Cloudbet Bitcoin Casino & Sports Betting Platform: Complete Review

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Cloudbet is an online platform for sports betting and Casino games, with transactions in Bitcoin (BTC). To use Cloudbet, you just have to make an account in a matter of minutes, make your deposit, and start placing bets. From there, you can enjoy instant withdrawals when you want. The platform has everything you might want from a casino and betting that uses Bitcoin. The platform also just turned five years old, marking an extended time in the community.

Cloudbet began operations in 2013 and was one of the very first Bitcoin betting platforms to market. Since then, it has remained at the forefront of the Bitcoin gambling industry and holds the title of a world leader in Bitcoin sports betting and Bitcoin casino.

Complete Cloudbet Review

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With Cloudbet’s Bitcoin gambling, you can get the advantages associated with Bitcoin, including transparency, low cost, security, and speed. At the same time, you also get to benefit from the appreciation of Bitcoin as a value store.

In addition to Bitcoin, Cloudbet also supports Bitcoin Cash. As of April, Cloudbet was the very first major Bitcoin operator that honored the Bitcoin Cash fork, giving qualifying buyers funds. Every time you log into your account, you can make your active currency either Bitcoin Cash or Bitcoin, with the ability to switch between the two as frequently as you wish.

Cloudbet Loyalty Points

Whenever you place a bet with Cloudbet, you earn Loyalty Points. You earn these points regardless of odds, the sport, or the stakes. The reward points get automatically generated each time you make a Bitcoin bet. The quantity of Loyalty Points you receive depends on the price and stake size of your bet, with higher prices and stake sizes correlating to more Loyalty Points.

For best in the sportsbook, the number of Loyalty Points you receive is equal to the stake (in mBTC) times the price score (which is up to 1). The price score is the odds’ square root, minus one, which is decimal odds. For the casino, Loyalty Points are equal to the stake (in mBTC) times the game score. The game score depends on the game that you choose to play, with slots earning the most and blackjack earning the least. Some examples include the Slotfather earning 0.345 points, Live Roulette earning 0.216 points, and European Blackjack earning 0.049 points.

Cloudbet Account Signup

It is easy to make a new account on Cloudbet whether you are on a mobile or desktop device. Just click on a signup button and begin the two-step process. Cloudbet will send you an activation link in your email. Click this link, and your new account will be confirmed. Then, you can make your initial deposit.

Signup Bonus

One of the appealing features of Cloudbet is the anonymity associated with the platform. You do not need to provide any personal information to Cloudbet. Instead, you just need to make your account and submit a valid email address. Providing an email address and depositing funds are the only requirements for using Cloudbet.

Cloudbet Deposits

Making a deposit on Cloudbet is quite simple. Start by selecting the deposit button when you are logged into your account. With every transaction, Cloudbet automatically generates a new Bitcoin address. You can make the deposit by copying and pasting the given address into your Bitcoin e-wallet. If you use a mobile wallet, you will be able to scan the QR code that is next to the unique wallet address.

Deposit and Withdrawals Limits

The minimum deposit you can make on Cloudbet is 0.001 BTC, and there is no maximum limit for the deposit. The same applies to withdrawals, with a minimum withdrawal of 0.001 BTC and no maximum.

Every deposit to Cloudbet takes place instantly. If your deposit does not get credited to your account within several seconds, Cloudbet encourages you to contact their support team and include transaction details. Withdrawals are also typically processed instantly. The exception is that large withdrawals must be processed manually instead of automatically, and this can result in a short delay. If you feel that your withdrawal is taking too long, Cloudbet encourages you to contact the support team, once again including your transaction details.

Deposit Bonus

When you sign up as a new customer with Cloudbet, you can take advantage of a deposit bonus. This deposit bonus is equal to 100 percent of your deposit, up to a maximum of 5 BCH or 5 BTC. To receive a bonus, you must make a minimum deposit of 0.01 BTC.

To earn the Bitcoin bonus, collect loyalty points by either playing Bitcoin casino games or placing sports bets. For every 800 loyalty points that you earn, Cloudbet will release 0.01 BTC, which will appear automatically in the Cloudbet account. You must earn enough loyalty points to release your full Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash bonus within 365 days. At any given point, you can visit your player dashboard to see the Bitcoin bonus balance as well as how many more loyalty points you need in order to release the next portion of the bonus.

