Beginner’s Guide to AI DOC: AI Doctor on the Blockchain

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AI DOC is an artificial intelligence doctor that makes use of blockchain technology to provide insights into health and wellness. AI DOC relies on smart doctor artificial intelligence technology and medical data to provide these insights.

AI Doc Guide

Thanks to the AI Doctor’s use of advanced imaging technology and blockchain tech, it can create a live 3-D visual that shows your health based on vital sign readings. Users are then able to get a 24-hour health analysis from digital medical experts that can not only anticipate problems but also prescribe solutions.

Who Is Behind AI Doctor?

AI Doctor first launched in January 2015 in China. It was created by senior scientists from Baidu and Microsoft, plus some of the top universities’ professors. Now, AIDOC is considered a leading medial AI company in China. Its core technical members receive frequent honors from magazines and conferences and earn top scores on international exams. Media coverage has repeatedly recognized AIDOC as an innovator and forward thinker within the sector that can deliver cutting-edge AI projects.

What Is AI Super Doctor?

AIDOC, or AI Super Doctor, combines several decentralized smart medical apps that have a high capacity. Each of these apps allows for personal customization with standard performance. The team compares the AI model behind AIDOC to a central nervous system that connects all those applications. AIDOC delivers the AI blockchain protocol that enables the super doctor throughout the AIDOC ecosystem.

AI Doctor

What Is the Bitdata Person?

The Bitdata Person is the information related to those who use the application. It lets you get health advice in real-time. In addition, it offers the ability to identify risks as a way of preventing disease and maintaining your wellbeing. AIDOC combines digital medical technology and advanced data computing, which uploads user health data to the blockchain constantly. Using this information, AIDOC will completely quantify the data regarding your physiological lifecycle to create an accurate representation of your health in real-time.


What Is the LifeBank?

LifeBank is an interesting element of AIDOC that gives you back the data generated throughout your health monitoring. AIDOC recognizes the value of the data that it collects in order to deliver these health-related services but does not monetize it. Instead, it gives the data back to you, so you can market that data via the platform. You can choose whether to share your data and receive rewards for doing so.


If you share your data, you can help with clinical research, the development of drugs, and diagnosing diseases, helping the world as a whole. With LifeBank, you can receive tokens in exchange for this data. You can then use those tokens to take advantage of additional health services within the AIDOC ecosystem or trade them to make a profit. In the meantime, all your data are secure in the LifeBank.

What Is Life Data Mining?

Life data mining supports the data value as well as the vital sign records. AIDOC tries to tempt people to participate in early data mining as a way to receive potential major returns. The team expects the ecosystem to scale up, which will multiply the value of the coin.


What Platforms Does AI Doctor Support?

AI Doctor already offers an application to download for either Android or iOS devices. You can find a link to download on the website, and the application will not take up much room on your device. The Android version is 22.3 MB, while the Apple version is 61.9 MB. Both apps were updated in late May 2018.

What Has AIDOC Already Achieved?

Since their launch in 2015, AIDOC has made significant advances. They have developed artificial intelligence products like chest X-ray and chest CT intelligent auxiliary diagnosis systems, smart systems to identify medical records, and systems for intelligent analysis of ECGs. These systems are functional and in use by hundreds of different medical institutions.

AIDOC already has more than 40 patents in China, along with the related technical property rights. Furthermore, members of the core technical team have earned best paper awards at multiple top international conferences and from magazines.

Those in search of a more concrete timeline of accomplishments can examine AIDOC’s roadmap, which also includes past achievements. In June 2016, the team first conceived the idea of the decentralized AI virtual doctor. The AIDOC project launched in December of that year with product viability confirmed. It released the whitepaper in July 2017. In December, it completed private financing, announced a public offering, and began a one-week token distribution event.

In January 2018, multiple well-known third-party exchanges confirmed they would list the token.

What Plans Does AI Doctor Have for the Future?

The team behind AI Doctor plans to combine additional smart hardware with various internet of things applications to create an entire ecosystem with health services. In the long term, this ecosystem will cover all regions within the industry of medical services.

According to the roadmap, the next achievement will be a stable version of LifeBank v1.0 and development of the AI super doctor ecosystem. The team will then release the DEMO of this ecosystem within three months, following it up within two months by v1.0. They will continue development while promoting the synthesis of several super doctor AI applications of a distributed nature.


AI Doctor is an artificial intelligence doctor that uses medical data and AI technology to help users maintain their overall wellbeing, spot health problems early so they can take action, and even prevent diseases. The project has already achieved a great deal of technical innovation and is rolling out the actual AI Doctor and platform with regular updates to provide service. You can already download it on mobile devices.

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