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Updated: Tuesday, May 21st 2024

EOS has a price of $ 0.873734 with a marketcap of $ 1,005,653,818 and ranked 99 of all cryptocurrencies
Price today is 8.74%, 24 Hour Volume is $ 185,464,423

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About EOS

The basis of EOS is the EOS.IO software, which provides a blockchain architecture. Although there are other blockchain architectures available, EOS.IO is designed with both horizontal and vertical scaling for decentralized applications in mind. To achieve that goal, the team created a construct that resembles an operating system and lets developers build applications.

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EOS Price Prediction

Price Prediction

EOS had its ICO on June 26, 2017, and its white paper outlined the goal of the cryptocurrency and its platform. In addition to being the name of the cryptocurrency, EOS is also the name of the blockchain architecture that can scale up transactions to millions each second, allow for decentralized applications to be deployed simply and fast, and eliminates user fees. Despite being a relatively new cryptocurrency compared to some of the others in existence, EOS is already ranked number six on CoinMarketCap.

EOS currently has a market cap of $2.4 billion USD with a 24-hour volume of $1.2 billion USD. The total supply is 1.006 billion, and the circulating supply is 906.2 million tokens. To help put the following predictions regarding the EOS price in context, consider that the price at the time of writing is $2.67 USD and its all-time high was $22.89 on April 29, 2018.

With that information in mind, take a look at some of the predictions regarding the future prices of EOS.

Predictions from Wallet Investor

Wallet Investor predicts a long-term increase for EOS based on its forecasts and algorithms. By December 2023, in five years, Wallet Investor predicts that EOS will be worth $9.120. Compared to the current rate, this would mean an increase of 243.25 percent, making EOS a savvy investment.

Predictions from Smartereum

Smartereum offers a five-year forecast for EOS of the cryptocurrency reaching $143. This website does not make specific predictions for the next year, but does indicate that either a one-year investment or a five-year investment of EOS would be a financially savvy decision. The implication is that any investment of a similar long-term nature between these time lengths would also be smart.

The nice thing about Smartereum’s prediction is that in addition to the prediction itself, it includes an explanation for the logic behind the potential sharp rise in the value of EOS. Smartereum points to the scalability of EOS, which will allow for it to easily grow and accommodate additional use. It also points out the fact that EOS is much easier to use than alternatives for creating applications, making it a truly useful platform.

Furthermore, Smartereum appreciates the fact that EOS uses parallel execution so a number of decentralized applications can easily be run at the same time without any issues. This, in turn, reduces the technological infrastructure that the company needs, which encourages even more clients of enterprise-level to use the EOS platform. If EOS does indeed become the platform that will be chosen, particularly by those clients, then the value of the token will skyrocket. The same will be true as more companies begin to use it for their decentralized applications.

Predictions from CoinSwitch

CoinSwitch’s predictions regarding EOS begin with a quick summary of predictions from other sources, including the previously mentioned Wallet Investor prediction, but in less detail. CoinSwitch also cites the predictions of OrdinaryRich on Steemit that EOS may hit $20 by 2019 and could potentially have a market capitalization that is about 60 percent more than that of Ethereum.

From there, CoinSwitch outlines its own expectations for EOS, along with explanations. Overall, CoinSwitch sees good things for the future of EOS thanks to its ability to help engineers and developers create decentralized applications. CoinSwitch feels that those in the world of technology praise EOS due to its block technology that helps it grow quickly. The website feels that the usability index, as well as acceptance of CoinSwitch, will increase in the coming years and will increase in popularity among developers.

Starting off, CoinSwitch predicts that EOS has the potential to hit $15 by 2019. Going into more detail, this website feels that EOS will begin 2019 on a high note, before decreasing by about half in March. It expects EOS to overcome this obstacle in May and June, reaching $9.79 by the time May draws to a close. At the end of 2019, in December, CoinSwitch predicts EOS will hit $15.67 or higher.

Moving onto 2020, CoinSwitch anticipates that EOS will hit $95 in July before dropping slowly and hitting $56.25 by the year’s end. In terms of a five-year prediction, CoinSwitch anticipates a long-term increase for EOS. By 2023, the website cites a forecast of about $106.77, although it does note that this is a very optimistic prediction.

Predictions from Trading Beasts

Trading Beasts also offers its own EOS price predictions, which are updated daily based on historical data as well as both polynomial and linear regressions. This website has monthly predictions for 2019, 2020, and 2021, including predictions for the minimum and maximum prices, average price, and change. As such, it is simply not practical to outline all of the Trading Beasts’ predictions for EOS. Instead, we will look at a few highlights.

The platform anticipates an average price in January 2019 of $8.42 with growth throughout the year, leading to a maximum price in December 2019 of $14.05 and an average price that month of $11.24. Its predictions for 2020 similarly indicate consistent growth, reaching up to a maximum price of $17.91 by December, with an average price of $14.33. The predicted growth continues throughout 2021, with Trading Beasts predicting a December 2021 maximum of $21.76 and an average of $17.41.

So, What Should You Expect?

When looking at EOS price predictions, it is crucial that you use caution. Without a time machine, it is impossible to know for sure what EOS or any other cryptocurrency will do in the future. That said, experts seem to be in agreement that the future of EOS seems bright and this cryptocurrency is likely to increase in value over the next few years, although there may be dips along the way. There are numerous reasons for this potential growth, including the already high trading volume of EOS, its high rating on CoinMarketCap, the usefulness and scalability of the platform, and the high level of public interest in EOS. You should always conduct your own research before making an investment and understand the volatility and risk associated with investing in EOS or any other cryptocurrency.

