Pure Diamond Coin

Pure Diamond ICO: Lab-Grown Diamonds on the Blockchain

Pure Diamond Coin is the ICO from Pure Diamond Farm, which successfully produced a lab-grown diamond with the same chemical, optical, and...

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Token Tycoon

Token Tycoon: Online Multi-Player Strategy Game Built on Ethereum Blockchain

Token Tycoon markets itself as the very first blockchain tycoon simulation game. It works in a similar manner to other popular tycoon...

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Beginner’s Guide to Tatau: Blockchain-Based AI Computing Platform

Tatau is a distributed computing platform with a focus on enterprises. The platform is based on the blockchain and uses artificial intelligence...

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US Senate Blockchain Power

US Senate Sees Value in Blockchain for the Energy Sector

The US Senate seems to be warming up to blockchain. In a recent hearing on the electrical implications of blockchain, a few...

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What is Tendermint

Beginner’s Guide to Tendermint: Byzantine Fault Tolerant Blockchain Engine

Tendermint is a low-level blockchain engine that provides secure and consistent state replication on many machines. It is a weakly synchronous (mostly...

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Bear Market

Bear Market End in Sight? Blockchain is Still a Powerful Tool

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies continue to divide people faster than political climates. It seems that for every doubter and misbeliever, there’s someone that...

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UPS Blockchain Patent

UPS Files a Patent for Blockchain Platform to Increase Efficiency in Logistics

UPS is the latest in a string of global corporation to file a patent for a blockchain-based platform. The massive logistics firm...

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Beginner’s Guide to Database X: A Blockchain World of Data Assets Using D-DpoS Consensus

DBX.ONE is the shortened name for Database X, which is a blockchain technology company that aims to provide a public chain with...

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Chainlink Price

ChainLink Price (LINK) Technical Analysis: 99% Recovery from it’s Lowest Point

The price of ChainLink has recovered by 99% from its lowest point on the 29th of June coming from $0.165 to $0.332...

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Ross Ulbricht Petition

Petition to Free Ross Ulbricht on Silk Road Charges Hits 63k Signatures

Ross Ulbricht, creator of the first darknet market that used bitcoin to facilitate transactions was caught and arrested back in 2013. He...

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Press Releases


Doubly and FGI Partner to Offer Money Back Guarantee to the Former’s Customer

A London-based cryptocurrency trading firm and an insurer in the financial sector have penned a deal that seeks to make the crypto...

/ February 19, 2019 / 0 Comments

Loteo Set To Transform Lotteries Onto The Blockchain

Now consumers from around the world will have an equal opportunity to become lottery winners with no chance of corruption. Lotteries have...

/ February 18, 2019 / 0 Comments

Fasttoken Makes their State Channels Codes Available for Public Viewing

Ethereum is marketed as the world’s largest decentralized computing platform. However, scalability is one of the major points of concern for the...

/ February 14, 2019 / 0 Comments

Chainsage | New Cryptocurrency Market Data Site with Superior Filtering & Sorting Options

Chainsage is a new cryptocurrency market data site where you can track 2500+ cryptoassets traded on 240+ exchanges, filter and sort them...

/ February 13, 2019 / 0 Comments

The Countdown to this Year’s CoinFestUK has Begun

In a little over seven weeks time, the free three-day event will once again be hitting the streets of Manchester - making...

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Delta Exchange

Delta Exchange Launches Stablecoin Pairs For Crypto Futures – Are they Next Big Thing?

Crypto futures have taken the cryptoverse by storm. The community response to these levered instruments has been overwhelming and traders are flocking...

/ February 12, 2019 / 0 Comments