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Malta Blockchain Summit bringing ‘Founding Father’ of Blockchain to Blockchain Island

Malta has recently gained a reputation as the ‘Blockchain Island’, as the major cryptocurrency exchanges are inbound for relocation. The Malta Blockchain Summit has now raised the bar by inviting one of the ‘Founding Fathers’ of blockchain, W. Scott Stornetta...

/ May 25, 2018 / 0 Comments

Tokenizer Simplifies the Process of Investing in Blockchain Startups

Owing to the fact that it has become more and more difficult to purchase tokens from top notch Blockchain projects Tokenizer Cryptocurrency Solutions Limited has implemented their own solution – an online platform designed to help make this process easier....

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Bitcoin Origin

Introducing the Proof of Ambassador Consensus Protocol

At the heart of every successful public blockchain is a solid consensus protocol. A consensus algorithm determines how the users of a blockchain agree on its current state. It is the consensus algorithm that keeps blockchains free from central governing...

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TokensGate Enters Private Pre-Sale Stage – Introduces Blockchain Based Investment Platform

TokensGate Enters Private Pre-Sale Stage – Introduces Blockchain Based Investment Platform That Instantly Creates A New Paradigm In The Global Investment Sector Revolutionary blockchain investing concept enables global investors to support blockchain-based startups that were once only available to the...

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ZeroEdge Betting – Is This the End of the Road for the Casino House Edge?

Online casino gambling is notorious for its unbalanced approach to how all casino games are set up. We’ve all heard that the house always wins, and this is certainly not an exaggeration, in conventional online casino gambling (as well as...

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Ubex Project Token Sale Soft Cap Reached in One Day

The Ubex project, a pioneering global advertising exchange platform, has launched its Token Sale and raised its soft cap in less than 1 day. Please Note: This is a Press Release The Ubex project launched its Token Sale on the...

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Alphacat: Leveling the Playing Field for Cryptocurrency Investors

Anybody who has been following the cryptocurrency markets for a while knows that trading bots are a big influence on the wild price swings that we see. In the past, trading bots were utilized by Wall Street firms in order...

/ May 23, 2018 / 1 Comment

Team of Traders Launches a New Project for Successful Cryptocurrency Trading – TimeCryptoNews

Despite general popularity of cryptocurrencies and constantly growing public interest towards the cryptomarket, news coverage on the subject remains surprisingly poor. An idea to create TimeCryptoNews.com emerged between us, a group of professional cryptotraders and market analysts, when we decided...

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Startup Syndicate

Startup Syndicate Launches Token Pre-Sale

Startup Syndicate, an ecosystem for entrepreneurs and business professionals containing everything one needs to start, grow, and run a company at any stage, has officially launched the pre-sale of their native Startup Chain utility token (Token Name/Symbol: SUS). The pre-sale...

/ May 21, 2018 / 0 Comments

Benchmark Announces Joint-Venture Partnership with Tenkiv to Produce Solar Energy

Benchmark, a blockchain-based currency, today announced an exciting new joint-venture partnership with Tenkiv to produce solar energy. As part of the deal, Benchmark will acquire 50% of Tenkiv. Benchmark tokens allow investors access to a wide variety of investment projects...

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