Atari Teams Up With Decentraland to Launch Online Casino

Atari has been in gaming for decades, and now it appears the company is entering the online gaming space with Decentraland.
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Atari has been in gaming for decades, and now it appears the company is entering the online gaming space. It is working with Decentraland to launch a casino district in the online world, where the population can play casino games.

Decentraland is a revolutionary concept, and it has gained widespread support from the crypto community. Online gaming is a popular business, but it is difficult to create platforms that are universally accessible, as most nations regulate gambling.

For the moment, there have been few details offered by either Atari or Decentraland on what kind of games will be offered, or how cryptos will be involved.

The pair of companies did comment that Atari would be given an initial two-year lease on land in Decentraland, which would be used to create the first casino district in the world. Given how popular gambling is, this may be the start of a new kind of online gaming.

Atari is in the Right Place

As a maker of video games that generally didn’t allow the company to directly participate in the huge profits that online gambling creates, Atari hasn’t been able to fully leverage its expertise in the for-profit gaming sector.

Over the last few decades, a massive gaming industry has grown up globally, with both Las Vegan and the Asian gaming hub of Macao acting as shining examples of how popular, and mainstream, gambling has become.

The Online Gaming Space is Growing

In the same way that Atari was a first mover for video games, FortuneJack was one of the first crypto-native online gaming sites. If the success that FortuneJack (Review Here) has enjoyed is any indication of the potential in crypto-based gambling, Atari and Decentraland have a great idea on their hands.

FortuneJack offers its clients a wide range of gaming options, including a popular sportsbook, live table games, as well as all the digital casino favorites. People don’t have to worry about deposits, as the platform allows players to use popular tokens for deposits and withdrawals.

Clearly, more competition in the online gaming sector is good for everyone, including the companies behind the casinos. More transparency is also great for players, who are sometimes at a disadvantage with gaming companies that don’t have a positive track record like Fortune Jack.

Remote Advantages

Both Atari and Fortune Jack are tapping into a new trend that could make online gaming one of the biggest growth areas online. The post COVID19 world is shaping up to be very different, and people are doing a lot more on a remote basis.

For online entertainment venues, like Fortune Jack, this could mean a whole new crop of clients. People want solid entertainment options, and it really helps they can access the platform without leaving their homes.

Even if platforms like the upcoming Atari casino in Decentraland pull a small fraction of the business that locations like Las Vegas have lost due to COVID19, it will be commercially successful, and likely drive further development in the industry.

The Digital World is Growing

Decentraland is an interesting idea that may lead to a new kind of online world. The Atari casino project is just one demonstration of how powerful the platform is, and the kind of options it gives its users for a fully interactive experience.

As more people gravitate to the growing online economy, including cryptos, platforms like Decentraland are likely to become far more popular. Instead of a top-down approach, these platforms allow the users to own a stake, and participate in how the ecosystem evolves.

If the popularity of gaming platforms like Fortune Jack is any indication of the demand that exists for top-quality gambling, Atari is positioning itself to be a leader in 21st century online entertainment.

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