Coinbase Plays Hardball with Wikileaks Shop: Terminates their Account

Wikileaks has called for a global embargo on Coinbase after the platform terminated @Wikileaks’ account. In a move reminiscent of previous corporate and regulatory reaction and influence surrounding the Wikileaks phenomenon, the Coinbase exchange has written to the Wikileaks shop...

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Skycoin Guide

Beginner’s Guide to Skycoin: A Blockchain to Fix The Internet ?

Skycoin is a very ambitious cryptocurrency project that has a lot of different moving parts. Instead of a single coin it is actually a whole ecosystem of solutions to problems that the blockchain aim to solve. It is a complete...

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Webcoin ICO

Introducing Webcoin: Connecting Digital Marketing, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Webcoin aims to “pioneer” the beginning of global marketing digitalization. Essentially, Webcoin links cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and digital marketing. It is an ERC20 utility token that is based on Ethereum and provides a unified currency for transactions on the

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Linux Cryptocurrency Mining Guide

Ultimate Setup Guide for Cryptocurrency Mining with Linux & Nvidia Cards

In this tutorial you will learn how to configure Linux on a mining computer that uses Nvidia GPU’s. We will also configure the computer to use SSH, so we can control the computer from another computer. The main advantage of...

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What is Metamask? Complete Beginner’s Guide

There are many different ways to store and manage Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens. Those could include hardware wallets, mobile wallets, desktop wallets, you name it. But there is one unique piece of software that not only allows you to safely...

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Worldwide Asset eXchange WAX Guide

Beginner’s Guide to WAX: Worldwide Asset eXchange for Video Game Virtual Goods

WAX stands for Worldwide Asset eXchange, and this is a global decentralized marketplace designed for virtual assets, specifically those related to video games. The platform is completely decentralized and makes it possible for anyone to run a fully functional virtual...

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Pump and Dumps

Pump and Dump Schemes: How They Work in Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain tokens might be relatively new to the financial world, but they’re vulnerable to the same kinds of classic scams and schemes that have plagued paper markets for centuries – plus some new ones. The most common variety...

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Coinhouse Review

Beginner’s Guide to Coinhouse: Complete Review

Coinhouse is an exchange that lets users purchase cryptocurrency using their credit card. It is an excellent choice for those who want to begin investing in crypto and, therefore, need to make their initial exchange using fiat currency. Coinhouse offers...

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Blockchain and Art

Blockchain & Art: Technology Providing Digital Ownership & Provenance

Fine art collecting is one of those hobbies that immediately conjures a mental image of fancy cocktail parties, swirling brandy glasses, and auctioneers throwing around millions of dollars like so much Halloween candy. It’s an image of tweed jackets, fox...

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Dollar Cost Averaging

Cryptocurrency Investing Using the Dollar Cost Averaging Strategy

There are probably some noble investors out there who got into crypto purely for love of the tech. They saw the world-changing potential in the blockchain, and they selflessly donated their money to the cause. If they made a little...

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Press Releases

What Happens When A Blockchain Project Fails?

Blockchain is the new buzz word. Everyone seems to want one these days, but most of the blockchain projects out there fail. When these projects fail, what happens with them? How about all the people who put money, effort, commuting...

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Gaining Advertising Revenue with WBC Tokens

The main element of advertising is telling the truth, and henceforth, advertisements should be simple, yet informative and innovative. Digital advertisements on social media platform are now a part of our life. The 21st century entirely functions on this social...

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Future Tech Expo

Bitcoin, Ethereum and Blockchain Super Conference II

Bitcoin, Ethereum and Blockchain Super Conference II Offers Rare Opportunity to Network with Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Leaders DALLAS, TX – Richard, organizer of the original Bitcoin, Ethereum and Blockchain Super Conference, held in February, is hosting a follow-up conference in...

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5 Reasons to Invest in Paymon

Paymon is an IT-company devoted to improving blockchain technologies. After the first round of ICO on March 5, the startup took up developing its own blockchain and cryptocurrency: PMNC (Paymon Coin). At the moment, Paymon is conducting the second round...

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BitImage – Next-Gen Digital Media Marketplace Announcing Presale Start on April, 26

Nowadays, all the world depends on the technologies. It is forecasted, for example, that the digital content market will grow at an average annual rate of 9% in 2018-2020 and reach $259 billion in 2020. However, despite its continuous growth,...

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Fintech Expert Dr. Liang Li Joined Alphacat Lab in the US

The Alphacat research and development laboratory in California has some good news to report: Dr. Liang Li – a well-known global fintech expert - has joined the Alphacat team as Director of the US based laboratory. Please Note: This is...

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