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Introducing Bethereum ICO: Blockchain-Based Social Betting

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Bethereum harnesses the power of the blockchain for betting and combines it with unique social elements. The result is a betting platform that is the most engaging as well as secure, providing a one-of-a-kind experience for users. Instead of betting with fiat currencies or any cryptocurrencies, players bet with the Bether token. Ultimately, the team behind Bethereum hopes the Bether token will become the market standard to use for betting and be usable on multiple other betting platforms.

Bethereum ICO

Why Was Bethereum Developed?

While betting platforms already exist, including those that use the blockchain, few so far have the social element to them. The developers behind Bethereum wanted to bring back the social factor of betting, letting players bet against each other instead of the bookkeeper. The team feels that this decentralized system will change the nature of betting, making it more fun and interactive for players. They also wanted to take advantage of smart contracts and the blockchain for security and transparency.

Who Created Bethereum?

The team behind Bethereum is varied and from around the world. You will find graphic designers, Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, product managers, corporate senior directors, and software engineers. Co-founders include Peter Gal and Martin Herman.

Bethereum Team

What Are Some Advantages of Bethereum?

Once completed, Bethereum will offer much more than just betting on sports. You will also be able to create and join eSports, live game, fantasy, and other user-created bets. It should support a range of commercial partners and events. As mentioned, the platform will be very user friendly, as it is designed to appeal to those with varying levels of experience in gambling and technology.

With Bethereum, there will not be any need to wait for money to get to you. Following bets, your winnings get instantly transferred to your wallet. Bethereum is also highly secure thanks to the use of smart contracts, which prevents external manipulation or hacks that impact your funds. Transparency comes from the blockchain, which records all transactions permanently.

One of the unique features of Bethereum is that there are unlimited winnings. There is not a limit as to how many bettors there can be, which means that popular bets can have dramatically large winnings. There is also no risk of being banned or limited if you consistently win. While most betting platforms rely on margins and ban repeat winners, the Bethereum team built the business model on volumes, so they like any bettors, whether they win. To help players out, there are zero hidden fees. You only pay 5 percent to use services like smart contracts or data feeds.

What Platforms Does Bethereum Work On?

Because Bethereum is still in the early stages, there are still limited platforms to use it on. There is a completely functional prototype for iOS that is about to be released. This prototype gives you an idea of what the real application will look and work like and includes various leagues and sports. At launch, you will be able to test this prototype by betting with virtual currency. At this stage, the team behind Bethereum encourages feedback so they know what adjustments players want.

How Do You Use Bethereum?

Using Bethereum is a highly intuitive experience designed to appeal to those who enjoy betting regardless of their technological level. You can create your own bet if you want or find one that someone else created in a public group. If you create the bet, you then get to customize the buy-in, choose matches, and select the method of rewards. To take advantage of the social element of Bethereum, you can challenge friends with your bet, and they will receive an immediate notification via the Bethereum App. As the bet progresses, you can track it and get notifications regarding global rankings, group members, and winners.

How it Works

What Is the Bether Token?

As mentioned earlier, the Bether token, BTHR, is the token used to make all bets on the Bethereum platform. Every single transaction uses this token. In the future, the token will also be found on other gambling platforms. The value of the token will be dependent on demand as more partners and players join, meaning that you will get the best deal by investing or buying your Bether tokens early; its value will likely rise.

How Can You Get the Bether Token?

The token sale for the Bether token will launch in March. The private presale is currently in progress and includes a huge bonus. To participate in the presale, you must contribute a minimum of 25 ETH. During the crowdsale, there will not be a minimum contribution.

You can also get Bether tokens via the bounty program, which is about to start. As soon as you buy your Bether tokens during the crowdsale, you will receive them. However, you cannot withdraw them until the crowdsale is done.

What Does the Roadmap Look Like?

Once the token sale is complete, Q2 – Q3 of 2018 will feature 2 teams working on the product, one dev team and one dev and marketing team. Dev team A will be reponsible for the Core betting framework, smart contracts, Oracle and development of the Bethereum Wallet.

The other team will be responsible for the back end and iOS and Android apps.

Roadmap 1

The whitepaper also, plans out the company’s activities into 2019 where they plan to offer their betting framework for conventional betting agencies and add new features to the app such as Live Betting, eSports, Fantasy and so on.

Roadmap 2


Although there are already betting platforms that take advantage of the blockchain and smart contracts, none to date have the social elements or versatility of Bethereum. Thanks to its planned availability on multiple platforms and social nature, we anticipate that this project will be successful. Bethereum’s popularity should also be helped by the range of things that users can bet on in addition to traditional sports.

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