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Anonymous Team Launches a New DeFi token Experimenting with the Value of Velocity

Their newly launched VELO token will both serve as a financial experimentation tool as well as the governance token for the Velotoken DAO.
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An anonymous team that goes by the name of Super Mises is using the latest DeFi trends in yield farming and rebasing currencies to experiment with the value of velocity. Their newly launched VELO token will both serve as a financial experimentation tool as well as the governance token for the Velotoken DAO.

Please Note: This is a Press Release

The latest protocol in DeFi has taken experimentation to new levels. The first VELO
token ($VLO) pools opened on November 4th, 2020, ending on December
2nd, 2020. The VELO token is capped at a supply of 100M tokens. After the farming
period is over, no more tokens will ever be released. A unique aspect is that 100% of
those tokens are allocated to yield farming allowing for a fair token distribution.

The VELO token will be the first currency in history that rebases its supply not based on price but based on its own velocity. Once all tokens are farmed, the total supply of VELO token will only increase or decrease in inverse relation to its velocity, but will never be more than 100M.

The outcome of this experiment cannot be predicted. The experiment is in the hands of the token holders. It is up to the community members to play an active part in finding use cases and defining the future of VELO token.

The VELO community views the token as highly promising, having already exceeded
$1.000.000 in Total Value Locked. The token’s unique relation to its velocity seems to
have given the VELO community something exciting to look forward to.

The VELO token protocol uses the governance protocol from Compound, the incentive
mechanism from Yam and the rebasing functionalities from Ampleforth. A unique set of trusted contracts with a completely new spin.

VELO token specifications

  • Website:
  • Target: Blockchain Ethereum
  • Token Type: ERC20
  • Asset Class Synthetic: Asset
  • Symbol: $VLO
  • Token Value: None, $VLO has no value on issuance
  • Governance: Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)
  • Source of Yield: Utility, Speculation and Transactions Fees
  • Supply Type: Fixed with elastic and invers allocation
  • Supply Quantity: 100’000’000’ $VLO
  • Distribution Typ:e Fair Farming and Distribution via Staking Pools
  • Distribution Price: 1ct
  • Distribution Duration: 4 Weeks


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