Biki Exchange: A Fast-Growing Global Crypto Exchange

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Founded in June 2018, and launched in August of the same year, Biki has emerged as a multifaceted cryptocurrency pioneer, offering innovative features and solutions.

Biki is consistently ranked in the top twenty fastest growing exchanges in the world by MyToken, Feixiaochao, Coingecko, and CoinMarketCap, Biki debuted at number sixteen and recently peaked at the number five position.


With these impressive numbers, it must be asked what makes Biki different from other companies? What exactly does Biki do?

Biki is Opening Crytpos to the Masses

By its own definition, Biki is a “global digital trading service provider.” Security, stability, and efficiency are their goals, which they bring to over one million customers worldwide.

Overall, Biki’s main features include a highly ranked crypto exchange and company assistance for launching tokens. In addition to the crypto exchange being well designed and easy to use, there is excellent liquidity and security. With over 150 different projects on their exchange, Biki has 220 pairs on their platform.

Biki is helping to grow the crypto market with a three-prong approach that exceeds standard corporate expectations. In addition to listing the project’s or company’s token on the Biki platform, Biki offers marketing solutions and branding recognition.

Biki Exchange

By focusing upon the Chinese market in particular, Biki publishes news on Chinese crypto sites and uses WeChat to spread information.

Using social media to its best advantage, Biki seeks to create and to expand a network of influencers who can reach and educate millions of followers. The final step is to run trading campaigns. In this way, Biki helps companies to access the general public and advises on pre-ICO sales for qualified investors.

Growing in a Global Blockchain Development Hub

Because Biki is based in Singapore, yet determined to permeate further into the Chinese market, the company has an international flair. Their global outreach is evident in events happening in Singapore, London, Toronto, USA, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, and Malta. Biki supports many languages, including English and Chinese, and serves nearly 100 countries.

Certainly, the crypto industry has changed in just two years. In 2017, there were multiple ICOs, most of which were scams

There was a concern in 2018 that criminals and terrorists could use cryptocurrency for unsavory activity, including money laundering and fraud. Even in October 2018, just months after Biki was launched, ICOs and the accompanying marketing agencies were seriously faltering.

It was at that time that Biki realized that knowledge and understanding of the proper contexts of token launching were lacking.

Therefore, Biki began helping companies with their launching projects, but also with public relations, community presence, and funding access. In light of past and potential corruption within the industry, companies like Biki are extremely important, since they separate the real players from the con artists.

Biki Features

Crypto Markets are Maturing

As the global economy shifts and shutters, the financial world is also changing, striving for greater transparency. Crypto have been the subject of numerous attacks from the established financial system, but there are many companies that are working to make the crypto markets stable and transparent for everyone.

Recently, both and featured articles on the demand for both transparency and security, reflecting the trend of consumer interest in alternative assets, rather than traditional stocks, bonds, money markets, and CDs.

As a result of this trend, luxury asset investment has increased, with people putting their money into gold, diamonds, art, and wine. An additional alternative asset is, of course, cryptocurrency. Since cryptos are decentralized, there is no government or central bank waiting to exploit the investors or to interfere with the market.

Biki Helps to Bring Transparency to a New Market

One of the biggest reasons why 2017 saw so many shenanigans in the ICO space was a near-total lack of research providers. The established markets aren’t perfect, but they do have thousands of analysts who make sure that investment products aren’t just scams.

Biki is a lot more than a simple crypto exchange. It identified the need for more credibility in the ICO space and has been working on educating investors about what they are buying. Informed investors are far less likely to be at risk of being scammed, and will also stand a better chance of making solid returns.

There was a tremendous amount of criticism leveled at the crypto space in 2017, and some of it (certainly not all of it) was justified. Instead of being put-off by a hugely negative view of cryptos by many in the financial markets, Biki took action and created a platform for responsible crypto growth.

2019 Could be the Beginning of Big Things for Cryptocurrencies

Now, in 2019, many experts assert that cryptocurrency can be used in developing and struggling countries to combat corruption, poverty, and inflation, offering new solutions to dire problems.

One such example is that Bitcoin is already being employed in Venezuela to circumvent terrible government policies and international attempts at destabilization. In light of these developments, it appears that Biki is a part of empowering people in our global village.

Fiat currency is 100% digital, with printed money acting as a physical copy of central bank created data. There is nothing to stop people from using cryptos in place of fiat, especially when a government isn’t able to ensure that fiat currency will be stable, and easy to use.

People can use simple electronics to make crypto transactions, which may become far more important as fiat currencies come under pressure. There have been problems with fiat currencies in nations like Turkey, Argentina, and Venezuela, and there could be more coming.

While the basics of using crypto aren’t difficult, it has been challenging to create solid platforms for their trade, and also ensure that people feel safe with crypto service providers. Biki has addressed both of these issues and demonstrated that positive changes can happen.

Biki Created Solid Tools for Investors

The website itself is a manifestation of technical sophistication, showing real-time trading, emphasizing Biki’s incredible and reliable liquidity.

All of the tools for advanced trading are available, with information displayed in detailed graphs. Prince, amount and sums of recent trades are presented, as are currency and market options.

The site also advertises for their partner plan and community partner recruitment, reinforcing their community-minded spirit. In addition to these features, there is the BikiLab, or the Innovation Test Area, which demonstrates their commitment to constantly new and original technological development.

These innovations include Biki’s novel “subversive mining”, or a model of “buying back and destroying, rising and falling,”, wherein the platform fee is used to repurchase currency and destroy it.

For cryptocurrency novices, there is a thorough help section with sections addressing mining, authenticating and liquidity, to help future investors get started.

Biki Offers a Fully-Featured Mobile Trading App

The mobile trading app, ready for easy download, provides lightning trading performance, custom trading panel, easy asset switching, and account integration settings. All of these features are accessible at the touch of a finger for investors on the go.

Biki Mobile App

Most people have a smartphone, and with prices for hardware dropping, they could become an integral part of crypto use in emerging economies. Biki is staying ahead of the curve by offering a robust exchange app for mobile platforms.

An Important Company in a Global Network

For over one year, Biki’s consistent performance has been outstanding, as the company grows and morphs, adapting to shifting markets and developing new technology. Keen observation is another forte of the company, as they can identify voids and niches in the cryptocurrency world.

The ability to do this means that Biki can offer solutions no, or few, other companies can, making Biki stand out from the crowd even more. Embracing social media and engaging the Chinese market, in an attempt to integrate both East and West, is a brilliant concept as well since cryptocurrency remains decentralized and without borders.

Easy to use apps and tools allows both practiced traders and financial neophytes to enter the digital world, and Biki offers the best trading services for the individual or the company.

Biki Will Help the Market Grow Stronger

Liquidity providers are the backbone of a functional financial market.

Biki has created a great exchange structure that will help the global crypto marketplace to grow. While centralized exchanges aren’t going to be a perfect fit for everyone, they do currently offer the best liquidity for most cryptos.

With high liquidity and cutting-edge security, Biki proactively confronts the major concerns of transparency and potential corruption of cryptocurrency. It is easy to understand why Biki already has over one million users globally.

For anyone that is looking to use a centralized crypto exchange, Biki is a good option to consider. Biki supports most of the major token pairs and gives its clients an edge when it comes to some new token offerings. The trading platform has a great feature set, and Biki also has a well designed mobile app for crypto traders.


Nicholas Say was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He has traveled extensively, lived in Uruguay for many years, and currently resides in the Far East. His writing can be found all over the web, with special emphasis placed on realistic development, and the next generation of human technology. Contact

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