Bitcoin BTC Price

Crypto Market Update: Downside Expected (Bitcoin Price Analysis)

On yesterday's open the evaluation of the cryptocurrency market cap was at around $103,370,883,000. From there the evaluation has increased to $115,442,000,000 at its highest point. From there the evaluation...

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Complete Bitpanda Review

Beginner’s Guide to Bitpanda: Complete Review

Bitpanda is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in Europe, offering secure access to buying or selling cryptocurrencies at any time of the day. This platform has been around since...

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EOS Price Analysis

EOS Price Analysis: EOS Attempting a Reversal

On Tuesday, Dec 18, EOS is trading somewhat lower, but still looks strong after its yesterday's rise. The crypto is trading around $2.51. Guest Analysis by Dmitriy Gurkovskiy, Chief Analyst...

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Bitcoin Bear Market

BitPay CEO: Speculation is a Major Aspect of Bitcoin’s Value, Mass Adoption Soon

Stephan Pair, CEO of BitPay, has stated that a very large aspect of the price of Bitcoin comes from the speculation of investors concerning the adoption of blockchain technology and...

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Beginner’s Guide to Complete Review is a trading platform dedicated to offering binary options from the world’s various financial markets. The website was founded in 1999, making it one of the oldest online trading...

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Kibis ICO

KIBIS ICO: Blockchain-Based Financial Services & Payment Kiosks Network

KIBIS is a fast, efficient, and secure method for accessing financial services at any time and from any location. The project has multiple facets and includes blockchain architecture, self-service kiosks,...

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Curve App Review

MoneyCheck: Curve App Review

The Curve App aims to simplify the financial life of its users. It connects all your accounts with a single app and a single smart card. The application also gives...

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Equities Trading

Former Goldman Sachs Head: Crypto “Feels Like Being at the Early Days of Trading Equities Electronically”

The former head of global electronic trading at Goldman Sachs Group, Inc., Greg Tusar, is optimistic about cryptocurrencies regardless of this year's bear market, according to an interview with Bloomberg....

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Bitcoin Scam

Bitcoin Generator Scam: Fools Victims in to Parting With 0.8 BTC

Although Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency scams are nothing new, it remains to be seen how scam artists are still able to successfully extort funds from unsuspecting victims in the most...

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Ripple XRP Price

Ripple (XRP) Price Analysis: Key Reversal Could Trigger More Gains

Ripple price broke a significant resistance at $0.3050 and rallied above $0.3250. The recent bullish break has cleared the path for more gains above $0.3550 and $0.3800. Ripple price gained...

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Press Releases

EO Coin Airdrop

$22 Million EO Coin Airdrop: Holders to Receive 44,862,535 EO Coins

Save the date! This Thursday December 20th will see the EO airdrop take place with every EO coin holder receiving additional coins for free over the festive season. 44,862,535 EO...

/ December 18, 2018 / 1 Comment

TradeCloud to Launch Security Token Offering

TradeCloud Services Pte. Ltd. (TradeCloud) intends to raise up to US$20m in the first half of 2019, through a Security Token Offering carried out via a Swiss subsidiary. The STO...

/ December 18, 2018 / 0 Comments

The World’s First OTC Token Market is Live!

Vertex is the world’s very first OTC market for tokens, offering you access to exclusive coins at highly competitive rates. Vertex users are granted access to preferential prices, and can...

/ December 18, 2018 / 0 Comments

Rento – a Platform for Global Sharing Economy

Rento is proposing a global sharing platform for businesses and individuals that allows renting of underutilised assets. Unlike competitors in the market, Rento allows rental of any item type rather...

/ December 18, 2018 / 0 Comments

5 Best Crypto Gifts For This Christmas

Christmas is getting closer, so now would be the perfect time to look for gift ideas for crypto enthusiasts. While around this time in 2017 we saw massive gains in...

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Trading League

To Celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Bitcoin, Quantitative Trading Super League (Asia Pacific Division) Is Coming on Dec 20th

2018 is an important year for digital asset industry and the 10th anniversary of the Bitcoin white paper. After experiencing the ups and downs of digital assets, the wax and...

/ December 13, 2018 / 0 Comments