Zwoop ICO: Using AI, Machine Learning & The Blockchain to Improve Online Shopping

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Zwoop aims to enhance the daily use of e-commerce with help from artificial intelligence and crypto technologies. Zwoop is powered by machine learning, AI, and the blockchain, and it is hoping to resolve common problems that online shoppers face.


Zwoop directly targets some of the issues that are most frustrating for those who shop online. Just a few of the specific problems the platform aims to resolve include wasted time, problems finding a specific product, a restriction on choice, out-of-stock items, unexpected charges, and slow checkout processes. With Zwoop, users can find any product they want at the best price, check out in a single click, control their personal data, and confirm availability for their particular product, including the size and color.

Zwoop Features

To help it work on the scale of the mass market, Zwoop features a token economics system that is well-thought-out and functional. It balances the buying and selling of tokens and creates a trusted secondhand market that is token-based. Zwoop allows for the use of tokens on any product from any merchant and harnesses a distributed crawling pool that is incentivized. Shoppers earn rewards for using Zwoop, as well as for sharing their data. Advertisers and marketers can use tokens to access group buy, data, and ads.

Zwoop Functions

Zwoop has several main functions, including interpreting, finding, buying, and controlling. In terms of control, Zwoop uses the blockchain to let consumers control their own data. Shoppers can decide how to use their data and then receive rewards when they choose to share that data.

Zwoop’s interpretive abilities make use of a distributed network with crawlers and artificial intelligence. With those technologies, Zwoop analyses retail websites globally and can recognize the products listed there, even when retailers describe them differently. Based on that information, Zwoop will find the best deals that you can get online.

Zwoop has a find engine that is much more precise than a typical search engine. It also works without bias, such as the influences of affiliate deals, SEO, and advertising you get when using a search engine to find a product. The Zwoop find engine is designed to just display products meeting the exact requirements of a shopper, including the style, size, delivery options, and being in stock. This way, there is no disappointment in finding the perfect item only to discover it is unavailable.

Finally, Zwoop makes registration and checkout automatic. Users can take advantage of the fast one-click checkout from any retailer. Shoppers can choose to pay using any major cryptocurrency, including ZWP tokens, or with their credit or debit cards. This functionality makes it possible for shoppers to use their cryptocurrency for mainstream retail purchases.

Zwoop Features

Zwoop Technology

To deliver a well-rounded and useful platform, Zwoop uses multiple pieces of technology, including the crawling pool. This is an open and distributed network made up of e-commerce site crawlers. The goal is to increase the overall download bandwidth. Those who run the crawling software get rewards via the Zwoop token.

The product interpreter can recognize and link products from various merchants, even if the descriptions are different. It can even do so with products described in different languages and combine the information from multiple sources for a complete product description.

The best price and delivery engine determines the best price for each shopper based on preferences and needs. This engine even accounts for things like shipping fees, location, and taxes. The same engine verifies whether products are available in real-time.

The page classifier analyzes various e-commerce websites to find the crucial information concerning products, such as its description and price. It can also classify the product pages to understand each product’s category. Based on that category, the classifier extracts specific product information in detail.

The find engine is incredibly useful for shoppers, semantically understanding user queries to find the exact products shoppers are searching for. The engine combines the queries with knowledge of products and the user. It can also match images and products as well as shared URLs with products for integration with browsers and third parties.

Finally, the user behavior engine defines intelligent user profiles for every shopper. It complements the input from users on each search based on information that shoppers have previously provided or their behavior in the past.

Zwoop Token

Users can receive tokens in exchange for goods on the C2C secondhand market within Zwoop. Advertisers and merchants will use tokens to pay for group buys, data, and advertising, as well as to reward shoppers. Those who use the third-party API pay for this usage. Zwoop LTD will replenish the treasury. Zwoop LTD will replenish the treasury.

Miners can stake tokens to begin mining. Merchants can stake tokens to get access to priority services, including a priority in the price list. Third-party API users can also stake tokens to access the API. Miners and shoppers can sell their ZWP tokens on the exchange or sell them indirectly to buy products from the merchants that don’t directly accept ZWP.

The ways to receive ZWP tokens are extensive, including Zwoop LTD receiving tokens for payment of services and data. Those who sell items on the secondhand market can receive payment in ZWP, and users can get the tokens as loyalty rewards, including from advertisers. Merchants can choose to accept ZWP tokens as payments, and so can third parties who participate in the open API platform.

Zwoop Token Sale

The Zwoop ICO is coming soon, and you currently sign up for the whitelist via the website. Of the tokens, 30 percent is allocated for the token sale. Then, 25 percent will go to the crawling pool and 16 percent will go to user acquisition and the market. There is then 10 percent for the founders and another 10 percent for the team, both with a 12-month lock period. Partnerships get 6 percent of the tokens, and the advisory team gets the last 3 percent.

Token Sale

Zwoop is also clear about how it will be using the funds it raises. The majority, 40 percent, will go to the platform’s global launch. Then, 37 percent will go toward development, 12 percent for resourcing, 8 percent for legal, and 3 percent for advisory and consulting purposes.


Zwoop provides a blockchain application for the world of e-commerce. Its technologies let shoppers find the best price on a given product anywhere on the web. Zwoop also has a fully functional token economy to incentivize participation.

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