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ADAMANT Messenger ICO: Security & Anonymity of Personal Data

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Nowadays communication structure has changed dramatically. While usage of telecom voice services is placed into the background, the traffic consumed through popular messengers is constantly growing. This reflects people requirement of 24/7 information transmitting under all conditions. At the same time, in addition to the data transfer speed, security is increasingly becoming one of the key requirements for the used messenger.

Adamant ICO

Please Note: This is a Press Release

More and more various media show up facts, that intelligence services or hackers have access to people correspondence and data. All this is due to the weakness of popular instant messengers, recently reporting by certain specialists in IT quite often. Thus, using a popular messaging application, you cannot be sure that your messages and data will not be hacked.

Market trend analysis

Market’s requirement for an anonymous and secure messenger ensuring personal information is based on users’ desire to protect their data and correspondence. However, based on media reports, promises to provide a certain level of protection for user data in existing messengers were not accomplished, thus, there is no really effective, secure and independent solution on the market.

How the existing messaging applications can be referred to anonymous? Secure messenger should not request permission to access for user’s information or mobile device settings (address book, camera, location, etc.) and should not require user identification using phone number, email address or social network account. In addition, secure solution should not have a closed program code, and should not keep private data at their data center. How much messengers you can name secure now? From the most popular ones, that we use every day, there is simply no such anonymous solution.

So creation of messenger resolving those problems excited minds of the ADAMANT project founders. Based on the belief that the world today needs a truly anonymous and secure messenger, they have developed a similar solution. The fact that ADAMANT is the only messenger completely based on blockchain technology, and due to other comparative advantages presented in the table, we can consider ADAMANT as the most secure and safe solution among other popular messengers.


Technical features of the ADAMANT messenger

Open program code of the ADAMANT messenger can always be checked for the absence of containing “backdoors” or other “bookmarks” to transfer user’s information to third parties. Within the advanced ADAMANT technology, the user’s IP address is hidden from everyone, even from your interlocutor. There is also no user ID number, only the depersonalized encrypted wallet identifier is used. ADAMANT messenger does not request an access to the personal user data, stored on the mobile device. Finally, ADAMANT have an integrated payment system, that allows to transfer tokens directly within the chat.

ADAMANT messenger is the first messenger, working completely on the blockchain technology. Moreover, ADAMANT is not based on the Ethereum blockchain, but on the unique independent private blockchain based on extended program code of the Lisk project to ensure the planned functionality. All information, data and message history are not stored on the device or on the messenger servers, but are located in this particular blockchain.

Anonymity and data security require payment

Maintaining such an infrastructure requires certain fees, so within the ADAMANT platform there are fees for the transactions. All commissions, including for sending messages, are aimed to provide the infrastructure and nodes of the ADAMANT network. At the same time, these commission fees are miniscule, and will subsequently be adjusted with a change in the ADAMANT token’s price.

The opinion that messengers are free is a mistake. Modern messengers are full of advertisement, paid services, sold statistics and other monetization models. So it should not surprise you, that there are commissions in the ADAMANT messenger. All of paid fees would maintain for work of servers, employees, premises and much more. So the using habitual, “free” messengers, still make users to pay a certain price, and all their personal data become the property of large corporations. However, with the ADAMANT messenger, the user always knows in advance how much, and for what he pays.

One of the main rules of information security today is using only secure messengers for confidential personal correspondence. And today users are prepared for paying for the protection of their personal data. Therefore, the presence of small commissions in the ADAMANT network, may indicate that the project will indeed be able to implement all plans, to provide all functions, and to confirm the name of the most secure and anonymous messenger.

The ADM token, terms and conditions of the ADAMANT ICO

The ADAMANT project came to ICO stage not just with the idea, like many other projects, but with a finished product designed as a progressive web application (PWA), working in most modern browsers. Thus, you can get acquainted with the basic functionality of the ADAMANT messenger right now. For this, all users will get 0.49 ADM credited, so everyone can test the product for free.

The ADM token itself is used as an internal payment unit, and for transactions fees in the ADAMANT network. After ICO ends, tokens can be sold on cryptocurrency exchanges, but the project founders encourage investors to keep tokens as long as possible. Founders have a plan to distribute unsold on ICO tokens between their owners, guaranteeing a monthly increase of the wallet by 5%. So, the earlier the tokens are sold, the greater investor’s loss is.

The ADAMANT ICO is currently ongoing (since January 30, 2018 till March 30, 2018). ICO terms offer an attractive price – 1 ADM = 0.002 ETH. However, later tokens will be available at a higher price: 0.003 ETH (since February 15, 2018 till February 28, 2018), 0.004 ETH (since March 1, 2018 till March 14, 2018) and 0.005 ETH (since March 15, 2018 till 30 March 2018). Thus, the earlier the ADM token is purchased, the greater profit the investor gets. At the same time, presale required a minimum investment of 2 ETH, however during the ICO there is no such restriction.

Lots of crypto-enthusiasts, various organizations and even financial funds have already shown their interest to the ADAMANT project. Lots of good feedbacks for information security system was given by certain specialists in IT. The idea of the project is actively supported by users, who have already tested the ADAMANT messenger.

More information about the messenger, its features and ICO terms, you can find at the official ADAMANT website, where you can also get acquainted with Whitepaper and take part in the ICO. Project has official accounts in all popular social networks.

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