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Pink Taxi

Pink Taxi. Empowering Women

Pink Taxi is a women-only taxi company which is aimed at providing safe transportation services to female passengers as well as offering a proper platform for their trustworthy employees. Please Note: This is a Press Release The idea of Pink...

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Daox Says it is Fixing ICOs and Taking them Mainstream

Blockchain technology and the new crypto economy offered tremendous opportunities for investing and raising funds. As an outcome, we can see a skyrocketing growth of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). But there are signs that something is wrong, and the proof...

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Bankex Scan

BANKEX Scan to Launch Ethereum Blockchain Explorer for Android

BANKEX has launched BANKEX Scan – an Ethereum blockchain explorer to search and check Ethereum and ERC-20 token balances and transactions by address, transaction hash, or block number. Please Note: This is a Press Release During its first month in...

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Betting On The Blockchain – Creating The Global Standard For The Future Of Betting

BX, a blockchain-based betting and prediction market ecosystem, officially announced today an Initial Token Sale (ITO), to raise funds for its betting and market prediction ecosystem, designed to change the way the world bets.  With the vision to create a...

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MUE FluBit

Leading Blockchain Group To Acquire Flubit.com To Launch World’s Largest Cryptocurrency Integrated Shopping Marketplace

Today Flubit Limited, the 7 year-old eCommerce start-up (and winners of the prestigious Web Summit competition) have announced that the rights to the Flubit.com marketplace have been acquired by the prominent blockchain technology group MonetaryUnit. Please Note: This is a...

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A Greener Global Blockchain Currency for Leisure and Entertainment, Apollon Cryptocurrency, Launches Crowd Sale July 16

With the bold aim to become a leader in transforming the digital economic ecosystem for global entertainment and leisure businesses, Apollon Cryptocurrency (APO) is launching its crowd sale on July 16, 2018. Please Note: This is a Press Release As...

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Tap Coin

TAP Coin, The Next Frontier of Experience Marketing and Hospitality: Monetizing Purchase Data

Decentralized advertising will shake up the traditional models of how businesses use consumer data. Please Note: This is a Press Release Leading drink app HOOCH is expanding its now-global horizons with TAP Coin, a new digital token based on blockchain....

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Tokenbox Shares Q2 Report: The Platform Went Live

The Tokenbox Team has released a quarterly report that covers the most important events and platform’s development milestones that took place over the recent 3 months.   Please Note: This is a Press Release First of all, in April the...

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Jinbi Token

Jinbi Token: Turning Cryptos Into a Real Asset

How Jinbi Have Fixed the Problem of Crypto’s “Real Worth” Ever since the birth of cryptocurrencies with Satoshi Nakamoto’s now fabled Bitcoin, the general public have been asking “how can it hold any value?” Please Note: This is a Press...

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ZUEN Chain Launches ICO Backed By World’s First TotalWellness Blockchain Alliance Platform

The Global Wellness market is a Trillion Dollar industry that stands as one of the largest consumer markets in the world.  Virtually untapped, ZUEN Chain stands to introduce a revolutionary blockchain technology to the market that will completely disrupt the...

/ July 9, 2018 / 0 Comments