. The platform wants all of its users to make a profit in some way, so they decided to not keep any trading commissions for themselves. Compared to other mining services out there, Innova Mine looks out for its miners and aims to offer the best services.



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