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5 Best Crypto Grid Trading Bots

Many bots exist that implement grid trade. Paid, freeware, with various feature sets - the choice is really big. We will tell you about the five most popular ones that traders use most often, so you can choose the best trading bots for crypto.
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The key benefit of automated of automated crypto trading bots is that they help automate traders’ job, allowing them to mind their own business. Therefore, their popularity is growing every day.

A bot is a special computer program developed to save a person from monotonous work by setting up automatic repetitive actions. In other words, you have a rest, while the robot trades the exchange on specified parameters. The strategy can be manually set by a trader or set by default by the creator. There are simple bots that can automate a couple of operations, and there are ready-made solutions that take most of the trader’s functions. The wider possibilities of a tool are, the more profit it brings in the hands of an experienced specialist.

Today we will analyze the top bots that work within the strategy of trading on the grid.

Simply put, grid trading is a simple and straightforward strategy in which a trader puts several buy and sell orders at regular intervals (usually) higher and lower than the chosen cryptocurrency price. As soon as its value moves up or down and reaches the desired level, the trader will buy or sell the cryptocurrency – based on which way the price moves.

This is exactly the algorithm that the grid bots performs. Its job is to put orders according to a given desired value of buying or selling an asset, and then executes a trade.

The best robots for grid

Many bots exist that implement grid trade. Paid, freeware, with various feature sets – the choice is really big. We will tell you about the five most popular ones that traders use most often, so you can choose the best trading bots for crypto.

Coinrule Bots

Coinrule is an emerging, easy-to-use automated trading solution whose trading bots are easy to set up and widely popular. Their undoubted advantage is the pre-made patterns of strategies that you can use to trade. In addition, the robot uses TLS 1.2 and higher protocols, which means that it is much safer. CoinRule also offers its users convenient  customer support.

The bot has a wide range of rates, but with the simplest settings you can use it without paying money.

Binance Grid trading bot

This is probably the most famous exchange where you can buy and sell digital money, so its bots cannot be avoided. You can configure a lot of parameters for ease of use and more accurate trading. Once the grid is created, the bot will put orders according to the set rate.

You should know that the bot of this exchange currently works on both futures and spot trades, so if you don’t know what to choose, it is best to find some info on these types of trading. However, this is a great choice because Binance is a leader in its field and knows how to make the best solutions.

3Commas Bots

Another version of the bot created by the automated cryptocurrency trading system 3Commas. It is notable for the fact that you can take it for free testing, and only if you are satisfied with the results, pay money.

The bot has a wide range of features that are suitable for beginners and professionals alike. You can use it to set its parameters automatically, but it also has a manual mode if you prefer to configure it yourself. It is also worth noting the automatic finds changes in the situation on the market and based on this decision to change the grid.

Bitsgap Grid Bot

Bitsgap is a universal platform to which you can connect your accounts that you use on other exchanges and trade in one convenient space. In other words, Bitsgap is a universal tool for trader’s work, which includes some modules, such as trading robots, working on a grid strategy. The main value of Bitsgap for the user is simplicity and efficiency.

Bitsgap is ideal for novice traders because it offers ready-made settings for robots based on historical data. However, experienced users can manually customize robot settings before launching.

The platform provides a trial period of 14 days so you can test the robot in action. It also offers many other tools and functions that are ready to use.

Gunbot Grid Bot

Gunbot is another robot from our list, thanks to which you can work with a fairly large number of exchanges, with the ability to trade on several at the same time. Registration is simple and fast, in just 5 minutes you can get started. The robot supports over a hundred exchange pairs and can work on almost all leading cryptocurrency exchanges.

You can choose from ready-to-use strategies as well as a wide range of settings with which you can customize your robot for optimal results.

Unfortunately, Gunbot doesn’t have a free trial, and prices to pay for the bot start at $ 99 / Ƀ 0.002. But the upside is that you buy a license once and for all and don’t have to renew it every month.

When choosing a robot from a top crypto trading bots, don’t stop at any one. The better way is to check out a few of them and choose the one that’s right for you. What makes this approach especially good is that most of the bots have a trial period and some of them are even free.

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