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Making The Internet Free From Control Through Decentralization: Introducing Decenternet

The hottest topic today is privacy and control on the internet, specifically it being violated and taken away from users. Decenternet is a blockchain solution that gives the power back...

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Uturm Guide

Beginner’s Guide to Utrum: Blockchain Knowledge Platform for Cryptocurrency Investors

Utrum is a decentralized platform that delivers curated, reputation-based reviews of cryptocurrency, analyses, and market predictions. The platform is geared toward those of all experience levels, whether you are new...

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Second Citizenship for Cryptocurrency

BANKEX,  in association with the MIGRONIS KFT immigration company, the MDL Legal Services PLLC law firm, and in cooperation with the Designated Agency of Vanuatu, has launched a new service...

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μNEST Talks IoT and Blockchain at Singapore Meetup

On 27 July 2018, μNEST (pronounced “mew-nest”) held a meetup in Singapore, where the team from μNEST gave an update on the progress of their IoT blockchain solution to an...

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BitMart Founder & CEO Sheldon Xia: Community Listing Markets are the Future of Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Sheldon Xia, Founder & CEO of BitMart, believes that having blockchain projects and initiatives that are community-driven and are voted on democratically provide the best chances of success in the...

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Indonesian Blockchain Data Exchange Attracts Former Minister of Finance with Successful Pilot Projects

The blockchain for social impact project HARA is gaining momentum and building up anticipation as it comes closer to launch. As one of the biggest names in the Indonesian blockchain...

/ July 29, 2018 / 0 Comments

Leading Asian Blockchain Powerhouse Block72 Expands to Israel

Block72 is partnering with AIBA (Asia Israel Blockchain Association) on an Israel initiative, bringing top projects and influencers in the blockchain market space to Israel. Please Note: This is a...

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BitMart Exchange Launches Mission X: The Community Listing Market

Even with the current rise in the value of cryptocurrencies, including the increase in the price of bitcoin, investors are still seeking new opportunities within the cryptocurrency market. Recently, the...

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Digitising Timber with Blockchain and IoT to Modernie Energy and Manufacturing Sectors in Laos

Derun (Laos) Investment Trade Limited Corporation (Derun Laos) will utilise a custom technology suite developed by International Digital Asset Management (IDA) that integrates blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), and Internet of...

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DragonEx Launched Supernode Program with Support from Multiple Capitals

As one of the most user-friendly cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, DragonEx has now begun to take major steps towards expanding across the rest of the globe. Please Note: This...

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