Bitmillex ICO: Next Generation Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

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Bitmillex markets itself as the next-generation platform for cryptocurrency, offering a lot more services than existing exchanges currently do. The team behind Bitmillex are aiming to be the most complete and secure crypto exchange in the world. Bitmillex will make security a priority and deliver a broader range of investment and trade options.


The team behind Bitmillex includes cybersecurity experts, experienced traders, and experts in blockchain financial solutions. Because of the combined backgrounds, the team was able to develop tangible, customizable solutions that meet the demands of various investors and traders to create a single ecosystem unlike anything else on the market. Bitmillex is registered in the United Kingdom.

Social Trading

There are three main types of social trading available through Bitmillex. Auto-Trade or Copy Trade lets traders follow any of the site’s top traders. Once a user follows a trader, if that top trader enters a trade, the copier’s account will automatically replicate it.

There is also a peer-to-peer BTC market that lets traders buy or sell BTC. On this market, users can utilize PayPal, debit cards, direct account transfers, gift cards, and Western Union, letting those with a range of financial situations and preferences trade BTC.


Finally, Bitmillex includes peer-to-peer borrowing and lending. Traders can make a portion of their account’s balance available for lending. Other traders can then borrow this balance to make trades using higher balances and increase their profits. Meanwhile, those who lend the funds will receive interest on the loan.

Charting Software

Traders who use Bitmillex will find familiar charting software of the MT4 and MT5 variety. Bitmillex chose to use the incredibly popular charting software offered by metaquotes softwareCorp, which is among the top-ranked and most advanced charting software in the world. This helps Bitmillex appeal to advanced traders who want to be able to analyze trends and more without being too confusing for beginners. The software has multiterminal and multiplatform support for further ease of use.

Trading Tools

In addition to the detailed, advanced charts, Bitmillex also offers trading signals. These are completely free and come from the Bitmillex team of analysts who examine fundamental and technical data. The trading signals are also based on tested trade algorithms. As mentioned, the trading signals are free, provided that you hold BTML tokens. This is an exclusive benefit for holders of the Bitmillex token.

Trading Solutions

When the cryptocurrency markets become bearish, Bitmillex offers three specific trading options for its users. They can choose to swap their BTC to a fiat currency, such as EUR, GBP, or USD. Alternatively, they can trade forex majors in the form of an option. Finally, traders can opt for short (sell) trades. The MT4 and MT5 platforms let traders make trades for either “buy” or “sell,” so they can always benefit regardless of the market direction.

Bitmillex does not just offer trading options for bearish markets. There is also margin trading via the use of MT4 and MT5 trading software. In bullish markets, traders can buy with ease.


Bitmillex Security

The Bitmillex exchange uses cloud-hosted servers that connect to the security models that are custom-built hardware. There are also other protective layers in place, including an online: offline ratio maintenance that self-balances. This ratio ensures that no more than 2 percent of the exchange funds remain online at any moment, with 98 percent stored in offline cold wallets for security.

Bitmillex Debit Card

For added convenience, Bitmillex also offers a debit card to every trader on the platform. This debit card links directly to a user’s Bitmillex wallet. It works just like any other debit card, delivering instant access to their Bitmillex balance at ATMs or point of sale systems around the world.

This debit card is somewhat revolutionary, as it allows Bitmillex account holders to instantly access their exchange wallet’s balance. To achieve this, the card relies on a top-up process that converts the BTC in accounts to fiat, so it can be used at ATMs or online for payments around the world.

ICO and BTML Tokens

BTML is the token behind the Bitmillex exchange. This Ethereum-based token has a maximum supply of 75 million units. During the token sale, there will be 50 million units offered, divided equally among the pre-ICO and four stages. Those 50 million units represent 67 percent of the tokens. The remaining 33 percent is divided up with 20 percent going to the founders and team, 11 percent to marketing, and 2 percent to the airdrop and bounty programs.


The price varies by stage with one BTML worth $0.25 in the pre-ICO, $0.35 in Stage 1, $0.40 in Stage 2, $0.45 in Stage 3, and $0.50 in Stage 4. The soft cap is set to $1.5 million, while the hard cap is at $10 million.

At the time of writing, the pre-ICO was already completed and Bitmillex had reached the soft cap. There were still four days left in Stage 1 of the ICO, giving plenty of time for investors to contribute.

Bitmillex Customer Support

While many cryptocurrency exchanges lack customer support, Bitmillex makes it a point to stand out in this respect. Not only does it offer 24/7 customer care, but that care is bilingual to appeal to those around the world. Even the white paper is available in English, French, Spanish, and Japanese, more languages than offered by the average crypto project.


Bitmillex is a new cryptocurrency exchange that aims to offer much more than the average exchange. It is currently in the ICO stage and is run by a team with a great deal of experience. The exchange will include advanced charts, free trading signals, copy trading, peer-to-peer lending, forex options, and multiple types of trades to allow for smart trading moves whether the market is bearish or bullish.

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