Guides Review: How to Make Bitcoin Transactions Anonymous

Pinterest LinkedIn Tumblr is a Bitcoin tumbler or mixer that makes transactions in the crypto network anonymous. This type of mixer separates your new and old addresses by sending your coins to other people and delivering their coins to you in exchange. Via this process, transactions become anonymous. BestMixer works with a range of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash.

Best Mixer

How Does Bitcoin Mixing Work?

For those unfamiliar with Bitcoin mixing, BestMixer offers a brief yet clear overview of the process. The goal of this process is breaking the connection between the addresses that receive and send the coins. Coin mixing developed as a result of the fact that all crypto transactions are publicly recorded on the blockchain, but some users want additional privacy. With mixing, users can keep information regarding where they send, receive, and store coins private. The process also makes it nearly impossible for users to discover the personal information you have had to enter on various websites to use or store crypto.


To use, you send coins to the platform. It then shuffles the coins within the pool and gives you random coins that were originally from other depositors. Because your original coins go to numerous destinations and you receive coins from several origins, your coins are untraceable.’s speed depends on the delivery time settings you choose and the system’s operational speed.

How Does Prevent Blockchain Analysis?

The main goal of a Bitcoin mixer is to prevent blockchain analysis that leads to identifying information. To meet this goal in every way possible and surpass expectations, does more than just mix your tokens. It also protects against subsequent mixing returning your old coins. The distribution of transfers to the receiving addresses uses tenths of a percentage point. If you want, you can even specify as many as 10 different receiving addresses. There is also the ability to preset the transfer delay in minutes for every receiving address with complete accuracy. You can look at the mixing strength meter to confirm your tokens are securely tumbled and can choose from three pool types for mixing coins.

How Does Deliver Anonymity?

Those who use want anonymity, and the platform delivers it in more ways than the act of tumbling cryptocurrencies. The platform is Tor friendly and secured with SSL. The servers are protected from any types of impact with locations in multiple reliable data centers. follows strict security and privacy policies, so customers get complete anonymity. Additionally, it removes order histories completely 24 hours following the execution of your mixing conditions.

What Languages Does Support?

Since cryptocurrency is used around the world, provides support for a lengthy list of languages, allowing most crypto holders to utilize the tumbler. You can find all necessary information in English, Chinese, Korean, Malay, Japanese, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Russian.

Is Easy to Use?

The team at designed the system to be easy to use. The website is intuitive in nature, and the interface works well on a range of devices, so there is no problem taking advantage of it from your mobile device. If you have any questions about using the system, just look at the detailed guide on how to use the service or the range of educational articles. Since everything is available in 11 languages, most users will be able to select a language they are fluent in to ensure complete understanding. Keep in mind that there are minimums for mixing; you must have a minimum transfer of 0.005 BTC, BCH, or LTC.

Bitcoin Mixer

Transactions with might require anywhere from one to six confirmations, depending on the type of cryptocurrency and the amount transferred. When you begin an operation with, you can set a delay via the delivery time settings. Order processing does not take more than 72 hours, and the transaction data is not kept after this point.

What Are Some Other Advantages of

At every single mixing with, the system generates a Letter of Guarantee for reliability. Users can also track their order in real-time via the order page, which has detailed information on the mixing process in progress. There is support available 24/7, allowing those in different time zones to get speedy answers to queries.

What Fees Does Charge?

Service fees for start at just 0.5 percent, and there are exclusive discounts for members. There is also floating miner’s fee that users are charged for processing transactions. At the time of writing, this fee was set to a maximum of 0.00008916 BTC, 0.00048022 LTC, or 0.0000029 BCH, depending on the cryptocurrency used. You will also notice that the service fee is preset accurately to tenths or thousandths of a percentage point.


The membership discount is free and automatic. Users get assigned a unique code during their first order, and the system automatically calculates the discount based on your transaction volume. The discount continues to increase as you perform more mixing operations. Each discount is specific to that cryptocurrency, so you may have mixed enough BTC for a 10 percent discount but enough BCH for a 30 percent discount. Once you mix 0.1 to 1 coins, you get a 10 percent discount, which increases to 20 percent from one to 10 coins, 30 percent from 10 to 50, 40 percent from 50 to 100, and 50 percent once you have mixed at least 100 coins.

Does Offer an API?

Developers who want to take advantage of’s features can use the API to bring the platform’s functionality to their website. The API includes detailed documentation and is completely free. encourages developers to take advantage of the API to ensure client security with anonymized coins.

Conclusion is one of several cryptocurrency mixers available that work to deliver privacy by making it nearly impossible for others to discover where you store, send, and receive crypto. offers relatively low fees, an intuitive platform, and support for enough languages to ensure that almost everyone will be able to access the service in a language they are comfortable using. For those who want the extra layer or privacy afforded by cryptocurrency tumbling, is a very useful tool.

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