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99 Percent of all Digital Currencies will Likely go to Zero; Globra GLBrain Belongs to the 1 Percent

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Brad Garlinghouse, who the world knows as the CEO of blockchain technology-based payment and exchange network RippleNet, made an interesting observation recently. He said that as many as 99% of all the cryptocurrencies that exist today will simply disappear a few years.

He isn’t wrong though, as there are too many cryptocurrencies today- over 1,600 to be precise- but a limited number of them are actually focusing on real problems. So, it’s a realistic expectation that only 1% of these will continue to grow by solving real problems for real people.


Understanding Globra’s GLBrain, and Why it’s Giving Other Blockchain Startups a Run for their Money

GLBrain is a social network and online marketing platform which offers its users a unique range of communication, content-sharing, and community management tools while at the same time giving them absolute ownership over their data.

There is a reason why Globra’s GLBrain is poised to succeed and bring a revolution in the blockchain technology industry. For starters, it’s working on solving a real problem which is the lack of data ownership, transparency, and security in social media platforms. It’s built on robust blockchain framework that uses hyperchain and chaincode to redefine social networking and community building with a new online community management platform.

Unlike other blockchain-powered social networking platforms that are emerging to the surface today, GLBrain is working on its own flagship aid currency, which can help the UN address all the 17 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

Another reason why GLBrain has a special place in the social media space is its implementation of a relational database with blockchain technology. The database entries of the users on the platform are connected through chain-coded keys which helps in maintaining immutability- the states of a particular chain-code can’t be manipulated or even accessed by another chain-code. This is what today’s social media users need more than anything else!

It’s worth mentioning that Globra is now allowing forward-thinking capitalists and individuals across the globe to come on board and take advantage of early investments. It will soon grant access to the GLBrain IEO in which nearly 27% of the total GLB coin supply, i.e. 300,000,000 will be open to the investors. Interested parties can also sign up on their website here to stay up to date with the GLBrain IEO. If you want to buy GLB, then you can go here.

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