Bitcoin SV Gains 100% As Craig Wright Says He Has “Tulip Trust” Access

Does Craig Wright have access to one million BTC (valued near $10 billion) ?
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In 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto published the Bitcoin whitepaper to a cryptography mailing list at metzdowd.com. While this whitepaper and the subsequent original software that the coder released has developed into a multi-billion-dollar industry, with an array of cryptocurrencies and companies surrounding Bitcoin, nobody really knows who Nakamoto is.

Nakamoto claims to be Japanese and around middle age, though it is known that this is a pseudonym and seemingly a guise to disguise their true identity.  One of the known facts about Nakamoto, though, is that they own a large sum of Bitcoin, having started mining the cryptocurrency in its early days to test out their creation.

Thus, when individuals say that they are Nakamoto or have some affiliation with the creation of Bitcoin, the first many in the cryptocurrency community ask is if they can send transactions or sign messages from addresses linked to some of the blockchain’s earliest adopters.

A claimant to the Satoshi Nakamoto name recently claimed in court that he has access to the Satoshi stash, purported by analysts to consist of over one million BTC (valued near $10 billion).

Craig Wright Claims to Have Access to Satoshi’s Bitcoin

Craig Wright, an Aussie programmer, has long claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto, creator of Bitcoin. His claims to this title stretch back years, especially in one BBC interview, during which he tried to convince the world that he’s the one who created the first cryptocurrency.

This claim has understandably put him in precarious situations. One of these being a legal case between himself and his now-deceased business partner’s brother, Ira Kleiman. Kleiman is suing Wright, claiming he stole Bitcoin and manipulated documents to steal from the estate of the brother.

A key part of this case has been Wright’s Bitcoin holdings, especially in regards to what coins he owns and if he can access said coins.  If Wright really is Satoshi, a large sum of coins should be owned. But for the longest time, this was up for debate, with the individual not providing much evidence that he owns billions worth of BTC, except claiming there is a so-called “Tulip Trust.”

But today, according to a new document filed to the case, Dr. Wright has notified “the Court that a third party has provided the necessary information and key slice to unlock the encrypted file, and Dr. Wright has produced a list of his bitcoin holdings, as ordered by the Magistrate Judge, to plaintiffs today.” 

A separate document suggests that the list of Bitcoin holdings includes a list of 16,404 addresses, which presumably would hold thousands of coins.

Due to this latest development, Bitcoin Satoshi Vision, a hardfork of the BTC chain through the BCH chain led by Wright and his team, was reported by data aggregators like CoinMarketCap to have gained a maximum of 150% on Tuesday, shocking investors.

BSV’s Rally Part Of Wider Crypto Surge

Bitcoin Satoshi Vision’s rally comes as the entire cryptocurrency market has seen stellar gains.

As of the time of writing this article, Bitcoin — BTC, not BSV or BCH — is trading 8% higher on the day, finding itself changing hands for $8,880. Ethereum, Litecoin, EOS, Tron, and NEO have registered even crazier gains, rallying by around 15% a pop.

Analysts say that this is a precursor to a return to a bullish phase.

Mohit Sorout, a partner at Bitazu Capital, noted that with BTC’s latest spike higher, it has broken above two key downtrend resistances that have constrained price action for the past seven months.

Not to mention, the one-day Relative Strength Index (RSI) and On-Balance Volume (OBV) indicators have broken past similar downtrends, suggesting more upside is imminent, even if there is a price pullback.


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