Bitfair is not just another altcoin supporting peer to peer trading. Its transparent cryptocurrency pricing mechanism that offers its traders the correct price of any supported cryptocurrency. Bitfair strategy to remain transparent to its traders ensures zero manipulation of the trades that are charged a trading fee only when the trade is profitable.


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To take its security and transparency standards a step ahead, Bitfair partnered with Foregenix on 25th May 2018. Foregenix holds years of experience in PCI industry where with use of technology standards it secured the processes and contained the cybersecurity attacks. As Foregenix extended its existing set of services to blockchain and its security with its fintech experience, Bitfair partnered to leverage Foregenix security standards of blockchain to ensure the traders of its platform get highest standards of security against the ever-increasing cybercrimes.

Foregenix has an experienced team of cryptography, security engineering and more that will help Bitfair to be uniquely positioned as a trading platform with supreme security protocols in place.

Foregenix has formulated Blockchain solutions with all the existing security services that promise zero days’ vulnerabilities to the crypto traders on Bitfair platform. Augmenting the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem with its security technology, the Bitfair platform is evolving in transparency and security that are the prime players in the success of a Blockchain platform. With the implementation of best cybersecurity protocols designed specially to protect a trading platform of Blockchain, Bitfair is ready to stay transparent and take on more traders with its resilience against security attacks.

Bitfair has already won the confidence of altcoin traders by offering a highly transparent pricing and trading platform that is resistant to manipulation by brokers as each trade is peer to peer. Each over the counter trade of cryptocurrency is recorded on the blockchain. As every single OTC trade is made part of blockchain by converting it into a Smart Option Contract, the platform offers high level of security while trading altcoins and bitcoins.

Every trader earns with the fluctuation in the price of the cryptocurrency they are trading in, the profit/loss is also pre-determined. The traders can indulge in multiple short trades and make profits on their favorite cryptocurrency price movement irrespective of the fact whether it is going up or down. Opening up so many avenues of trading options with transparency, Bitfair platform is bound to gain attention from miscreants and that is why partnering with Foregenix will promise the transparency is maintained despite more traders joining the Bitfair trading platform.

Final Thoughts

As far as the Bitfair platform is concerned, the execution to trade in cryptocurrency is a very crucial ecosystem. Partnering with Foregenix has given a new instrument to investors that will deliver more derivatives with the highest level of security. With complexities of digital currencies, conducting derivatives was a tough game but the state of art algorithms of Bitfair has achieved the task of successfully making the industry more secure and profitable for investors. Addressing the issues of cybersecurity and blockchain security, Foregenix partnership is eliminating all the limitations that miscreants could pose to the potential trading platform of Bitfair.

For more information on the token sale and Bitfair in general, check out the Bitfair website at www.bitfair.com. Their white paper can be found at www.whitepaper.bitfair.com, or join their Telegram community to stay up to date with the latest news and updates: https://t.me/bitfairhq.

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