Cryptocurrency Price Market Watch

Market Update: Resistance at $224B Bitcoin (BTC), Cardano (ADA), Stellar Lumens (XLM) Price

Over the weekend the cryptocurrency market capitalization has been fighting the resistance at around $224 billion dollar mark and as you can see from the global chart below it has been rejected at those levels. The evaluation is now heading to...

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US Congress

U.S. Congressman Drafts Bills to Develop Blockchain & Virtual Currency

Plans are ongoing to introduce new bills in the lower chamber of the legislative arm endorsing operations of blockchain technology and the virtual currency industry. U.S Representative for Minnesota’s 6th Congressional District, Thomas Emmer made this known following the announcement...

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Ripple XRP Guide

What Caused the Ripple (XRP) Price Surge? Announcement of xRapid’s Release

Ripple’s XRP is doing better than ever and continues to make waves in the cryptocurrency industry. After a week of trading in the low $0.20 range, the currency’s market cap briefly exceeded that of Ethereum, while its price jumped up...

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How to Mine Qyno QNO Coin

How to Mine Qyno (QNO): Complete Beginner’s Guide

Qyno is a coin based on Dash, with many unique features. Qyno's main goal is a fast cryptocurrency that everyone can use. Qyno has the same popular features of Dash, and aims to be a secure and instant cryptocurrency, with...

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Cryptocurrency Price Market Watch

Market Update: $200B Resistance Broken as Ripple (XRP) Price Moons & Flips Ethereum (ETH)

From yesterday when the evaluation of the cryptocurrency market capitalization was hovering around the $200B resistance till now we have seen an increase of over $24B as the evaluation of the market cap is currently sitting at $224,815,767,627. Looking at...

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What is Blockchain Governance

What is Blockchain Governance? Complete Beginner’s Guide

Blockchain networks, specifically public blockchains, exist as decentralized networks that need to maintain byzantine fault tolerance to retain authenticity. This is not only difficult in itself but requires novel forms of distributed governance to achieve long-term sustainability of the network...

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Consensus Singapore

Singapore’s Central Bank Calls Blockchain “Fundamental” for FinTech Innovation

Singapore is rapidly becoming a global blockchain development hotspot. In addition to being home to a thriving community of blockchain start-ups, Singapore's central bank (The Monetary Authority of Singapore, or MAS) has declared that blockchain is a “fundamental” technology. While...

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Crypto Price Watch

Price Watch: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and EOS Price Analysis 21st September

Bitcoin gained traction and moved above the $6,400 resistance. Ripple outperformed other major Altcoins like Ethereum, EOS, bitcoin cash and litecoin. If BTC/USD trades past $6,770, there could be a solid rise in buying interest in the near term. Key...

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Zaif Exchange Hacked

Japanese Crypto Exchange Zaif Hacked: 6,000 BTC Worth $36 Million Stolen

It has happened again, folks. Several cryptocurrency investors are probably looking at their savings right now and thinking, “What have I done?” as Japanese crypto exchange Zaif confirmed early this morning it was the victim of a hack that saw...

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Oil Giants & Banks Collaborate On Ethereum-Based Blockchain Commodity Trading Platform

A group of global banks and heavy hitters from the trading and energy sectors have jointly launched a new blockchain-based platform for financing the trading of commodities. The newly developed Swiss-based platform, which will be built on Ethereum's blockchain will be...

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Press Releases


The Apollo Foundation Presents Invention for Overhauling Decentralized Blockchains

The Apollo Foundation has presented a mechanism for secure updates of blockchains with the release of their Updater. The Apollo Foundation’s newest innovation is designed to update the blockchain using a transaction on the blockchain itself, allowing the blockchain to...

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QTUM Celebrates First Year with New 0.16 Update

After the first full year of operation, blockchain protocol QTUM has plenty to celebrate, both for its future and its already illustrious past. In its short time on the market QTUM has achieved several transformative successes and is aiming for much...

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The Golden Age of ICOs: In the Past, Or Yet to Come?

In 2017, the only crypto investors who were not profitable were the ones who lost their private keys or invested in ETH bots. Acquiring a bitcoin position within the first quarter delivered returns that are very seldom found in global...

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Finally a Blockchain Secured Marketplace for Cloud Computing Server Resources – Meet Unchainet

The internet has virtually opened the doors to an all new world of computing. With the cloud based services dominating today’s computing world and with a future that promises infinite potential & growth, the impeding factors associated with the prevalent...

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Crypto Expo Asia

Crypto EXPO Asia Promises to Gather the Whole Financial World Together in Singapore

Crypto EXPO Asia goes live on October 26, 2018 and Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre hosts the world of blockchain and bitcoins for one day only. One more outstanding show organized by FINEXPO is going to take place and...

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Introducing Kryptoez: Get Your Cryptocurrency Themed Socks Now!

Kryptoez is a new online startup specializing in cryptocurrency themed socks. Available now are 3 unique styles – Monero (XMR), DigiByte (DGB), and of course Bitcoin (BTC). Please Note: This is a Press Release Kryptoez have launched with just the...

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