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The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Review 2020 is a highly popular and very easy-to-use crypto exchange. However, it is not like most other exchanges that you can find out there
Pinterest LinkedIn Tumblr is a highly popular and very easy-to-use crypto exchange. However, it is not like most other exchanges that you can find out there these days. It is much more user-friendly, as well as privacy-friendly.

For example, this is an exchange that doesn’t require you to enter any of your information. You don’t have to create an account or enter your email.

Instead, it allows you to instantly exchange cryptocurrencies with no hassle. It is a quick and easy way to trade coins, and it doesn’t compromise your privacy at any point. This is what makes it so interesting and attractive to crypto users, as most other exchanges require you to at least create an account.

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Interestingly enough, is partnered with those other exchanges, and it doesn’t work entirely on its own. As such, it can find the best exchange rates for the 30 cryptocurrency that it offers and still provides you with a quick and easy experience that doesn’t jeopardize your privacy in any way.

The ability to find and present you with the best exchange rates is easily one of its biggest strengths, as you won’t get surprised by the exchange rate you end up receiving.

How to use

Now, we promised you a complete beginner’s guide for using, and we aim to deliver. Here is how you use this excellent crypto trading platform, step by step.

Let’s assume that you already have Ethereum and that you wish to exchange it into Bitcoin.

1. Copy the transfer wallet address

First, go to the exchange and find the ETH transfer wallet address, and copy it.

2. Paste it into your wallet containing ETH

Go to your wallet, and paste the address of the ETH transfer wallet address in the appropriate field. After that, simply choose the amount you wish to transfer.

3. Make the transaction

Double-check the information that you entered, and make the transaction if all is in order.

4.  Select the coins

The next step would be to go to the website. Immediately, you will see several fields, the first two of which are named “I HAVE” and “I GET.” Select the coin that you have (ETH), and the coin you wish to exchange it into (BTC) and enter the amount you wish to exchange.

5. Enter the address

The next step is to enter the address to which you wish your coins to go to after the exchange has been completed. This is where you would enter the address of your Bitcoin wallet. The last field is a refund wallet address, and it is advisable that you enter the address of your original coin (in this case, Ethereum), so that you would get a refund if the trade ends up being canceled.

6. Find out your exchange rate

After you enter the mentioned information, will find you an exchange rate and keep it until the exchange has been completed.

7. Click FLYP NOW

All that remains is to double-check all the information and click FLYP NOW once you are ready to start the exchange. A single click is all you need to receive your brand new Bitcoins.


As you can see from the steps above, using for making crypto exchanges is extremely quick and simple. Best of all, you didn’t even have to make an account or complete a registration. This is the fastest and the most private method of exchanging your coins, and there is nothing more to it than that.


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