EOS Price History

Price History

EOS is a platform and blockchain network that was created for decentralized applications that are built on Ethereum. EOS is designed to perform similar functions to Ethereum but at a significantly higher capacity of as much as millions of transactions each second. The year-long ICO for EOS raised $4 billion, and the token’s price history on most websites begins on July 1, 2017.

Current Price and Crucial Figures

To put the following information about the EOS price history in context, consider the cryptocurrency’s current value and other figures. At the time of writing, CoinMarketCap lists EOS at $2.73 USD or 0.00066912 BTC. It is ranked sixth, and there is a total supply of 1 billion EOS with a circulating supply of 906.2 million. The 24-hour volume is $1.2 billion with a market cap of $2.5 billion USD.

July 2017

As mentioned, the price history of EOS begins in July 2017. On July 1, 2017, EOS started at $1.03. Right away, however, the price spiked, hitting $5.09 on July 3. This early excitement was followed by an adjustment, with the price of EOS dropping with a few peaks and valleys along the way. These included $3.92 followed by $4.68, then $3.31, all on July 3. The following day saw it at $3.86 before dropping to $3.04 and back up to $3.52 before dropping to $2.82 on July 5. After a new peak of $3.47 that day, the value of EOS dropped a bit more steadily, reaching $1.56 on July 10 and having a quick uptick to $2.04 on July 12 before another slight drop, but at a fairly steady rate.

Steady in Mid-Late 2017

After those initial price fluctuations from EOS, the cryptocurrency’s value remained more or less steady for the next few months, although it did drop slightly in early September. From then until late October or early November, the value of EOS remained around $0.50 to $0.70, or so.

Steady Climb in Late 2017

At this point, EOS began to steadily climb. On Nov. 3, it was at $1.25 and remained between $0.90 and $1.10 or so until about Nov. 12. At this point, EOS began a steady climb, getting to $1.97 by Nov. 25 before jumping up to $3.33 on Nov. 29. After a small dip, it went up to $3.93 on Dec. 2 and $4.86 on Dec. 6. There was a dip down to $3.55 on Dec. 9 before a sharp rise in the EOS price history.

Late 2017 and Early 2018 Highs

This sharp rise had several ups and downs along the way, going up to $12.06 on Dec. 20 before correcting to $7.69 on Dec. 24. From there, EOS reached $10.53 on Dec. 27 before going back to $8.61 on Dec. 31. This was followed by new peaks at $11.26 on Jan. 4, 2018 and $12.48 on Jan. 7. The high point for EOS in early 2018 was on Jan. 13 when it hit $16.36. There was a sharp correction on Jan. 16 down to $11.28 before it went back up to $14.16 on Jan. 20 and stayed in that area for just over a week.

Early-Mid 2018

From this point until around April, investors in EOS did not see much excitement. The price dropped a bit, remaining between $8 and $10 until early March, then hitting a low of $4 on March 18. From there, it rose and stayed between $5 and $7 until April.

Mid-2018 Spike

The next big news for the EOS price history came in May and June, when it experienced another price spike. Starting at $5.87 on April 9, EOS reached $9.03 by April 13 before rising all the way to $20.98 on April 29. This is the all-time high for EOS so far.

At this point, the dramatic increase in the value of EOS made headlines in the cryptocurrency world, although its price changes were not alone. In fact, in early-mid April, the top 10 cryptocurrencies all saw upticks in their prices, although EOS did lead the pack. On April 11, EOS had climbed 18.27 percent since the previous day alone. Experts were unsure what led to this spike but thought it may be related to rumors of an airdrop. By contrast, the increases of other cryptocurrencies’ values at the time were much more modest, only up to 6.4 percent.

Unsurprisingly, the spike was followed by a slight correction, but EOS remained high compared to its previous prices. Other notable high points in the next few weeks included $18.50 on May 10, $15.04 on June 3, and $14.37 on June 9, all of which had dips between them.

Second Half of 2018

Following those highs in May, EOS stayed between about $7 and $10.30 until early August. At this point, the prices began fluctuating between $4.80 and $6.70, with some variations, until mid-November.

Most recently, the price of EOS did drop slightly, down to $1.69 on Dec. 7, 2018. Since that point, EOS has risen slightly once again, up to its value at the time of writing of $2.73.

Patterns with EOS Pricing in Terms of BTC

The overall trends for EOS price history in terms of BTC are nearly identical to those of EOS in terms of USD, but to a different degree. The initial spike in the value of EOS, for example, was much more dramatic for BTC than USD. On July 1, 2017, EOS was worth 0.00042625 BTC, which went all the way up to 0.00181076 BTC on July 3, a much larger percentage increase than the one in terms of USD. Compared to USD prices, the spike for BTC price of EOS was smaller in January 2018 but slightly larger in April 2018.

What to Do with the EOS Price History

Those who are familiar with cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency trading can use their knowledge of the EOS price history to identify current trends and make predictions for the future. There are multiple ways to analyze the information, especially if you also look at the EOS price in terms of BTC instead of just in terms of USD.


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