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How will Azart Cryptocurrency Change the Online Gambling Sphere?

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Decentralized technology is increasingly penetrating into the market and capture various niches. The entertainment industry, especially online gambling sphere, which has received such a rapid development in recent years, is also influenced by new technologies. Today, there is a huge number of services, which follow the development path of decentralized systems in this industry. At the same time, there are generally two types of services in this market. The first includes those that introduce the opportunity of payment using cryptocurrencies. The second type is decentralized online casinos with their own cryptocurrency. At the same time, such services don`t solve any supertasks. They just earn on their users in a new way.


And what if in this industry there will be a cryptocurrency, which will become not just a payment method, but will have a lot of useful characteristics both for gamblers and for gambling services? The AzartPay project creators asked themselves this question. And they presented to the world a similar solution in the form of the Azart cryptocurrency, which is designed to change the gameplay logic in online gambling.

Introduction to Azart

Of course, one of the main purposes of the Azart cryptocurrency is to provide instant, anonymous and secure payments. At the same time, both sides of the gambling process will be able to take advantages of the Azart cryptocurrency in their own way. So, players will pay the bets and gaming services will take the bets in this cryptocurrency. But this is only the Azart function, which lies on the surface. However, this is not the cryptocurrency that should be perceived so unilaterally. The Azart cryptocurrency creators put a lot of new and interesting opportunities in it.

What new will Azart bring to online gambling?

One of the main goals set by the developers is to turn Azart into the most common cryptocurrency in the field of gambling. In order to make such an idea come true, it was necessary to give the Azart cryptocurrency a certain value to cause an irresistible interest both among ordinary users and professionals of the sphere, and also to attract crypto-enthusiasts into this industry. And the Azart creators managed it!

They have provided the opportunity to install masternodes for Azart owners, which will allow to receive income along with the coin mining. Thus, each user or partner of the AzartPay platform, who will acquire the required number of the Azart coins and install the masternode, will be able to receive income from its work. Besides, the masternodes owners will be able to receive funding for their projects by putting them to the vote within the platform. A cryptocurrency with the opportunity of mining is already an innovation for the online gambling industry, however, this is not the only Azart`s exceptional opportunity.

The main mission that the Azart creators strive to fulfill is the abolition of the “House Edge” commission for all the platform users and partners. How can you imagine the gaming process without the “House Edge” payment? Anyone who has at least some relation to the gambling industry will wonder how. After all, the “House Edge” is an important element of gambling for casinos, as this commission represents their advantage over the player in the amount of 0.5 to 5% from each bet. The AzartPay project founders have developed a special “System of Motivation of Partners and Users”, which will allow to interest the gambling services to connect to the platform without charging the “House Edge” from the players. According to forecasts, the absence of this commission will attract a large number of gamblers to use of the AzartPay, which, together with the motivation system, will allow to combine many services of the gambling industry within one platform. Thus, the AzartPay will be a large-scale playground with its own innovative cryptocurrency for online gambling.

It`s already possible to purchase the Azart coins at several trading platforms, such as Stocks Exchange and CREX24 and soon – at CryptoBridge as well. If you are interested in the project and would like to know more about it, visit the official website where you can find all the necessary information as well as some important links. You can follow the latest AzartPay news by joining the Azart community in one of the social networks. Azart is the future of online gambling!

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