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Bitcoin 2022 Spotlight: Rootstock Launches Carnival NFTs On Bitcoin Blockchain

The Rootstock (RSK) team will debut its Carnaval NFT collection, which which is the first NFT collection on the BTC blockchain
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The Bitcoin 2022 conference kicks off today in Miami, and this year’s centerpiece is Rootstock’s new NFT collectibles.

According to the Rootstock (RSK) team, it will debut its Carnaval NFT collection, which will be the first-ever launch of an NFT collection on the Bitcoin (BTC) blockchain – the world’s leading cryptocurrency.

Rootstock and The Carnaval Collection

The launch is set to go down in crypto history, with Rootstock extending beyond the boundaries of innovation on the Bitcoin network with its Carnaval NFTs.

Users and NFT enthusiasts, for the first time ever, are able to mint NFTs on Bitcoin.

Additionally, in the scope of the world’s biggest Bitcoin event, RSK will showcase its ecosystem to 35,000 audiences. It will be a landmark moment, and a huge potential for more adoption.

All attendees can have a chance to learn more about other prominent names in the industry, such as Money on Chain, Sovryn, Babelfish, Liquality, Bulla Network, and Carnaval.

The event, running from April 6 to April 9, will welcome the participation of various DeFi projects built on Bitcoin in efforts to illustrate the power of decentralized finance on RSK.

An Interesting Addition

The collection features the artworks of famous Iberoamerican artists under NFTs minted on Bitcoin. As soon as Bitcoin 2022 kicks off, these NFT collectibles will go live for the first time.

The project provides Iberoamerican artists with a carefully curated NFT marketplace that targets Latin American artists through the use of Bitcoin and the network security that it provides.

In addition to the NFT launch, Carnival goes live as the first implementation of the RIF Marketplace engine, which is a flagship plug-and-play approach for developing marketplaces on Bitcoin-based platforms that has been developed by the RIF.

RSK Infrastructure Framework (RIF) is a cryptocurrency token that powers the RSK Rootstock network. It offers a one-stop solution for blockchain infrastructure services.

RIF enables access to protocols and services that have been decentralized through the use of RSK smart contracts.

Secondly, RIF can be implemented as a building component to assist in the bootstrapping of the Bitcoin decentralized finance ecosystem by providing the necessary framework.

Finally, because it is open-source and extensively audited, the RIF marketplace engine, which spans numerous SDK libraries and is open-source, simplifies building NFT marketplaces on the Bitcoin blockchain.

RSK Co-founder and IOVlabs CEO Diego Zaldivar shared his vision on the new launch:

“In the last two years, we witnessed the meteoric rise of DeFi. New monetary systems (stablecoins) and speculative financial tools (trading engines and AMMs) were built on top of the main blockchain networks but they only serve the needs of speculators. The challenge ahead is how to connect these new decentralized Fintech systems with the needs of the rest of society. That is our challenge at IOVLabs and the reason why we created Rootstock and RIF, building everyday DeFi.”

Better Functionality

RSK strives to enable smart contract functionality and become a layer-2 Bitcoin solution.

While 60% of BTC hashing power tightly secures the chain using a merged mining strategy, RSK’s goal is to make Bitcoin more adaptable and scalable.

RSK is undoubtedly the most secure smart contract platform when compared to the others.

Because it is secured by Bitcoin’s capacity through merge-mining, its network significantly extends up to 100 transactions per second without sacrificing decentralization.

This enables RSK to effectively reduce storage and bandwidth by employing probabilistic verification, fraud detection, and other techniques. With all these advantages, the platform is likely to find even more users and devs.

Furthermore, RIF is an ideal solution for opening and decentralizing infrastructure protocols. RIF enables distributed applications to be considerably faster, easier, and scalable within a unified environment that allows for widespread use of Bitcoin and RSK.

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