Cryptocurrency and Gold

Bitcoin Narrative Strengthens As “Fake” Gold Spreads

Bitcoin has been called many things over the years. One of its latest titles is "gold killer." Case in point, Grayscale Investments...

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FinCEN Chief: Cryptocurrency Firms Aren’t Above the Law

Like it or not, cryptocurrency firms have long operated in a legal gray zone. For most of Bitcoin's ten-year lifespan, exchange platforms...

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Cryptocurrency Exchange Powerhouse Binance: Preps Fiat Trading Pairs

Malta-based cryptocurrency exchange Binance is among the top brands in the digital assets ecosystem, in no small part because the company's flagship...

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Bitcoin Gold Rush

Digital Gold Rush: Bitmain Launches Massive Texas Mine

Like many of the top companies in the space, Bitmain, the largest cryptocurrency mining hardware manufacturer, did not escape the bite of...

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India Not Alone in Libra Crypto Aversion, Says Finance Minister

India remains one of the more hostile countries when it comes to cryptocurrencies. Facebook's proposed Libra crypto hasn't been exempted from this...

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Bexplus Review: Bitcoin Exchange Which Offers 100x Leverage

Bexplus is a crypto exchange that has been around since late 2017, and it offers crypto traders leverage of up to 100x...

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Abra App Review

Beginners Guide to Abra Crypto App & Mobile Wallet: Complete Review

Abra allows people to invest in both cryptocurrencies and traditional assets such as stocks and ETFs, and also allows its users to...

/ October 22, 2019 / 2 Comments
NBA Ethereum Toys

NBA Team Issues Ethereum Powered Vinyl Toys in Crypto Collaboration

As absurd as this sounds, the NBA's Sacramento Kings have partnered with CryptoKaiju to offer toys — yes, toys — to its...

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Libra Could Use Crypto Stablecoins, Not a Synthetic Currency

When Libra was launched earlier this year, the vision was clear: Due to immense financial exclusion and friction in today's financial system,...

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G7 Report: Casts Doubts on Stablecoin Cryptocurrencies

A new report from the G7 powers and the Bank of International Settlements (BIS), the central bank of the world's central banks,...

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Press Releases

BitMax Anniversary Celebration: Innovation, Break-through and Collaboration – Journey to Future of Blockchain, a leading global digital asset trading platform, celebrated its memorable first-year anniversary with many blockchain industry leaders, innovators and influencers from...

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A Trading Revolution by Incredible Technology is Changing the Way We Think About Trading

The world's first and only cryptocurrency exchange with the Any2Any technology has successfully completed beta testing of the third version of the...

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BitMax Celebrated Its First Anniversary with Four Strategic Initiatives (, a leading digital asset trading platform, successfully hosted its first year anniversary celebration in Beijing, China. Over the last 400...

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BitMax (,, Alameda Research Announce Strategic Collaboration to List BTMX and Leveraged ERC20 Tokens (,, and Alameda Research have announced a strategic collaboration that includes the listing of BTMX on and listing of...

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The Evolving Role of Exchanges & Liquidity Specialists

The role of a digital asset trading platform has advanced well beyond a forum to arrange trades between buyers and sellers. This...

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Huobi Beats Binance to Turkey and Establishes TRY-USDT Fiat Gateway

While Binance has been focusing its efforts on the west, setting up its US exchange, Huobi has been making in-roads in the...

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