Cloudbet Bitcoin Casino

The Bitcoin Casino includes all of the most popular games along with huge jackpots. Games include baccarat, blackjack, roulette, and Bitcoin slots.

The Live Bitcoin Casino aims to give players the feeling of actually being in a casino but while in the comfort of their own homes. There are more than 65 live dealer tables. While some do require waiting to play, others let you be seated immediately.

Bitcoin Casino

Cloudbet prides itself on offering great odds as well as the highest limits. You can view the odds and limits at any point via the platform’s sportsbook.

Bet Sizes for the Casino

In the Cloudbet casino, the minimum bet will vary by the game that you play. For slots, the minimum bet can be as low as 0.00002.

Available Casino Games

When you go to the Cloudbet Casino, you will see tiles representing each game that is available to play. You can browse through all of the options or click one of the tabs directly above to divide the games by Featured, Slots, Jackpot Slots, Video Poker, Table Games, Instant Win, or Bingo and Keno. Hovering over any of the games gives you the option of free play if you are not logged in or the choice to sign in to play. Overall, there are 29 featured games, 580 slot games, 19 jackpot slots, 48 video poker games, 56 table games, 31 instant win games, and six bingo and keno games.

What Games Are on the Cloudbet Live Casino?

The setup for the Live Casino on Cloudbet is very similar to that of the regular Casino. There are tabs at the top of the page for each type of game and tiles for each game below. Categories include Featured, Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack, Table Games, and Other. On each Live Casino game, you will see a minimum bet listed.

Cloudbet Live Dealers

The live dealers on Cloudbet are based in Southeast Asia and Central America. Every live dealer on Cloudbet has their own profile. You can view this profile by selecting the button labeled “Our dealers” while in the live dealer casino.

Live Casino

Are Cloudbet Casino Games Fair?

All of the RNG casino games on Cloudbet have an official Certification of Random Number Generator Evaluation, which Curacao eGaming issued and was conducted by GLI (Gaming Laboratories International). Cloudbet casino games all use a state-of-the-art random number generation (RNG) system that produces infinite combinations. This allows for completely random outcomes as you play.

Cloudbet Bitcoin Sportsbook

If you click on Sports on the main navigation bar of Cloudbet, you will be taken to the sportsbook. On the left side of the screen, you can select the sport you are interested in, with options for American football, bandy, baseball, boxing, basketball, darts, cricket, futsal, floorball, golf, handball, ice hockey, MMA, rugby, soccer, snooker, and tennis. At the top of this list, there is also an “In-Play” category which opens as default. At the top of the page, you can change how you view the odds. Decimal is the default, but you can change this to American, fractional, Hong Kong, or Malaysian. To the right of this, you can change the default European view to Asian.

Bitcoin Sports Book

Immediately to the right of the list of sports, you will find either the most recent information for that sport or additional options. In the case of soccer, for example, you will see a division of each league by country. Click on any league to see the odds and results for each upcoming match. When you are in a specific sport, the Live In-Play category appears on the right of the screen with real-time updates. Above this, you will see the bet slip.

Live Sports

The live sports page has the same options at the top for changing the format of the odds or the view. This page always displays the Live In-Play results, with scores on the left third of the screen and specific information for the highlighted match in the center of the page. The bet slip is on the right third of the page, as with the Sports page.

Live Sports

Bet Sizes for the Sportsbook

The minimum bet on the Cloudbet Sportsbook is 0.001 BTC, and maximum bets will vary. In most cases, the maximum bet amount increases as the event approaches and liquidity increases. If you ever try to place a bet for more than the currently allowed maximum, Cloudbet will automatically reduce your bet to the maximum allowable stake.

Each player has their own limits on Cloudbet. You can increase the size of your limits by contacting Cloudbet support.

With Cloudbet, all bets are final, meaning that once the platform accepts a bet, you cannot cancel, change, or modify it. Since bets are final, Cloudbet provides an alternative suggestion for those who make a mistake when placing their bet. The platform suggests placing a bet that is equivalent and on the other side of your chosen wager, as this will negate the outcome.

