A New DEX is Here: MojitoSwap on KCC Chain

MojitoSwap, a decentralized exchange (DEX) based on the KCC protocol, has gone live - Airdrops are coming soon.
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MojitoSwap, a decentralized exchange (DEX) based on the KCC protocol, has gone live.

MojitoSwap was created by a group of KCS community members with the goal of providing easy access to the KCC DeFi ecosystem. Unlike a centralized exchange, a Decentralized Exchange, or DEX, offers people the ability to trade without trusting an exchange.

To encourage early adopters, 1 million MJT tokens will be airdropped along with the DEX launch. Investors can begin trading on MojitoSwap from today October 15th, 2021.

MojitoSwap Launched TODAY on KCC Public Chain with 1M MJT Tokens in Rewards

A variety of different DeFi applications have emerged in response to the growing need of developers and investors as the crypto market has grown and evolved. While centralized exchanges were the first to develop, now DEXs are growing fast.

Apps like PancakeSwap and other leading DEXs also reached significant milestones as public chains, sponsored by large crypto exchanges, got more popular. The fees tend to be low, and there is no trust needed to use a DEX.

PancakeSwap, the BSC-based DEX protocol, has superseded UniSwap as the most popular decentralized exchange, while MojitoSwap is primed to become the next generation of KCC-based DEXs.

Airdrops Are Coming

This actual launch of MojitoSwap will distribute 1 million MJT tokens in an airdrop format. MojitoSwap’s native token, MJT (MojitoToken), has a total supply of 100,000,000 tokens. Free tokens are great for users, and will help the platform grow.

The MJT is a utility and governance token with a diverse set of applications. MJT holders have the power to vote on Mojito DAO’s future governance as well as generating profit by participating in liquidity mining and lending.

There are two rounds of airdrops in total, according to MojitoSwap’s developers behind the DEX. On October 9th, 2021, the first round was launched.

The Users who have completed a specified amount of transactions on KCC prior to the block height of 2,080,000 will be granted participation. This first airdrop will remain active over the course of six months.

The second round of airdrops are scheduled to start on October 19th, 2021.

Those eligible to participate will be the KCS holders that retain a certain volume of tokens in their KCC wallets between 00:00:00hs of October 19th, 2021 to 00:00:00hs of October 21st, 2021 (UTC).

After the screenshots are taken airdrops will be published within a 7 working days time frame. For further information, please visit MojitoSwap’s official website.

In the next few months, MojitoSwap will announce a variety of new features, including Bar (Farm), Wine Pools, Cocktail Tickets, NFTs, and more. It is all about the users!

What is MojitoSwap All About?

A group of KCS community members created the novel MojitoSwap DEX with the goal of providing easy access to the KCC DeFi ecosystem.

Technical experts who previously worked for large Internet enterprises and have extensive experience in blockchain development, senior research analysts who have worked on multiple blockchain projects and have a thorough understanding of the DeFi ecosystem, HODLers, and early BTC and ETH investors make up the MojitoSwap team.

Its users can swap tokens on a great DEX, and avoid any of the issues associated with centralized exchanges.

More About KCC

KCC is a public chain development created by KCS and KuCoin developer community, to primarily address Ethereum’s network slowness and high gas fees.

KCC is built on Ethereum and works with EVM and smart contracts to give community members and developers a faster, more convenient, and less expensive blockchain experience.

The original Ethereum chain is pretty expensive to use, and KCC chain makes it a lot cheaper to make trades and swaps.

With more options in the DEX space, traders and investors will have greater choices, and more opportunities to trade. For more information about MojitoSwap, please keep an eye on this site!

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