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Bexplus: Advanced Margin Trading Platform with 1.5 Million Users

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In July, the price of bitcoin reached $14,000 – the maximum of the current year. A huge number of investors expected bitcoin to grow to even higher levels soon, but world’s main cryptocurrency price stopped growing, fluctuating between $9,000-12,000 per 1 BTC ever since. The expectations of short-term investors have not materialized. Investors who’d like to gain profits in the short term, are increasingly turning to margin trading.

Bexplus is an advanced platform for crypto margin trading, particularly bitcoin. The main feature of margin trading is the possibility of obtaining significant profits even when small price fluctuations occur. The availability of leverage (at Bexplus it reaches 100x) allows you to open high volume positions by investing only small amount of asset. Of course, along with long positions, you can also open short ones, earning money both on prices rises and downs. In addition to Bitcoin, ETH, LTC, XRP and EOS are also available for investors to trade.

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Advantages of Bexplus over competitors:

100x leverage and the ability to open short positions for bitcoin.

For example, let’s say you want to buy 1 BTC for $10,000 price. To open such a deal on the stock exchange, you will need to pay $10,000. If bitcoin’s price rises by 1%, it means that 1 BTC’s price $10,100 now. If you decide to sell them to get your profit, you would receive $100 from an initial investment of $10,000.

Now let’s compare this with the 100x leverage on Bexplus. Here you will only need to pay 1% to open the same transaction, which means $100 (0.01 BTC) to open a position with 1 BTC. If Bitcoin’s price rises by 1%, you will still get the same profit of $100, but at a significantly reduced cost.

Long (buy/up) or short (sell/down) positions

In addition to price increases, traders can also profit from the crypto asset by betting on it when the price goes down. Investors can open a long or short position and trade with the market trend in Bexplus, instead of sitting back and waiting for the next market rally. All open positions are perpetual: the platform cannot close a position just because it has been open for too long.

Risk management

Margin trading traditionally carries natural risks. Develop an effective risk management strategy using Bexplus tools such as stop-loss order.

Simplicity and mobility: install Bexplus app on your smartphone

Bexplus is one of the most beginner-friendly platforms on the market: hone your skills in a trading simulator, where you have 10 BTC for trading, read articles on trading and tips in the Bexplus encyclopedia.

The world of cryptocurrency trading is available directly from your smartphone: investors can install  Bexplus application for iOS and Android. The good-looking mobile app actually is a full-fledged trading tool.

Easy registration and no KYC: you can start trading anytime

There are no requirements for KYC on the platform (Bexplus cares about privacy of the users), and registration takes no more than 5 minutes.

Even if you do not have crypto assets to start trading, you can always buy bitcoin directly on the Bexplus website through the Changelly service’s built-in window.

A variety of bonuses: get a 100% deposit bonus

Bexplus offers a variety of bonuses for users: for example, now each user can receive a 100% bonus for deposits of any amount. For example, if you deposit your account with 1 BTC, you will receive 2 BTC in total. All profits made with the bonus can be withdrawn from the platform.

About Bexplus:

Bexplus is a cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform established in November 2017 and registered in England and Wales. It is headquartered in Hong Kong and has offices worldwide. Currently, the products on the platform include BTC/USDT, ETH/USDT, XRP/USDT, LTC/USDT and EOS/USDT perpetual contracts.

Start gaining your profits with Bexplus today:



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