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cryptocurrency Deflation

Inflation vs Deflation: A Guide to Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies Deflationary Nature

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, that have fixed supplies, are deflationary by the format they create their native tokens in and offer some unique insights into the dynamics of deflation versus inflation. Inflationary, government-issued currencies have dominated the global financial system in...

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Cryptocurrency Price Crash

Price Crash: What Is Happening with the Cryptocurrency Market?

Yesterday was a dark day for cryptocurrency. As the total market cap continues to fall, entities like bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple are experiencing their lowest points of the year, and it’s unclear when the bulls will enter the fray. Did...

/ August 15, 2018 / 1 Comment
Cryptocurrency IRAs

Retiring on Bitcoin? SEC Warns Against New Cryptocurrency IRAs

As cryptocurrency delves deeper into mainstream territory, more customers are viewing it as a valid solution to their retirement needs. Unfortunately, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is advising against this and telling people to avoid bitcoin or cryptocurrency-based IRAs...

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USA Bitcoin

41% of Americans Say They’ll Never Invest in Bitcoin or Other Cryptocurrency

It appears Americans are losing faith in cryptocurrencies, and trust in the space is at an all-time low. A new survey suggests that approximately 41 percent of Americans – nearly half – will never invest in digital money. Price Swings...

/ August 13, 2018 / 1 Comment
Elliptic Curve Cryptography

What Is Elliptic Curve Cryptography? Technology Behind Digital Signatures in Cryptocurrencies

Cryptography underpins the digital signature schemes of cryptocurrencies and is the basis for their secure transaction verification between two parties across a decentralized network. There are numerous cryptographic methods used by different cryptocurrencies today, focusing on providing efficient and secure...

/ August 6, 2018 / 1 Comment
Social Scalability

What is Social Scalability and How Does It Apply to Cryptocurrencies?

Social scalability is a fascinating concept articulated by Nick Szabo, the BitGold creator and smart contract pioneer, in his blog post “Money, Blockchain, and Social Scalability” as part of his larger Unenumerated blog. The purpose of his essay is to...

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Mike Novogratz

Billionaire Mike Novogratz: A “Herd of Institutional Investors” is Coming to Crypto

We’ve often heard the argument that if cryptocurrency is to become a fully legitimate enterprise, it needs to attract institutional investors, and according to ex-hedge fund billionaire Mike Novogratz, that is exactly what’s about to happen. Originally employed with the...

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Celebrities Cryptocurrency

Celebrities Shilling for Cryptocurrency: A Risky Investment

As the mainstream profile of cryptocurrency continues to grow, more and more ways are being found to wring as much money out of the process as possible. High-profile crypto endorsements by celebrities have been making the news recently, and not...

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Puerto Rico Crypto

Puerto Rico Sol: Cryptocurrency Utopia or Pipe Dream?

Cryptocurrency is no stranger to controversy. It comes with the territory of dealing in untraceable, non-physical money – often heaps and heaps of it. Bitcoin’s first big claim to fame was the currency of choice for the Silk Road black...

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trustless environment

What are Trustless Environments & How Cryptocurrencies Create Them ?

Trust is a fundamentally integral aspect of how people interact with each other. It is very difficult to gain and very easy to lose, inherently fragile. Traditional solutions to assuring trust between parties revolves around the implementation of a central...

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