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Meet Bitterz: A New International Crypto Trading Platform

Bitterz is a Crypto CFD trading platform that was created with the aim of making cryptocurrencies a universal instrument for forex trading.
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One of the best parts of working with cryptocurrencies is their high usability in forex trading. Their values are so volatile, and that can increase your wealth considerably by the next day.

However, not everybody knows how to use their analytical skills in order to maximize their returns.Most people have a hard time understanding the processes, and they back down fearing that they might lose more than what they invested.

This is not a bad thing, anxiety is understandable. But you may lose a really great opportunity to increase your income.

Therefore, to help you overcome your fears and make the best trader out of you, a dedicated Japanese team put together its expertise in technology development and created the Bitterz platform.

What is the Bitterz platform?

Bitterz is a Crypto CFD trading platform that was created with the aim of making cryptocurrencies a universal instrument for forex trading. Not only does it serve as an international trading platform, but it also serves as a competent trainer for newcomers.

It supports up to 200x leverage and it’s based on the MT5 technology – known by professionals for its superior performance and friendly interface.

By turning crypto trading into something that can be easily performed by anybody, the market will expand until crypto will be finally accepted as a full-on currency.

And what can be better than being independent and safe nowadays?

What about the features?

While developing the trading platform, the team aimed to reach three goals:

  • Creating a trustful relationship with the users;
  • Making newcomers successful traders;
  • Creating the safest environment for users.

In order to do that, the team resorted to provide three features – a dedicated support team, a demo trading platform, and negative balance protection.

The support team is available 24/7 and it answers to any question, inquiry ,or troubleshooting. Nothing gets past them – neither bugs nor scammers. You can feel safe with them in charge.

For now, you can easily talk to the team in English, Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese, and Korean. The more the company grows, the more languages will be provided.

Another great feature is the Bitterz Demo Trade, developed especially for new crypto enthusiasts. You can use this feature to practice trading, without any kind of real deposit. It has all the tools of the real trading platform so you can master it even before joining the game.

And for those who are afraid to enter thinking they will lose money, find that Bitterz provides you with negative balance protection. If you have a not so great month in terms of returns and your account balance becomes negative, it will be adjusted to 0 in less than a second.


It is a real challenge to work with crypto in forex trading, since you need a lot of skills to actually succeed – but collaborating with a team such as Bitterz will take you closer to your goals.

It’s fast, qualitative, and really accessible. Have we told you that they don’t charge you for withdrawals?

Do not hesitate and see what trader potential is hidden in you – with Bitterz!

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