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Arena Master: Enhancing the Gaming Experience

The introduction of puzzle mechanics to Arena Master is to make the game a lot more profound and intuitive. This allows gamers to log in significant playing time, keeping them engaged throughout.
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One of the many elements needed in game development is game mechanics. Game mechanics are the rules governing a player’s in-game actions and the game’s response to said actions. In essence, game mechanics is a structure of interaction that exists between a game and the player. These rules help foster intuitive gaming, learning, skill development, equality, and other significant experiences. For the most part, game mechanics depend on the nature of the game. However, many games utilize a universal mechanic, albeit with slight variations.

For Arena Master, a skill-based match-making game available on Android & IOS devices, developers are including puzzle mechanics, in conjunction with the unique game interface and environment, in order to introduce a new dimension to their gamers. Puzzle mechanics is a system that allows gamers to operate on a series of predetermined patterns just like a regular puzzle. This mechanic is what governs games like Candy Crush, where gamers match treats in different variants in order to clear a level.

The introduction of puzzle mechanics to Arena Master is to make the game a lot more profound and intuitive. This allows gamers to log in significant playing time, keeping them engaged throughout.

Combining Play-to-Earn and Play-to-Win: Is It a Necessity or Luxury?

Today, we find that the present game market is experiencing substantial consolidation, with modern technology constantly demanding and forcing harsh evolution. Privacy policies, alongside a host of many other client-developer issues arising from these evolutionary trends, are pushing a large number of game developers and game companies to the wall. These problems, to say the least, are clamping down on user acquisition, sales accomplishment, and overall market success, and if left unchecked, will eventually lead to a desolate game market.

Notwithstanding, these issues also birth new opportunities and platforms that developers and companies can take advantage of to get back on track. For the most part, gaming communities seek to better their platforms by exploring more user-inclusive features and functions to maintain marketability. As such, the majority of game developers and companies seek to, in addition to traditional gaming culture, take advantage of blockchain technology, the metaverse, and all of web3.0, making sure that their products reach peak success.

The Play-to-Win model facilitates conventional gaming. It revolves around letting players advance from one stage to another, earning in-game rewards and other collectibles as they go through the game. However, the drawback with this model, heading into the future, is that you cannot translate your gaming success into real life. All your gaming feats remain tied to whatever game you achieved them, and only co-players can know about these achievements. Furthermore, your entire collection remains the sole property of the game developer, and as such, if the game were to shut down, you would lose everything.

However, the Play-to-Earn model allows gamers to progress in-game while gathering assets and resources that they can use in the real world. Gamers can now acquire cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that they can trade off on eligible marketplaces. This model is one with the potential to revolutionize contemporary gaming, as one of its primary goals is to allow players to spend as much time as they desire without fear of losing all their acquisitions.

Arena Master has decided to transcend the concept of conventional gaming by combining the blockchain-based Play-to-Earn and the traditional Play-to-Win model, incorporating both innovations into their game. They are of the opinion that a game needs to possess both models to improve its chances of being successful in the long term. By so doing, gamers do not lose the feeling they get when playing any of their favorite games. However, they have options that are more lucrative at their disposal.

In retrospect, their opinion stands as facts, seeing as a perfect combination of both models increases the value of the game, drawing in game-lovers and cryptocurrency enthusiasts alike. This innovation ultimately proves beneficial to both gamers and developers. Gamers can earn while doing something they love, which is something that was never associated with playing games, and developers get to see their platforms grow massively as the P2E model is sure to pull in several first-time gamers.

Similarly, combining both models will improve the adoption of blockchain technology. With the gaming industry being one of the largest industries in the entertainment sector, combining both models would trigger a chain reaction, compelling other industries to adopt the technology and all other similar technologies.

NFT Types and utilities in-game

Arena Master integrated two types of NFTs – NFT pass and NFT character. To give you a better overview, holding an NFT pass gives users a chance to have a passive income from each tournament that will be played inside the game, as for NFT characters – holders of those can use the NFT while playing a match to destroy more objects and to increase chances of winning. Our characters bring lots of excitement to our players.

Samurai (personally my favourite) –  enables players to destroy all the objects that fall in the middle block – vertically and horizontally – once activated and players manage to destroy blue color object 6 times this NFT becomes unlimited and unbeatable in the match,

the next one is the Viking Warrior – players who activate Viking Warrior during the match can destroy all the objects horizontally – up to 3 rows with unlimited usage during the match.

Amazonian Woman – As strong as the name suggests, you can choose any color block in the match and blows them all up, which gives you additional boosters throughout the match, obviously more chances of winning.

Not to forget about pets, the Lion – This booster NFT can choose any object during the match and blow them up.


Arena Master hopes to not only give gamers an explosive gaming experience; it also hopes to promote decentralised gaming, leading the charge in NFT games. Developers of Arena Masters are leaving no stone unturned in their quest to bring the best gaming experience to the world. By including puzzle mechanics in the game, they seek to keep their gamers fully engrossed in the game.

Similarly, with the future of the game market tilting towards blockchain-based gaming, a combination of Pay-to-Win and Pay-to-Earn models in one game is the best strategy in achieving success. Not only does the game preserve the wonders, that is, contemporary gaming, but also cryptocurrency economics for crypto enthusiasts. Overall, the end goal is to provide the best experience, bridging the gap between crypto and gaming.

It is worth noting that Arena Master has enormous potential as the next big game. The creativity and innovation tied to the game keep it at the forefront of NFT games and, as such, place it in the list of things worth looking out for.

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