What is Multichain Ventures? Tools for Payments, Development & Supply Chain

Tools for cryptocurrency payments, blockchain development, supply chains and solutions for merchants, developers, and crypto companies
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The crypto payments space might be the next big area of development within the blockchain sector. Now that cryptos have become a form of international cash, platforms like Multichain Ventures are in a good position to use their existing technology to bring crypto payments to the masses.

Multichain Ventures has been working for years to create solid payment options for people, and it may be one of the leaders in the next phase of crypto payments.

Multichain Ventures is a platform, which provides tools for cryptocurrency payments, blockchain development, and supply chains and also offers solutions for merchants, developers, and crypto companies. The company has several products such as The Tokes Platform, Cubed, Reli and EDEN.

All of these brands’ products focus on blockchain but are not limited to cryptocurrency-based payment processing and supply chain visibility tools. The Tokes Platform offers an entire ecosystem of cryptocurrency payment processing services, which primarily targets the legal cannabis industry.

Multichain Ventures also has products that facilitate cryptocurrency point-of-sale, eCommerce integrations, mobile wallets, and Smart ATM integrations for the in-store acquisition of tokens. With such a wide range of useful products, it is easy to see how Multichain Ventures could be a big player in cryptocurrency POS technology.

About Multichain Ventures

In 2016, Multichain Ventures began with a tokenized platform formed to produce digital payments for the cannabis industry, called Tokes Platform. Cannabis is legal for both recreational and medical sales in many states in the USA, but it is still illegal at the Federal level.

Multichain Ventures realized that tokens could help an industry that has to deal with a tricky legal position. The cannabis industry faces several problems, especially is when dealing with traditional banking infrastructure.

Multichain Ventures

There are limited banking options in the cannabis industry. Even if a company can find a banking solution, it will have to pay high costs. Most of the industry just deals entirely in cash, from consumer sales to wholesale purchases, taxes, even payroll.

The Tokes Platform team produced several software solutions to fulfill these needs. It included a mobile wallet, full-featured Point Of Sale (POS) tools, integration with on-site kiosk operators, and eCommerce integrations.

Also, the team created a blockchain to track products in the supply chain. The tool will track product from seed to sale, and it will improve the quality of that data for both business stakeholders and consumers. Tokes Platform is known as “cannabis token”, and is one of the only providers of a tokenized financial solution for a growing industry.

The Ecosystem

Multichain Ventures took the knowledge and experience gathered from building and improving Tokes and brought it to the next level.

The company has used blockchain technology to tackle more problems and all of those platforms are a part of the Multichain Ventures ecosystem. These tools give businesses loads of options for development and customized blockchain solutions.

Here are some of the most advanced projects that Multichain Ventures offers:


The Tokes Platform offers an ecosystem of cryptocurrency payment processing services in the legal cannabis industry, there are cryptocurrency point-of-sale, eCommerce integrations, mobile wallets, and Smart ATM integrations for the in-store acquisition of tokens.

Tokes Platform

The Tokes Platform allows companies in the cannabis industry to use cryptocurrency to pay for different products and services, including dispensaries, cultivators, processors, suppliers, and tertiary services.

The Tokes Merchant Gateway software offers a point-of-sale application for cannabis businesses to accept the tokenized assets, like Tokes or other cryptocurrencies.


Cubed is a processing engine that enables merchants to accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment. Its software has features such as employee sales tracking, accounting, and visualization of sales data. Cubed is not only focused on the cannabis industry but also on direct consumer adoption.


The processing engine is a payment processing software that allows cryptocurrency adoption for both eCommerce and brick-and-mortar businesses. Moreover, Cubed serves as a white-label solution, and can be used for customer deployment as part of a merchant package.


EDEN stands for EPCIS Decentralized Network. EDEN uses blockchain to create supply chain visibility tools for data storage and verification of the provenance of goods. EDEN combines global data tracking standards with the power of blockchain technology, which aims to increase the accuracy of supply chain data.


The Tokes Platform is as a sales arm of EDEN deployable specifically for the legal cannabis vertical, but EDEN is an industry-agnostic toolset which can improve supply chain visibility for any number of industries.


Reli, which is short for reliable, is a sister company of Multichain Ventures, is a managed DevOs service leveraging containerized cloud computing infrastructure for high-availability and scalability of applications.

Reli Cloud came about while building a scalable software and blockchain infrastructure. hosts all the products which are within the Multichain Ventures ecosystem.

A Solid Foundation

The blockchain sector has been attracting some of the brightest minds in business and finance. Multichain Ventures has put together a great team.

Here is some information about the people behind the company (all information from the company):

Michael Wagner, CFA, – Background in Finance and Technology.

Wagner gathered experiences from various roles in private wealth management, he has aptitudes including securities analysis, investment selection, and portfolio construction and management.

Through a prestigious financial designation is the completion of the Chartered Financial Analyst program administered through the CFA Institute, his techniques improved. In 2013, Wagner began analyzing cryptocurrencies and introduced them as an alternative asset class, and potential diversifier in the portfolio construction process.

Wagner, with proficiencies in computer hardware management, subsequently developed extensive mining operations focused on POW-mineable cryptocurrencies, with a specific emphasis on profit maximization techniques, and custom mining software development.

He co-founded the blockchain technology company Tokes Platform after successes in both finance and blockchain, it is as an initiative targeting payments in the legal cannabis space.

Now, the company develops full crypto-based point-of-sale software, seed-to-sale tracking on blockchain, supply chain management solutions, and is seeing significant interest in adoption in a diverse range of industries.

Gabriel Allred, Ph.D. – Co-founder and Chief Communications Officer for Multichain Ventures

Allred started working with blockchain and cryptocurrencies since 2013, Gabriel holds a Ph.D. in cognitive psychology from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas with dissertation work focusing on topics in the field of behavioral economics.

While working as a researcher, Allred worked on grant-funded projects for the Nevada Institute for Children’s Research and Policy, earned grant funding from the Association For Psychological Science, and received a fellowship with the Air Force Research Labs 711th Human Performance Wing, which conducts applied research for the US Air Force.

Allred has several years of experience teaching courses including Cognition and Psychological Research Methods at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. He has presented at numerous academic conferences and given lectures on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to legislators and business organizations.

In addition to his other duties with Multichain Ventures, Allred leads government affairs and legislative outreach for the company.


Multichain Ventures has demonstrated to the market that it can identify an opportunity, and create great tools to help business. One of the biggest issues that cryptos face in terms of adoption is creating smooth POS payments, and Multichain Ventures has some great tools for this challenge.

As cryptos expand into new areas of the economy, look for Multichain Ventures to make the most of emerging market opportunities within its areas of expertise, and perhaps even new market segments that could use its tools to cut the crypto learning curve down substantially.


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