Cardano ADA Price

Cardano (ADA) Price Technical Analysis: Good Time to Accumulate for Long Term

In the midst of the market correction or what some refer to as a bubble pop the price of Cardano has fallen...

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Canada Ethereum Blockchain Explorer

Canadian Government Agency Helps Develop Ethereum Blockchain Explorer

According to a news release earlier this week, the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) supported the development of a blockchain explorer....

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How to Mine SimpleBank

How to Mine SimpleBank (SPLB): Complete Beginner’s Guide

Simplebank is a coin based on Dash, with many unique features and Masternodes. Simplebank wants to be a digital cryptocurrency bank type...

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Crypto Price Watch

Price Watch: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and EOS Price Analysis 24th August

Bitcoin attempted a decent recovery this week, but the US SEC’s rejection of ETF proposals stalled rally. BTC/USD and major altcoins like...

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Norwegian Bitcoin Mining Center Kryptovault : Noise Complaints & Bomb Threats

Cryptocurrency has made quite an impression on the European community. Iceland, for example, now requires more energy to power its many bitcoin...

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Litecoin Price Chart

Litecoin LTC Price Technical Analysis: Breakout is Near, But from Which Side?

As the price of Litecoin approaches significant resistance in this analysis we are going to discuss a potential direction of a breakout. Analysis...

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Pure Diamond Coin

Pure Diamond ICO: Lab-Grown Diamonds on the Blockchain

Pure Diamond Coin is the ICO from Pure Diamond Farm, which successfully produced a lab-grown diamond with the same chemical, optical, and...

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Token Tycoon

Token Tycoon: Online Multi-Player Strategy Game Built on Ethereum Blockchain

Token Tycoon markets itself as the very first blockchain tycoon simulation game. It works in a similar manner to other popular tycoon...

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Beginner’s Guide to Tatau: Blockchain-Based AI Computing Platform

Tatau is a distributed computing platform with a focus on enterprises. The platform is based on the blockchain and uses artificial intelligence...

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US Senate Blockchain Power

US Senate Sees Value in Blockchain for the Energy Sector

The US Senate seems to be warming up to blockchain. In a recent hearing on the electrical implications of blockchain, a few...

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Press Releases


Cointelegraph launches corporate consulting division to boost B2B blockchain adoption

Cointelegraph is set to launch a consulting division to advance blockchain adoption amongst the largest enterprise players. Cointelegraph Consulting plans to handpick...

/ November 15, 2019 / 0 Comments

99 Percent of all Digital Currencies will Likely go to Zero; Globra GLBrain Belongs to the 1 Percent

Brad Garlinghouse, who the world knows as the CEO of blockchain technology-based payment and exchange network RippleNet, made an interesting observation recently....

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CoinDeal enters the USA with 13 active markets and its own CDL Token

CoinDeal is always thinking about their users first. The popularity of this exchange is growing very fast. The platform gained more than...

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Changelly Exchange Joins Forces With Changelly to Integrate Seamless Crypto Swaps Exchange has announced a partnership with crypto swap service Changelly. The deal will see Changelly integrated into the exchange, allowing

/ November 14, 2019 / 0 Comments

Universal Protocol Token (UPT) Set to List on Exchange

Billed as the first ‘interoperable mega-utility token,’ Universal Protocol Token (UPT) has gained support from, with the site’s exchange set to...

/ November 13, 2019 / 0 Comments

VNDC and ambition to become the representative Vietnam on the global stablecoin market

Overcoming the mistakes of Tether, many other stablecoins are more transparent, more tightly managed, and stronger backing has been created. Stablecoin VNDC,...

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