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Bitcoin Plummets to $8,800 and Starts A Roller-coaster Ride, Where is The Way Out?

The past week certainly was not a good week for Bitcoin. As the crypto world was waiting for it to hit the $11,000 mark, it pulled back to $9,500 and even dropped to $8,800 at the time of writing.
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The past week certainly was not a good week for Bitcoin. As the crypto world was waiting for it to hit the $11,000 mark, it pulled back to $9,500 and even dropped to $8,800 at the time of writing. According to, on May 25 alone, $88.1M on major exchange platforms got liquidated.

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Although the drop in price for the past week may be largely attributed to the massive sell-off of 40 BTC, which many assumed was owned by bitcoin’s enigmatic creator Satoshi Nakamoto, lots of investors are scared and doubtful of the short-term performance of Bitcoin. Some getting tired of the fluctuations of the Bitcoin market may even wonder: is it always going to be like this? The only thing I can do is to wait god knows how long for the price to go up?

If you want to get away from the roller-coaster ride of Bitcoin for a while but still hoping to keep your funds profitable, here is one solution: an interest-bearing wallet.

Bexplus, a leading crypto-trading platform offering 100x perpetual contracts on BTC, ETH, LTC, EOS, and XRP, recently introduced its innovative interest-bearing wallet with up to 30% annualized interests, which is no doubt one of the most profitable rates in the industry.

The interest rate of the wallet depends on the deposit amount and it varies from 18% to 30%. Deposits in the wallet are independent of the trading account. The deposits can not be used for trading nor will it be calculated as margin. So even if your positions get liquidated during huge price swings, the deposits in the wallet will still be intact. There is no fee for transfer between the trading account and the wallet.

(Wallet’s revenue = confirmed amount X * annualized interest rate / 365)

An interest-bearing wallet is a revolutionary feature in itself, and the offering of such exciting interest rates is an even bolder action. When talking about this latest feature, Knash Nikolsson, the Marketing Director of Bexplus remarked that “… consider it a thank-you note to every customer who shows their trust and support to Bexplus, we have been in operation for three years now and our business is going stronger … the crypto market is more volatile than ever, and we hope our wallet service can become a safe-haven for traders who want to take a short break from trading.”

 Features of Bexplus Bitcoin Wallet:

High Security: Most of the bitcoins are stored in an offline storage system (cold storage), while only a small amount is kept in the hot storage. The platform uses multiple signature access, and all funds transferred from cold storage to hot wallets are manually processed and require multiple staff to coordinate.

No KYC Requirements: All registrations on Bexplus are done via email verification. You can start trading within a few minutes and the transaction between trading account and wallet is instant.

Interest Calculated Daily and No Penalties for Early Withdrawal: the revenue of the wallet will be settled monthly. The system automatically calculates yesterday’s revenue on a daily basis, and yesterday’s earnings revenue is settled on the first day of the next month. Withdrawal requests will be processed within 1 day with no penalties for early withdrawal.

Low Minimum Deposit Amount: while most lending platforms require traders to deposit at least 1 BTC, traders can make a deposit starting from 0.05 BTC on Bexplus.

The great investor Warren Buffett once said that “The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient.” Be patient, it could be stressful to keep monitoring the price and it won’t make you any richer. It’s ok to relax once in a while. With the Bexplus wallet, you can stay away from market risks while still generating profits with your deposits.

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