Bitrue Launches Special Yield Farming Round For Many Different Pairs

The pairs involved include DOGE/BTR, SOL/BTR, AVAX/BTR,  and FTM/BTR. Each of these will have differing APYs
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Bitrue has announced an upcoming yield farming round scheduled to occur on March 4th, 2022, at 13:00 UTC. This round is designed to empower users to efficiently farm BTR coins, which serve as the exchange’s official native token.

In order to keep providing high-quality services and features, Bitrue will also be frequently opening up more pools in the foreseeable future as it looks to maintain its position as one of the most sought-after and comprehensive crypto exchanges in the world

Additional details

The pairs involved include DOGE/BTR, SOL/BTR, AVAX/BTR,  and FTM/BTR. Each of these will have differing APYs, as the DOGE/BTR pairing has 10%, SOL/BTR has 15%, AVAX/BTR has 20%, and finally FTM/BTR has 30%. It is highly recommended to know as much as possible about each pair prior to participating.

The crypto exchange will also run a separate round commencing a day earlier on March 3rd, and this round will involve APYs of up to 120%. This round shall specifically cater to lesser known altcoins in order to give them a chance. Furthermore, 26 pools in total are included for the earlier round.

Understanding Bitrue

Bitrue is a prominent trading platform that deals with the exchange of numerous crypto assets. It has worked with the highly popular Cardano (ADA) for many years, which means that Bitrue’s reputation benefits from affiliation. At its core, the Bitrue team is committed to creating new and profitable opportunities for its users as well as the entire crypto industry.

To that end, Bitrue will continue to employ the vast potential of blockchain technology to provide for everyone, regardless of what their personal financial situation may be or where in the world they might be located. The team has been creating offices across the globe in order to achieve this goal and continuously expand its reach and influence so that more and more people can be assisted in terms of being financially secure through the power of cryptocurrencies.

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