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Alpaca City: a Mythical Adventure into NFTs & DeFi Yield Farming

Welcome to Alpaca City, located in mysterious Alpacadia. Inhabitants of Alpacadia are Alpacacinos, the newly founded crypto.
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Welcome to Alpaca City, located in mysterious Alpacadia. Inhabitants of Alpacadia are Alpacacinos, the newly founded crypto with a unique yield farming system and the source of Alpa Energy.

This blockchain-based game is written on the Ethereum blockchain, and now Alpaca City is open to anyone who wants to explore all the game has to offer. It is for new visitors and residents from all corners of the Earth.

Alpaca City is opening up new horizons for the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) era, and also creating an entertaining platform.

By providing easy accessibility to the DeFi, Alpaca City is working on gamifying the entire ecosystem, maximizing the potential of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and yield farming. It is a well-designed platform which is worth a look for anyone who likes DeFi and gaming.

Welcome to Alpaca City
Welcome to Alpaca City

Take a tour around Alpaca City!

The indigenous Alpaca species carry distinguishing characteristics, such as genetic traits, higher energy levels, and the power of breeding. By adopting your Alpacas, they will help manage your asset portfolios.

As a reward, you will receive ALPA tokens to conduct other activities in your expedition around Alpaca City.

ALPA is cultivated and harvested from farming activities, which require energy consumption by each Alpaca. You can expand your little tribe by bearing Alpaca babies and raising them to generate more energy as well as ALPA.

Sounds interesting?

Do you want to own the most exclusive Alpacacino herd? If yes, do not hesitate and jump into Alpaca City. At the moment, you can either join through the presale offer or get your first Alpaca directly from the marketplace on Open Sea.

So far, the number of gen0 Alpacas has reached 10,000. If you want to, you can join right now and enjoy features like earning crypto yield and multiplying your Alpacas’ offspring.

Adopt an Alpaca
Adopt an Alpaca

Discover Alpacas’ Traits

Each Alpaca preserves its unique traits. The difference in Alpacas’ genes makes them much more exciting when choosing the first generation Alpacas for farming and breeding. Much like other NFTs, these Alpacas are unique and may have special value in the future.

Here are a few facts about unveiled Alpacas’ Traits:

There are 12 trait groups in an Alpacacino, of which 10 are the determining factors of Alpacas’ look and energy level. The remaining 2 traits are still mysteries awaiting to be discovered.

The 10 revealed traits are divided into 4 genes. One of them is the dominant gene that decides its guise and energy, while the other 3 are secret attributes that affect the next generation’s appearance and features.

Alpaca City has many hidden features that add intrigue to the game. As a new citizen, you will be one of the pioneers who can solve these puzzles.

Growing Stronger Alpacas

Alpacas work and farm thanks to their energy, which also differs among the various breeds. A newborn Alpaca’s energy level is determined by its dominant genes that lie in the 10 traits, which can be 1, 5, 10 or 15.

However, that level will be boosted along with the rise in the generation level. Technically, the energy level is calculated by the sum of Traits Energy multiplied with the Generation Factor.

Hence, the more you expand your generations, the higher energy your Alpacas can achieve. Remember, Alpacas with higher energy levels will produce more productive farming and are more likely to gain ALPA. That’s why the citizens are really keen on breeding.

Expansion and More

New Alpacas will have better traits when compared to their parents.

Subsequent generations are born with more energy capacity as well as efficient asset management skills. In short, the more advanced the generation is, the higher the energy level, and the more productive yield farming and ALPA will be earned. No wonder Alpacas’ owners are rushing into breeding.

There are several rules you should bear in mind regarding breeding. Some of them seem to resemble human society, which makes the game a lot more realistic.

For instance, you can match a pair of parents for breeding, but they need time to rest and recover before the next breeding.

There’s no way you can breed a parent with its child. However, cross-breeding between generations is possible, and the baby’s level will be determined by the lower generation of its parents plus one.

As a citizen of Alpaca City, you’ll have to pay fees for growing the city’s population. In particular, you need to spare ALPA tokens for breeding. Normally, the fee for breeding a gen0 couple is 20 ALPA in total, and the schedule increases for higher generations.

That fee will be distributed for the city operation and maintenance, as the contribution of citizens toward building a sustainable homeland. The model is a good way of combining rewards and governance, which will likely attract users and more investment.

Earn ALPA!

ALPA is the unique token of Alpaca City, which is created with the Ethereum network. Like many crypto games, Alpaca City offers gamers the ability to earn from their recreational activities.

Gaining ALPA is the ultimate goal of all Alpaca citizens since it is the currency needed to grow your Alpacas and the passport for voting in public proposals and decisions of the city governance. Most importantly, ALPA is indispensable in Alpaca breeding, which opens the door to further gains.

At the dawn of opening Alpaca City’s gate, there is a total supply of 2,930,000 ALPA. In which, 1,800,000 are distributed through the presale, 50,000 ALPA will be spread among the community via an airdrop, and the other 1,080,000 ALPA and 600 ETH are saved for the initial Uniswap LP.

To begin, farming will produce a reward equal to 37.5 ALPA/block per week, later on, it will decrease every 4 weeks until the amount is 0.59 ALPA/block/week in week 24. All ALPA fees are reallocated into yielding (80%), governance funds (10%), and the city team (10%).


Alpaca citizens have 2 yield farming options to harvest ALPA. The first one is ALPA/ETH Uniswap LP Pool, which requires you to stake in LPs in exchange for rewards. The second pool is Alpaca Squad, where you gather an Alpaca team to conduct farming.

Currently, the Uniswap Pool accounts for 80% of the total farming rewards, the rest 20% are earned through Alpaca Squad. The platform combines gaming and real profits, which makes it a very interesting platform.

The First Awards

Alpaca City has done well in launching its platform:

  • During the ALPA token presale, it surprised everyone when it closed in only 15 minutes, successfully raising 1,000 ETH.
  • In the first week of November 2020, Alpaca City started being listed on the 2 biggest crypto platforms, Coinmarketcap and Coingecko.
  • In the same week, the total deposit to the game was $459,000, exceeding 4,000% in APY (Annual Percentage Yield).
  • Alpaca ranked the 3rd on top collectibles and the 9th in all categories on Opensea collection.

Evidently, Alpaca City is drawing attention from crypto fans. It is creating easy accessibility to DeFi ecosystem and also offering profitability from playing games without depending on the number of assets in hand. Get your first Alpacas, start farming yield on virgin land!

To learn more about the platform, or to get involved, read the guide here or just click here for more information.

Important Note: There have been reports of scammers approaching companies via Telegram, LinkedIn and Other Social platforms purporting to represent Blockonomi and offer advertising offers. We will never approach anyone directly. Please always make contact with us via our contact page here.


Nicholas Say was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He has traveled extensively, lived in Uruguay for many years, and currently resides in the Far East. His writing can be found all over the web, with special emphasis placed on realistic development, and the next generation of human technology.

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