Token Sales Utility Token VERSE Is Open For Public Sale, a digital wallet and financial services provider that makes Bitcoin and cryptocurrency more accessible is selling VERSE.
Pinterest LinkedIn Tumblr, a digital wallet and financial services provider that makes Bitcoin and cryptocurrency more accessible, has opened the public sale of its utility and rewards token VERSE at

As the utility and rewards token of, VERSE will be distributed to users who contribute to and participate in the platform’s digital ecosystem. offers a gateway to the world of Bitcoin and beyond with a wide range of products and services including buying, selling, spending, swapping, investing, and learning about crypto. and VERSE

Participants are encouraged to access all benefits and information, and earn rewards through engaging into one of the oldest news sites.

The goal is not only to enable users to benefit from easy-to-use offerings, but to also stimulate the growth and expansion of’s ecosystem. currently supports over 34 million self-custody wallets created in its multi-chain DeFi-ready mobile app.

Additionally, the news portal has attracted over 2.5 million monthly readers.

VERSE will ultimately broaden users’ access to decentralized technology and financial services by providing them with access to exclusive platform services and serving as the foundation for new initiatives.

Millions of users will be able to make the most of the time they spend interacting with the platform by staking VERSE, generating initiatives, and using the VERSE token as collateral in a variety of lending pools.

This will encourage them to take full advantage of the time they spend interacting with the Verse DEX.

Dennis Jarvis, CEO of, said that the launch of VERSE public sale marked the platform’s first step into a brand-new chapter.

The team firmly believes in, “Verse’s mission to enhance economic independence through its utility, ecosystem rewards and low-barrier-to-entry features offered on a secure, trustworthy platform.”

“It is with Verse that will continue to provide not only crypto-newcomers, but also crypto-natives, with the resources, tools, and technology needed to usher in the next cycle of mass DeFi adoption,” he added.

2% of the total VERSE supply (210 billion tokens) will be distributed in the public sale. Unlocking of tokens will commence on a block-by-block basis over a period of one year and a half.

The Public Sale is Here!

The public sale is the next step after the VERSE private sale that took place in May 2022 and sold 10% of the total supply of VERSE for the price of $33.6 million.

Buyers in the public sale may be able to acquire a price per token that is lower than the price paid by buyers in the private sale since the price of the tokens in the public auction is determined by market forces.

The sale will last for a period of thirty days, or until reaches the soft cap.

VERSE will provide value to users that engage with the Verse DEX, the Ethereum blockchain, and the larger DeFi ecosystem because it is a cross-chain token that is compatible with the ERC-20 standard.

Additionally, VERSE will focus on extending into low-fee networks in the near future.

Through the Verse Development Fund, the VERSE token will also serve as a driving force behind projects that speed up growth and foster innovation.

The fund, led by Lizzie Eng, will incubate token ideas through the launchpad service once it goes live in 2023. Additionally, it will provide a pipeline of resources for DApps that integrate with the ecosystem.

The Verse public sale is restricted to individuals in the United States, Japan, or other restricted jurisdictions. Further information on how to buy Verse and restrictions is available on is a digital asset solutions platform that stands out for supporting a wide variety of crypto assets and crypto-related products. Users can buy, sell, and trade multiple currencies with relatively low transaction fees. Launched in 2015, the company is one of most established news platforms.

It features tons of news on everything bitcoin, crypto and blockchain with the founding mission of accelerating the world’s transition to bitcoin and beyond.

Besides educational materials, the platform also developed cryptocurrency services and products such as multichain Web3 wallet, Verse DEX, and crypto credit card.

In particular, allows users to stake their cryptocurrency or keep it in its standalone wallet to earn rewards.

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