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6 Hacks AF isn’t responsible for yet (but would love to see)

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Out of the foxden and into the bullpen.

Let’s have some fun. There’s green in the balance sheets but there’s always red in the IRL streets. The world is unfair, unjust and morally gray.

But there’s always hope, and like an NFT Gandalf I will kindle the flames of your passion and inspire action not through force of arms but through uniting good versus evil and don’t get me wrong there are some straight up evil organisations out there.

I’ve come up with 5 hacks for the Near Future (IYKYN) that I haven’t done yet but oh boy wouldn’t they be fun! Hit me up with your suggestions in the comments and I’ll step out of the shadows and declare the five institutions just begging to be hacked and rickrolled right on their homepage.

Remember, we’re just *imagining* hacking these places right…

If we don’t stand up to these web2 bullies, we’d quickly enter a new technological dark ages. A modern-day equivalent of the burning of the Library of Alexandria.

Anonymous Fox isn’t just gunna stand by and watch that happen, man. Nah, he’s passionate AF about freedom of speech and the right to be heard for all. He’s talking about himself in third-person too so you know he’s serious.

Let’s begin:


These guys, I have a problem with these guys.

“Login with Google” sums up why web2 is dying for me: the knowledge to value exchange was originally about giving someone a bit of your data and you’d get a product or service in return, but over time we’ve seen the data demands go up and the value return plateau to the point where Google is getting straight up Big Brothery in my opinion.

I mean, they literally changed their internal strapline from “don’t be evil”.

Just imagine getting that email from Serge and Larry:


Feel free to just go ahead and be evil now.


Rich guys

Your founders”

 Twitter & Facebook/Meta/WTFRUSRS?!

These guys are interesting because they are balanced between good and evil in that users accept their terms and conditions in exchange for a free service so it’s actually sort of almost fair enough that they have a say in what gets posted/censored/boosted.

But that Cambridge Analytica thing? That was gross brah.

Like I’m happy to represent the kits when I’m fully sure I know I’ve listened to them and can accurately portray their feelings and concerns and stuff, but Zuck just went full on “sure let’s interfere with politics why not?!” – I didn’t once hear him talk about listening to anyone else and the same goes for their new incarnation Meta and Twitter too. This isn’t a Goo Goo Dolls album, it isn’t Ego, Art, Opinion and Commerce. It’s just Ego and Opinion and I am not here for it.

When they get hacked, it should be respectful of the amount of data these behemoths hold and simply change the name back from Meta to Facebook to show them we’re happy for them to stay in web2 but it’s a web3 world now baby!


Did you know these guys awarded themselves an award for free speech in a competition that they created after a period of two years in which they happily censored unbelievable amounts of videos?

If that’s not ironic, I don’t know what is. You know they deleted the dislike button as well? I wonder why…

The World Economic Forum

The bond villains of the real world. Remember their “by 2030 you’ll own nothing and be happy” video? Thanks for answering a question nobody asked, WEF!

These Davos elites get together every year to discuss the opportunities within crises like the pandemic – so far so good.


These guys are literally huge proponents of “Public-Private Partnerships”.

That means Governments working with big businesses.

That’s the textbook definition of Fascism (ooo I said it, and what? Bite me). Go read Umberto Eco’s collection of essays “How to spot a fascist” and you’ll quickly see what I mean. I’d LOVE to see these guys get hacked and all the text on their website changed into Esperanto, that’d hit them right in their paradoxical Nationalistic One-World Government arses (did I just reveal I’m British?)!

Honestly looking at their website makes me weep and pray for the second coming… of Edward Snowden and Julian Assange.


Have you seen the TV adverts for the new green alliance thing, co-founded and sponsored by Amazon?

Yeah, when someone tries to pull the wool over my eyes, I straight up eat the sheep doing it.

Rotterdam is going to take down a historic bridge to let the founder, Jeff Bezo’s superyacht plow through the town. For real, even the BBC are talking about it, so I reckon we need to hack Amazon and remove all the products that aren’t waterwings. That’ll show him.


Goes without saying really, the world’s largest asset manager, now aping into crypto, needs humbling. Of course they want a slice of our pie, they’re not rich enough. Be a shame if their crypto trading platform went down on its first day, wouldn’t it?

Maybe we could redirect some of their income towards useful causes that actually need the money.

I just got off the phone with Blackrock, asked them why they needed so much money in the first place.

They couldn’t tell me.

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