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Bitcoin Oil: Combining Oil & Gas with Blockchain

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As the lifeblood of industrialized nations, oil is the largest industry in the world. With its products underpinning modern society, oil makes the functioning of nearly every component in the global economy possible.

Conventional wisdom, strategies, and tactics have fueled the success of the oil industry for many years- but change inevitably comes to all industries. Distributed ledger technology may be one breakthrough that drives the industry in a new direction, expanding its global reach and complexity in unimaginable ways.

For the first time, Bitcoin Oil creates the possibility for a connection between the tangible assets of the oil industry and the booming cryptocurrency technology of the modern era. BitcoinOil is developing a cutting-edge Bitcoin based blockchain to bridge the gap between the traditional world of oil and gas and the dynamic world of cryptocurrency, with a corporate emphasis on sustainability.

Bitcoin Oil

Please Note: This is a Press Release

BitcoinOil’s unique model will see through the creation of the BTCO Blockchain Fund, created for the purpose of reinvesting a portion of profits from the parent company’s oil and gas operations and profits from coins/tokens received from ICO/STO/IEO sponsorships on the BitcoinOil Blockchain.

The main focus of the BTCO Blockchain Fund will be to strategically invest in highly vetted crypto blockchain projects as well as provide an array of professional services, access to key developers, strategic counseling, relationship management, ICO’s/STO’s and IEOs, exchange listing referrals and capital investment.

Direct Investment Methods

Currently, there exists several options for getting involved with oil investments. However, these methods come with varying degrees of risk, and range from direct investments in oil as a commodity, to indirect exposure in oil through the ownership of energy-related equities.

One direct method of owning oil is through the purchase of oil, direct participation, which is normally available through small operators. Direct participations requires a large amount of capital as well as a large amount of liability risk beyond the total investment.

Another direct method of owning oil is through the purchase of commodity-based oil exchange-traded funds (ETFs). ETFs trade on a stock exchange and can be purchased and sold in a manner similar to traditional stocks. For example, buying one share of the U.S. Oil Fund (USO) would give you exposure to roughly one barrel of oil.

In addition, investors can gain indirect exposure to oil through the purchase of energy-sector ETFs, like the iShares Global Energy Sector Index Fund (IXC), and to energy-sector mutual funds, like the T. Rowe Price New Era Fund (PRNEX). These energy-specific ETFs and mutual funds invest solely in the stocks of oil and oil services companies and inherently come with a lower risk factor and inversely a lower return on investment.

Conventional Direct Investments vs. BitcoinOil

Many private oil and gas opportunities are structured with an upfront fee. That means offering companies make most of their profits by just placing investors’ money into a project. Not only does this mean a fraction of the investor’s dollars go into such products, but it means the offering company’s leading motivation is to fill out the investor subscriptions fast for quick profits.

This structure provides no incentive for the offering company to stay engaged with investors, or to offer projects that are more likely to provide better potential returns or production.

The front-end fee structure contributes to another complaint: lack of communication. Sadly, investors often find companies less willing to return phone calls or answer questions once they have received a check. This tends to get worse over time – particularly if there are problems with the project.

The reality is an array of problems, ranging from equipment repairs to dry holes, can arise on site and should be addressed with investors in real time. However, many investors have found companies go silent when problems occur – particularly when they have downplayed the risks when soliciting investors.

While offering companies should provide access to important updates pertaining to current and speculative projects too many companies fail to bridge this gap for investors. As a result, investors have less confidence in the performance – or even the legitimacy – of oil and gas investments.

The Solution – BitcoinOil

The unique model of Bitcoin Oil Corp. (BTCO) consists of the full ownership of Texas-based Bitcoin Oil Inc and its wholly owned subsidiary Bitcoin Oil Services, an oil field waste disposal and recycling business, as well as its Swiss-based BitcoinOil GmbH, the crypto issuer company. Through strategic acquisition of oil & gas assets, both in the US and internationally, Bitcoin Oil will seek to stabilize BitcoinOil’s cryptocurrency and provide true value for BitcoinOil Coin holders.

The mechanisms behind this connection will be the revolutionary BitcoinOil Investment Initiative and BTCO’s Blockchain Fund. The Investment Initiative consists of various moving parts, including the Bitcoin Oil Services’ clean acquisition plans, oil and gas properties, water treatment plants, and top-level advisors in the crypto field – all forming part of Bitcoin Oil’s economy. The BTCO Blockchain Fund is intended to serve the purpose of reinvesting a portion of collective profits from its oil and gas operations and BitcoinOil Coins into its the BTCO’s Blockchain Fund.

The BTCO Blockchain Fund will reinvest the profits into crypto projects to be sponsored on the BitcoinOil Blockchain. This initiative will not only create a link between two highly profitable sectors but enable BitcoinOil to reward their holders for loyalty and increase engagement.

Senior management and the BitcoinOil Board are expected to create an investment community by appointing high-ranking managers, politicians, advisors, and analysts. This top-level investment community will then quarterly and annually decide on various deals they would like to invest in. The selected ventures will then be featured as an IBO (Initial Blockchain Offering) on the BTCO blockchain. BitcoinOil’s IBOs would sponsor ICOS, IEOS, and STOs. This architecture will provide something to new ventures that nobody is doing at the moment: provide capital.

The main focus of the BTCO Blockchain Fund will be to strategically invest in vetted crypto blockchain projects as well as provide an array of professional services, such as strategic counseling, relationship management, IEO and exchange listing referrals, capital investment as well a depth of global relationships. By investing in startups and early stage projects launched on BitcoinOil’s blockchain, the BTCO Blockchain Fund will be able to retain a portion of each company’s coins/tokens as service fees, a percentage of which is intended to be distributed via airdrop to the BitcoinOil coin holders.

For more information regarding all additional technical details and specifications please review our forthcoming yellow paper which will be released shortly, once our team has completed its yellow paper work and approval process.

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