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Redesigned Coygo Provides a Professional Solution for Crypto Traders

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Coygo, Inc., the San Diego-based company that offers software solutions for professional cryptocurrency and digital asset traders, has recently released a number of significant software updates for their secure multi-exchange trading terminal software. These changes add support for the Kraken exchange, real-time order book data analysis for all supported crypto exchanges, a powerful new asset search, and a completely overhauled trading interface, further solidifying Coygo’s status as the single best tool for professional cryptocurrency traders.


When asked why these latest updates are so significant, CEO Evan Francis says “We know that assessing a market’s order book is important to staying informed when deciding when to place an order. We now support live real-time order book data analysis, including standard depth charts, bid/ask superiority and calculating the average fill rate when planning to buy or sell any amount of an asset. We want our users to have first-in-class access to all of the real-time data that they need to stay informed and make the right decisions.”

Trading interface redesign

When asked about the reasons for the redesign, Francis says “Our goal was to better convey the most pertinent data to our users while allowing room to add more features in the future without another redesign. We now offer an experience more similar to what traders are already used to with exchanges like Binance and Coinbase Pro, so Coygo should feel right at home while providing an advantage over using exchanges directly.”


Order book superiority analysis

As well as real-time order book tables and depth charts, Coygo also offers order book superiority analysis, a common tool among technical analysts but a feature not found in other competing solutions for cryptocurrency traders. Order book superiority takes all open orders within 5% of the last price and compares the total sum of bids compared to the total sum of asks. Combined with a depth chart, this can help quickly determine if a market is trending towards buy or sell pressure or even if a market is being manipulated by other traders or bots. See the real-time superiority analysis above the price chart in the Tweet below.

You can read more about this update in the official blog post.

Powerful custom searching and filtering of cryptocurrencies

Coygo has completely redone the Market Data screen with a brand new Asset Search. This allows cryptocurrency traders to search and filter market data to find buying or selling opportunities. Users can search assets by name or symbol, but the real power lies when you compose custom search filters using a number of data points including current price, 24h price change percentage, price change percentage since ATH, 24h volume, market cap, and more.

In this example we create a custom filter for all coins with a 24h volume ≥ $20,000,000, that are down in price by ≥ 0.5% in the past 24h, and have a price that is down ≥70% since their ATH.


Kraken Support

Traders can now use the familiar Coygo interface with all of its powerful features and insights while trading on Kraken. Your Kraken wallet balances will now be included in your Portfolio overview that aggregates balances across all exchanges, and users can submit market and limit orders directly to the exchange as well as view real-time insights on all Kraken markets.

Security as a top priority

For those who have yet to give it a try, Coygo is a downloadable software application for Windows, Mac and Linux that lets traders connect all of their exchange accounts to have a single secure and unified interface to track their overall portfolio across exchanges, view real-time market data and analytics, submit trade orders, and transfer between accounts at different exchanges. Account credentials (API keys) are only stored encrypted on the users’ device, not Coygo’s servers, offering a level of security above their competitors. Every trade is submitted directly from the user’s device, not Coygo’s.

US residents can sign up for the beta now at It is currently offered free of charge and will be transitioning to a paid subscription model at the end of the beta period.

Further information on the latest Coygo updates can be found on their blog posts detailing the new releases. Those who are interested in keeping up with Coygo’s development can follow them on Medium, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.


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