$ 125.32
Monero (XMR)

Updated: Saturday, February 24th 2024

Monero has a price of $ 125.32 with a marketcap of $ 2,273,038,300 and ranked 48 of all cryptocurrencies
Price today is 2.42%, 24 Hour Volume is $ 75,145,148

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Monero (XMR)
$ 125.32
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About Monero

Monero is unique in the cryptocurrency world, offering a private digital currency that is secure and untraceable. Monero is accessible to everyone and open source, allowing everyone to become their own bank. With Monero, each user is the only one who controls and is responsible for his or her own funds. Prying eyes cannot see your transactions or accounts.

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Monero Price Prediction

Price Prediction

Monero is one of the major cryptocurrencies, making price predictions for this currency an important part of trading.

When analyzing predictions for the future price of Monero, you will notice some variations depending on what source makes the prediction. Multiple cryptocurrency websites make educated predictions, each with their own algorithms and methodology. Take a look at some of the Monero price predictions.

Cryptoground Predictions

Cryptoground predicts that Monero will experience a steady rise in its price over the next few years, indicating long-term profitability, with some ups and downs along the way. Using its proprietary in-house deep learning algorithm and historical data of XRM, Cryptoground predicts specific values for Monero at future points.

In one day, this source predicts a price of $46.665, or a decrease of 4.14 percent. In a week, it expects a price of $45.57, a change of -6.39 percent. In a month, Cryptoground anticipates the price will be back up to $47.5978, which is still a -2.22 percent drop from today.

After this point, Cryptoground predicts that XMR will experience a steady price increase. Its forecast includes a change of 28.79 percent ($62.6974) in six months, 183.72 percent ($138.1155) in a year, and 943.08 percent ($507.7706) in five years (2023). Along the way, Cryptoground anticipates that XMR will hit $243.9284, or so, in 2020. Looking ahead to 2025, Cryptoground predicts a price of $692.2129. According to Cryptoground, the platform does not anticipate a crash for XMR, making it one of the website’s recommendations.

Satis Group Predictions

Another reputable source for Monero price predictions is Satis Group, which conducted price analysis and determined that Monero and Bitcoin will likely be the two largest gainers in the next ten years. Satis Group is an advisory and research firm focused on ICOs known for publishing predictions and outlooks for current cryptos as well as ICOs. The group’s ten-year forecast has XMR as the largest gainer for price.

The report predicts an appreciation in Monero’s price by a whopping 38,391 percent in the next ten years. Since these predictions were made in late August 2018 when XMR was at $108, this would bring the price up to $39,584. Additionally, the report from Satis Group predicts a strong performance from XMR in the following year, with a four-digit percentage increase that could bring the value up to $1,476 in a short period of time.

Oracle Times Predictions

The Oracle Times agrees with other experts that the future of Monero appears to be bright and it is among the strongest cryptocurrencies found in the market. Although this website’s prediction was written several months ago at the time of writing, before a drop to the value of XMR, it is still highly relevant. To make the predictions of the Oracle Times more relevant, keep in mind that this source pointed out then-recent drops in XMR. Since some months have already passed since the Oracle Times prediction, we will focus on the source’s long-term prediction instead of its short-term one.

According to this source, XMR will have a short-term bullish trend but with a bearish long-term sentiment. While the website predicts a rise in XMR over time, it does point out some recent issues, such as cyberattacks, that cause short-term struggles. Even several months ago, the Oracle Times did not feel that Monero could reach $650 by the end of 2018, despite what other sources had predicted; so far, it appears that denying that possibility was a smart prediction.

Wallet Investor Predictions

Wallet Investor is another reputable source offering predictions for a full range of cryptocurrency. This website offers forecasts as well as historic data and other information, meaning that it is able to use up-to-date information to calculate future prices of XMR that are likely to occur. Overall, Wallet Investor goes contrary to other predictions regarding Monero, saying that it will do poorly over the course of the next year. The Monero predictions on Wallet Investor are updated every three minutes via technical analysis. Essentially, Wallet Investor currently predicts that Monero’s price will drop dramatically over the next year, and that there is a potential for a crash.

The fact that the prediction from Wallet Investor is so dramatically different from that of other websites, however, means that you should certainly take it with a grain of salt. This source says that the price of Monero could drop down to just 0.000001 USD in a year, which seems highly unlikely as well as very contrary to the other predictions. Instead, it is wise to view this particular prediction as an indication that Monero will not necessarily do as well as others predict.

Reasons for the Predictions

Some predictions related to Monero’s price include explanations of factors at play while others just state that the expectations are based on algorithms. Satis Group is one of the authorities that explains its predictions. Satis Group feels that currencies with a focus on anonymity will make up the largest market share, compared with other crypto-experts who feel the market share will be made up of Dapps. Additionally, Satis Group’s predictions for Monero are influenced by the fact that it sees penetrating offshore deposit markets to be a natural continuation of crypto’s growth. If that is the case, currencies able to hide user transaction information and avoid censors, like XMR, will become more attractive.

The Oracle Times cites similar reasons for its strong future predictions for Monero. Namely, this website indicated that XMR is regarded as the best privacy coin and has a great deal of involvement from the cryptocurrency community.

Overall Predictions

Overall, most experts in the world of cryptocurrency feel that Monero will rise in value, at least in the long term. While there may be some drops in the short term, most authorities feel that it is likely to be a smart investment. Keep in mind, however, that cryptocurrencies, including XMR, are highly volatile and hard to predict. As such, you should not invest more in XMR than you can afford to lose and conduct your own research before making an investment decision.

