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Warren Buffett Profile

Crypto Profiles: Warren Buffett, the “Oracle of Omaha,” Predicts Bitcoin’s Untimely End

When Warren Buffett talks about money, people tend to listen. The 87-year-old’s credentials are in good order. The “Oracle of Omaha” has...

/ May 22, 2018 / 0 Comments
ivyKoin ICO

A Beginner’s Guide to Ivy: Secure, Global Business Payments

IvyKoin (IVY) is a cryptocurrency token that aims to combine know-your-customer (KYC) and know-your-transaction (KYT) standards with the inherent speed and security...

/ May 22, 2018 / 0 Comments
Best Mixer

BestMixer.io Review: How to Make Bitcoin Transactions Anonymous

BestMixer.io is a Bitcoin tumbler or mixer that makes transactions in the crypto network anonymous. This type of mixer separates your new...

/ May 22, 2018 / 0 Comments
Startup Syndicate

Startup Syndicate Launches Token Pre-Sale

Startup Syndicate, an ecosystem for entrepreneurs and business professionals containing everything one needs to start, grow, and run a company at any...

/ May 21, 2018 / 0 Comments
Cortex Guide

Beginner’s Guide to Cortex: Decentralized Autonomous AI System

Cortex is a decentralized and autonomous AI system that utilizes the blockchain. The goal of Cortex is to provide state-of-the-art machine-learning models...

/ May 21, 2018 / 1 Comment
Infinito Wallet

Infinito Wallet: Universal Cryptocurrency Wallet for Multiple Currencies

Infinito Wallet claims to be the first universal wallet with support for multiple assets. It has support for the top cryptocurrencies, including...

/ May 21, 2018 / 4 Comments
Moving Averages

Cryptocurrency Trading: Momentum Indicators and Moving Averages

A candlestick crypto chart provides a lot of detail in a small space regarding what the price of any given coin is...

/ May 21, 2018 / 0 Comments

Benchmark Announces Joint-Venture Partnership with Tenkiv to Produce Solar Energy

Benchmark, a blockchain-based currency, today announced an exciting new joint-venture partnership with Tenkiv to produce solar energy. As part of the deal,...

/ May 21, 2018 / 0 Comments

Kelta Data Center: A Unique Crypto Mining Option

Despite the fact that hardware constantly gets smaller, faster and more powerful, we are an increasingly data-hungry species. The demand for processing...

/ May 18, 2018 / 0 Comments

Quantum Computing Shared With the World through Cloud Technology Thanks to Qilimanjaro

Blockchain startup company Qilimanjaro opens the availability of groundbreaking technology quantum computing technology to the masses. Please Note: This is a Press...

/ May 18, 2018 / 0 Comments