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AIDOC is a AI Super Doctor Based on Blockchain

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AIDOC, whose English name AI Doctor, is a AI super doctor based on blockchain. With AIDOC, Everyone can has their own Batmax!

Please Note: This is a Press Release

Headquartered in Singapore, AIDOC is an international AI smart medical application platform development team with members from all over the world. Its core members are all industry-leading developers or experts in the field of AI and healthcare, with several years of development experience and resources accumulation in applying new technologies to medical industry.

AI Doc

IDC once predicted that by the year 2020, the global medical data volume will reach 40 trillion GB, about 30 times as the one in 2010. It is foreseeable that the powerful combination of “medical + artificial intelligence + blockchain” will undoubtedly be a viable solution to the current dilemma of the medical industry. The revolutionary business model and technological innovation will be able to get through the medical industry from the ground up, so all parties are given the opportunity to realize the increase and free movement of value and all the participants will be fully connected. By integrating the resources of the health industry and deeply exploring the value of health data, AIDOC helps to maximize the value of the participants in the chain.

AIDOC’s value

According to the design standards in the whitepaper, the core value of AIDOC lies in the following two sections:

1. AI super doctor AIDOC

AIDOC will create a digital profile for each registered user using AI and virtual imaging technology for free. With vital signs and pathological data uploaded, the digital profile will be more and more completed and closer to the real user. Then, you will be able to understand your physical condition fully and timely by monitoring the digital figure in the virtual environment in real time. Also, you will be make corresponding lifestyle change or get targeted treatment according to the advice provided by built-in AIDOC super doctor. It is not just a private AI super doctor that can guard us 24/7, it also has an autonomous and uninterrupted learning ability that enable it to convoy human health tirelessly.

AIDOC will gradually incorporate advanced blockchain-related technologies such as homomorphic encryption, differential privacy and discrete storage to ensure the safety of the vital sign date uploaded by the user

2. The first endogenous token system that mines using vital signs data

By incorporating an endogenous token AIDOC in the system, AIDOC solves the problem of inter-block blocking in the process of value transfer between the various modules of the system, and thereby conferring economic value to the tokens to make it more conducive the dissemination and promotion of products.

Way to obtain AIDOC token

Generally, there are three ways that a user can obtain AIDOC token:

  1. During the pre-release phase of the project, AIDOC tokens can be purchased using ETH. The AIDOC tokens can circulate freely within the system as a mean for value transfer and may be transferred between different accounts.
  2. AIDOC token can be mined using the vital sign data stored in real time into personal “life-banking” accounts.
  3. In addition to the above methods, you will also be able to get more AIDOC tokens through other channels. According to statistics, there will be a number of well-known exchanges that will offer intermediary services for AIDOC trading;

The AIDOC tokens users get through various means are automatically stored in their personal accounts and can be used to purchase a variety of products and services in the system. Of course, the tokens can also be sold to others to realize real benefits.

Technical advantages

AIDOC has now acquired the strategic medical support of MEDP.AI. Founded in January 2015 by senior scientists from Baidu and Microsoft and well-known professors from top universities, the team is a leading medical artificial intelligence company in China. The company has successively developed several kinds of artificial intelligence products such as chest CT intelligent auxiliary diagnosis system, chest X-ray intelligent auxiliary diagnosis system, ECG intelligent analysis system and medical document intelligent identification system, provided services to hundreds of medical institutions, and acquired more than 40 national patents and related technology rights. Its core technology members have won many best paper awards in international top magazines and conferences such as IJCV, CVPR and ICCV, and won top prizes in many international evaluations such as FAT and Middlebury .

The two parties have obtained billion-scale investment (RMB) from the world-renowned investment institutions such as Redpoint Ventures, New Vision Capital, Yilian Capital, Aplus Capital, as well as famous investment institutions in the field of blockchain such as Node Capital, Link Capital, Geek Capital and others.

The collaboration between AIDOC and MEDP.AI is accidental. Shizhan Wu, the founder of MEDP.AI, was one of the earliest block chain entrepreneurs in China. As early as the concept of block chain was still in its infancy, he has jointly established the well-known blockchain asset trading platform with the pioneer in blockchain industry Di Deng. Also, Wu is the co-founder of world’s first listed company in blockchain industry Tai Cloud/yuanbao token.

Project development direction and prospects

AIDOC already has a well-formed product model and supported by large and professional resources at the beginning of project release. Apart from the popular label “blockchain+ healthcare”, AIDOC is still expected to expand to broader fields. With deep integration of artificial intelligence, big data and blockchain technology, AIDOC will bring disruptive innovation experience for users.

It has been revealed that AIDOC’s product launch and marketing plan are expected to start simultaneously in the near future on a global scale, and there will also be a corresponding incentive mechanism introduced at that time.

The core value of AIDOC in the current phase lies in obtaining tokens by mining through vital sign data. Users’ vital sign data is now mainly from third-party applications, such as iOS health data center, health APP and so on. Now, a number of smart medical hardware manufacturers are working closely with AIDOC to launch customized version to get more accurate vital sign data and avoid cheating, so as to ensure that the interests of users are not infringed.

According to the person in charge of the project, the new model of “blockchain + healthcare based on artificial intelligence and big data technology” will be popularized in the future. In the future, AIDOC will make people’s vital sign data more accurate through customized smart medical hardware and bring more benefits to the users.

For other Information, please pay close attention to the announcement in AIDOC Chinese Telegram Group:


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