Monero Price History

Price History

As the 13th-largest cryptocurrency according to CoinMarketCap, Monero is one of the cryptocurrencies to watch. Monero, or XMR, is incredibly popular but before investing in it, you should take the time to familiarize yourself with some of the Monero’s price history.

Current Value

To put everything in perspective, consider that at the time of writing, CoinMarketCap listed Monero’s price at $51.53 USD or 0.01252225 BTC. Currently, the 24-hour volume is $17.1 million USD with a market cap of $858.5 million and a circulating supply of 16.7 million XMR.

Early Price Fluctuations

The Monero price history begins in May 2014. The early history of XMR is actually fairly turbulent, especially if you look at it in comparison to the longer history. On May 20, 2014, XMR began being charted at $2.47 and it quickly spiked up to $4.01 by May 24. This spike was short-lived and likely due to initial excitement as by June 6, XMR was back down to $1.29, with the occasional rise mixed in with the steady drop.

From there, XMR continued its volatility, reaching a high of $5.17 by June 21, before dropping to $2.34 by July 2 and going back to $2.66 the following day. From there, XMR hit a low of $1.56 on July 13 before rising to $3.24 on July 17. At this point, Monero experienced a decline to $1.43 by Aug. 19 before a small increase to $2.55 by Aug. 30. At this point, XMR dropped down to just $0.862 by Oct. 5 before rising slightly, then going down to $0.33 on Dec. 20 and $0.246 on Jan. 18.

Mostly Steady Throughout 2015

Moving into 2015, Monero fluctuated slightly but remained at a more or less steady price. The USD price was $0.45 on Jan. 1, 2015, got up to $1.00 on April 1, dropped slightly before hitting $0.73 on Aug. 7, and ended the year at $0.47 on Dec. 31.

Although the USD price of XMR was fairly steady throughout 2015, those interested in its relation to the price of BTC will see some noteworthy points. The Jan. 1 price of XMR was 0.001389 BTC but by April 1, it had climbed to 0.004042 BTC. This was short-lived, with the price going back to 0.00195 BTC and staying more or less in that range throughout the year.

A Slow Rise in Early 2016

Focusing once again on the Monero price history in dollars, it experienced a slow but steady rise in the first half of 2016. Jan. 1 saw it at $0.473 and by Aug. 19, it was at $2.34. During this time, the rise in value was mostly steady, with just the occasional blip.

The Peak in 2016

Those who invested in Monero in early to early-mid 2016 saw great returns as this steady rise in value was followed by a sharp peak. As is typically the case with cryptocurrencies, the lead-up to the peak saw sharp rises in value with an occasional small dip along the way. High points at this time included reaching $4.92 on Aug. 23, 2016, $9.34 on Aug. 29, and finally hitting $13.38 on Sep. 3.

The Adjustment and Another Steady Rise

Following such a sharp increase in the value of XMR, it makes logical sense that it leveled back out. By later on Sep. 3, XMR was already back down to $11.56 before going back up to $13.92 on Sep. 5, it’s then all-time high. From there, Monero dropped slowly, hitting $4.56 on Nov. 1, 2016. At this point, it rose steadily yet slowly, hitting a new all-time high of $15.42 on Jan. 3, 2017. There was then a small dip down to $11.90 on Feb. 26.

At this point, XMR went on yet another increase in value, making this another prime opportunity for investors of the time. By March 22, 2017, it was at $21.55 and by May 7, it was at $29.56. There was a valley on May 16 at $27.27 followed by a peak on May 24 at $56.47. From here, the price fluctuated a bit, remaining between $55 and $35, or so. That remained the case until around Aug. 17, when XMR would get ready for another price increase.

Late 2017 and Early 2018 All-Time High and the Lead-Up

Starting at $53.79 on Aug. 19, 2017, Monero hit $87.90 on Aug. 22 before dropping briefly and then rising to $144.88 by Sep. 1. This was followed by an adjustment, with XMR going back down to $87.12 on Nov. 4. Anyone who had Monero at this point, however, made a substantial profit due to what was to come next.

XMR had a sharp rise with a few dips along the way. Notable peaks on XMR’s way to its all-time high include $205.43 on Nov. 29, 2017, $314.89 on Dec. 6, $327.15 on Dec. 13, and $451.19 on Dec. 21. All of those were new all-time highs for XMR and they were followed by small drops. That last peak came before extreme fluctuations, including $260.79 on Dec. 22, $410.01 on Dec. 23, $317.54 on Dec. 24, $411.60 on Dec. 27, $338 on Dec. 30, and $399.96 on Jan. 3.

Those who held onto XMR during that volatile time saw it reach $470.76 on Jan. 7, 2018. This was and remains the all-time high.

The Adjustment

There were some bumps along the way during Monero’s adjustment period. These included valleys at $277.86 on Jan. 17 and $179.71 on Feb. 6 followed by a peak at $369.76 on March 5. Monero has not since been at that level again. Following a drop, Monero went back up to $294.82 by April 24. At this point, Monero declined all the way to $125.97 by June 27. There was a short-lived rise to $145.03 by July 18, followed by a drop to $81.12 on Aug. 14.

Sep. 4 saw Monero get back up to $135.62, the most recent time it was at this point. From there, it remained between around $105 and $120 until Nov. 5, when XMR was at $109.77.

Recent Values

The most recent price history of Monero is much less exciting. Following mid-November, Monero has mostly dropped, reaching $66.20 on Nov. 20 before rising slightly. There were some fluctuations in late November, but XMR spent some time in the range of $50s before going back up to $64.89 on Nov. 28. From there, it declined steadily, hitting $38.48 on Dec. 15 before rising slightly. At the time of writing, late December 2018 has seen Monero fluctuating around $38 to $50.