On Cloudbet, all events are automatically graded. Despite this, the system occasionally experiences a delay while verifying the outcome of an event. The delays tend to be shortest on more popular leagues and sports and longer for lower-profile events. If there is a delay, you may see your winning bet appear as “pending” in the meantime.

Asian Handicap Betting

Cloudbet does have support for Asian handicap betting and points out that this method is typically used with football. With Asian handicap betting, there are five settled outcomes: win, lose, tie, half-win, and half-lose. Half-lose and half-win both refer to over/under or Asian handicap when the line features a quarter (like 0.25, 0.75, 1.25, 1.75, etc.). If the bet is placed for over 2.25, half the stake is on over 2 while half of it is on over 2.5. In cases where the game ends with a total goal count of 2 (in favor of either team or a tie), the bet placed for over 2 is a tie and the bet on over 2.5 is a lose, resulting in a half-lose. If the game ends with a score of over two goals, the bet is a win. If it ends with fewer than two goals, it is a lose.

When a bet is placed for over 2.75, half the stake is for over 2.5 while half is on over 3. In this case, if the game has exactly three goals (in favor of either team), the bet on over 2.5 is a win while that on over 3 is a tie, leading to a half-win. If there are over 3 goals, it is a win. It is a lose if there are less than 3 goals.

In cases when the wagering offer for an event features the third option of a draw, if the event ends in a draw, the wagers on that draw get paid but wagers on each side are lost.

Cloudbet Customer Support

In the bottom-right corner of the Cloudbet website, you will see a floating “Support” button. Clicking on this will open a chat window that asks for your name/email and a message. From there, you can start a live chat. There is also a “Support” button within the chat feature of the live casino that you can use to contact support.

Language Support

To appeal to a wider base, Cloudbet’s website is available in six different languages. The default is English, but you can also switch it to Bahasa Indonesia, Korean, Turkish, or Chinese. Polish is also available, although this language is still in Beta.

Is CloudBet Safe?

To ensure that client funds in the form of cryptocurrency remain secure, Cloudbet receives deposits of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash right in cold storage. The keys are kept offline and well away from any potential online threat. Cloudbet also promises to keep deposits safe. Cloudbet keeps an online hot wallet that has enough funds to process the player withdrawals every day, allowing for the quick and secure withdrawal processing that players appreciate.

As the leader among Bitcoin gambling sites, Cloudbet has a commitment to maintaining best-in-market security as a way to protect the funds of players. The team is additionally dedicated to offering an enjoyable and easy betting experience in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

Is Cloudbet Licensed?

Cloudbet is fully licensed as a Bitcoin betting site via E-Gambling Montenegro. According to the relevant portion of the Cloudbet website, E Gambling Montenegro (reg. number 50615951) certifies that under approval number 02/02-118/4 and concession serial number AA 0015888 and numeric number 133-01/15 5A I 1ERR, games of chance are organized and operated on Cloudbet. This is done in accordance with the agreement on financial cooperation and management between E Gambling Montenegro and TIGER TREE HOLDINGS do.o.o., the latter of which has registration number 50721755. The agreement has TIN 03035166 and took place on March 5, 2015. This license is valid between Sept. 5, 2018, and March 5, 2019.



Cloudbet is a polished online gambling and betting platform that allows users to place their wagers in Bitcoin as well as Bitcoin Cash and remain anonymous while doing so. Cloudbet was among the first online platforms of its type, launching in 2013, and it is fully licensed via E-Gambling Montenegro.

The signup bonus is a nice incentive to choose their platform if you are looking for a sports betting or casino.

While looking into reviews and customer feedback online for the company, overall the reviews appear positive which is reassuring. Some issues which were mentioned are delays with withdrawals, which makes sense if the company is keeping the funds in cold storage. This is actually a positive in our opinion, it would be worrying if they stored funds in an online hot wallet.

Customer support appears responsive, with people reporting live chat queries are answered instantly which provides confidence that they have a good customer support team in place.

Unfortunately, CloudBet is not available in every country: USA, Hong Kong, UK, Singapore are all prohibited from using the platform.

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  • Easy to Use
  • Generous Signup Bonus
  • Large Sports Market
  • Large Range of Casino Games


  • Country Restrictions
  • Slow Withdrawal Times
  • BTC & BCH Onliy


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